Professional brittish heavyweight boxer, unified and now WBC and The Ring champion Tyson Fury with nickname “The Gypsy King” in 2nd match against brittish shocking top ranked athlete Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for WBO heavy weight belt took place in London’s ExCeL Arena, London, England on November 29, 2014. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Tyson Fury (England) vs Derek Chisora (England) II | BOXING fight, HD

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Ladies and gentlemen good evening to you And welcome to the XL Arena that is Saned by the world boxing organization The president Francisco all from England From Doncaster Michael Alexander From Showtime introducing to you first on my Love Tyson Fury Del Boy Chor instructions defend all any Questions any questions let's go to work Tou Gos well last time Tyson Fury won 17 112 That was three and a half years ago Derek chisora has produced some they had That one fight in the last 19 months Against Joey AEL and on that occasion he Was very surely he's going to have to Well he's talked about fighting like Joe Fras here he's going to have to is Everything's going to be be that jab Lovely uppercut CLI him with the right Hand with the straight right hand I Think you're better off playing the odds There AR you just stay nice and Low another one looked as though it was Borderline be on the jab I don't know Why all a sudden he's changed the Ping With it pushing up with it but he's Working he's losing that fight before he Got caught and was possibly caught Ultimately by land a nice little There

Buto just smiling with Tyson moving Around and and peppering him as he comes In and then once he get happy in that Corner let's hear well we'll have a look Again some of the action first of all Where he so he's he's going to have to Bring that right foot forward he W one And two that was a low shot there low Work the body come forward and that was The second One okay box you can box similar size Aren't you today chora so you in a in a Way you're kind of the ideal guy to to Actually straight back and it's not Going to work not going to work like That he's going to have to come in on Angles but he wasn't F off oh that's a Good shot from Shi good Accuracy make sure say way thinking About attack got a whole nothing to Think about chora back Pedaling as Derek is you know you take This kind of punishment from a big man Like def Tak punches takes it out Physically I mean not just yeah we need To use our feet do what you do naturally Use your feet fight at all so far Barry No and he looks he looks a little bit Sorry for the fan another way and fury Again fighting out of the South four Stance so far in this round Jabs I know He's boxing all there's a right hand Though from chor the fury was leaning Forward with a jab in the first fight

This now he's sitting on the back Foot but how many people really think That he's going to win this fight in the Signs in the early stage Marathon night Of boxing action here at the EXL Arena Bit more sort of a calm atmosphere and Fury is Dominating yeah just a minute ago there Was some good head yeah that's true you Know coming in light for Mobility is a Great idea I think but then obviously You're coming up against a much heavier Guy and you don't got the way to absorb It holding your feet a bit much cuz You're looking to land the bomb yeah Lighten up with your shots yeah play With him a little bit more a little bit Slow to get up off his uh off his Stool sometimes for the basic the lay Fan they don't quite see it you know Like see dere make a little Shuffle to The to to his position where he like He's standing now that was good work From Fury off the ROP there yeah he's Just counteracting his movements isn't He yeah Yeah finally gets him more once and and And looks for the big shot throws a Couple punches and even close range Sometimes nice upper cut from Fury oh he's caught him with a solid Left hand and there's a little bit of a Wobble from chisora he was off Balance I know he's a different

Different Prospect could he got a much Taller guy but he he but just fair play Fury showing that he's got some decent Footwork he does get a little bit of Encourag of Damage I'm not making it a terribly Competitive fight at last leaps in Behind the left hook but that's another Doesn't look happy guy at the moment Barry no well he's not having No to be honest I think sometimes it Only takes one shot very true anything You know boxing is very positively at That stage I think he might have pulled Him out and I do Wonder looking here in His future and if he wants to continue This fight too much punishment he's Getting a pasting yeah he's getting Serious interesting that big Tyson is Fought almost exclusively S Fury catching chisor as he came in Though he has clearly got a game plan And his concentration levels better Brains and fury jaora just walk forward To get hit which is happening he doesn't Want that to happen he wants try to be Smart he's going to want to continue no Matter What comes a point though there's both Been there there comes a point where There has to be a compassion long long Arm distance still at range enough to Punch and land things and throwing so Many different kinds of punches and

Different stances is giv him a lot of Trouble Tyson naturally like Right-handed we're fighting for a living We we're getting paid we're not trying To take any unnecessary risk even think That that Ty would have to do anything Else but do what He Try there the right hand from Chisora fiori Saw It Coming going back Just catching him Yeah so into the ninth round very easy To see coming cuz all now he's look go For big shots and he has to that's one's Only chance so although Fury might win This one think You' aut years old you Know is starting to come down you don't Want to fight one of these young lies Like this if you don't have to no sure You know what I mean so all his punch P He's a little bit chinny yeah and very And and one dimensional com coming you Know what I mean So may may rather go in that direction Assuming of course that Fury continues Doing what he's doing no Guarantees right now he's knackered as Well John he looks really Tired He has a championship heart though but His tactics isn't just haven't thrown Enough punches maybe you got think Derek Was very onedimensional fighter we knew That going in you know you know what's

Com trying to th find that big right Hand needs to land one of those but Being caught off guard in any sense by Those he's seeing them coming and even There thrown from like this I thought he Would have it have moments of of anxiety In there with with with I think so Johnny know he's a mile behind he's Taking a bit of a bit of a beating Without really going down or looking Going into the 10th I wonder whether This might be the confidence or nothing He's just coming here strictly on heart You know what I mean he needs help no Tears in the morning was what He I don't know whether I'm impressed or Not with with Tyson F I mean might not Have enthralled the fans and there's a Few booze again around the arena but He's done a number on chisora you only Need to look at Him chisora calling calling fury on oh Lovely right right hand left hand back Left hand there he'd like I think Tyson Had like this one to be finished now and I think I tend to agree that time Ref Time come on Ref I think that's It me the it's been a sad night for Derek chisor he saying give me the gum Shield is over And Tyson Fury in a fight dominated from Word go wins this one a little nice and At no stage did he look like winning it

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