On today’s WNTT, Joe predicts the next ten £100m footballers that will transfer. Including: Kylian Mbappe, Mo Salah, Erling Haaland and more!


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Welcome Back to Football daily where Today I'm making some more Predictions that's right we're at a part Of the Season well let's face it is a Little bit short on news there's a Little bit of a lull we haven't had many Managerial sackings there's not too many Transfers in the air there's no League Titles being won so today we're going to Go for something a little bit different We're looking well into the future today As I attempt to predict the next 10 Players to cost over 100 million quid Right let's not mess about straight into It first name being revealed I'm going Moos Salah I think Moos Salah is a Nailed on Contender for this one I just Think that Saudi Arabia aren't going Away and of course they had that 150 Million pound offer rejected by Liverpool quite close to deadline day I Think if that had been at the start of The summer Liverpool definitely would Have considered it I think next summer Maybe not to the tune of 150 million but I certainly think they're going to come In at over1 million I think that Moos Sal will become the the face of the Saudi pro league he will be the biggest Superstar in that League despite the Fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is there Look I think Liverpool would be smart to Sell at that fee yes he is still Sensational still playing nearly every

Single game available to him last season A ridiculous number of goal involvements Pretty much guarantees you over 20 goal Involvements the season doesn't he and I Understood why they rejected the 150 Million last summer they couldn't get Replacement through the door if they Sold salad hadn't no shot at you know Competing at the highest level for the Highest trophies but with 12 months to Plan 100 million for a 32y old I see no Way despite the long contract that next Summer he doesn't become an Al itad Player I think this one is a dead sirt Another dead sirt then I think is Victor Osman I think Victor Osman will leave Napoli in the summer and I think it'll Be for over 100 million of course dentes Wanted over 150 million last season not Particularly surprised given they won The scudetto you know he was the best Player in Syria one of the best strikers In the world 26 goals in the league Alone last season this season as well Gone off really well hasn't he six goals In seven starts two and you also have to Factor in the off the field issues you Know following the Tik Tok account there Was definitely heat between him and the Club then the contract renewal situation That stagnated did it seemed like that Was going to get over the line but it Has stall de renes coming out quoting And saying we verbally agreed on a new

Deal in August then things changed on His side life goes on of course Victor's Contract is up 2025 so this coming Summer will really be the last Opportunity they have to get huge money And I think they will I really think They will I think Chelsea will be in the Market for a number nine I think Victor Rossman to Chelsea maybe to Arsenal as Well I also think Arsenal going to be in The market for a number nine an elite Goal scoring number nine I think Gabrielle Jesus is a fabulous player but He can also offer options out wide I Think Osman to either Arsenal or Chelsea For over 150 million in the summer That's my second name next up I'm going For Evan Ferguson another I think is all But nailed on I think especially after The contract extension he signed until 2028 still only 19 years old just the Six goals last season but it came in 10 League starts and you got to remember he Was 17 18 years old I think he was just The fourth player to score Premier League hattrick aged 18 or lower and two Of the other names on there mik loen and Robbie Fowler I can't remember the third Name but he is a Ridiculous level of talent not only is His skill set perfect for many of the Top sides in terms of his goal scoring Ability in terms of his natural size you Know 6'2 very physical even for a

19-year-old but he's also being drilled Weeky in week out in one of the most Demanding tactical setups in the league Under Roberto Derer absolute Prodigy and if he goes Premier League to Premier League there's No way he costs less than1 million Pounds you know they've just taken 115 Million off of Chelsea for Moises kaiso A 21 year old one season under his belt That plays as a defensive midfielder They're going to want in excess of that For a striker who's 20 a proven goal Scorer of that level I think they could Be getting upwards of a Premier League Record for Evan Ferguson whether or not Is this summer I'm not sure it might be The summer of 2025 but again there's Going to be so many clubs looking for That player you know I might mention in A minute you know erling harland's name Maybe Man City maybe the striker role There becomes available maybe Manchester United We Know EV fuson a big Manchester United fan and they spend money freely That might become available and there's Going to be clubs available on the Continent I just think Evan Ferguson Yeah I just nailed on 100 million pound Player fourth name is going to annoy Some people uh for sure Arsenal fans I'm Going for William CBA I think William CBA could become the first defender in History to break 100 million pounds in a

Transfer I think at 22 years old he's Under a long contract to Arsenal and I Don't see this one being a rush I don't See this one happening next summer maybe Not even the summer after that but I do Think at some stage CBA might leave Arsenal and if that does happen he will Be 100 million P Cent back he will be The best center back on planet Earth in My opinion as I said last week when I Was ranking center backs this season in Terms of form alone I think he probably Is the best center back on the planet so God knows what he's going to be like by The time he's 25 if he stays injury free Of course he has had a couple of injury Problems in the past Arsenal's backline Just Rock Solid he been well drilled Under Mel artetta you look at Real Madrid's Center back options thinking Rudiger 30 Alaba 31 right nacho 33 then You've got milal who's of course 25 one Of the best center backs in the world The Real Madrid dip into the center back Market and if they do CBA is going to be Very high on their list very high even PSG you know taking him back to France Does that appeal to PSG who are clearly Moving back to a model of bringing French players to the club you know you Think obious span demele this summer you Think of Rand K moani the emergence of Z Emery I think that PSG and Real Madrid Will both be very interested in Cela

It's not impossible Arsenal to keep hold Of him because they could go on to win Premier League titles but I just think If he moves it's record Fe moving to Germany for my next pick and I'm going For Jamal Msala I think Jamal msala could leave Bayern Munich I don't think it's nailed On because he's under a contract until 2026 but you know that contract needs Improving and it has stored a little bit At least according to build now whether Or not that's just them making Nuance For the club I'm not too sure about but Currently earning about 8 million EUR a Year which is quite low for a player of His caliber because we are talking about A potential Batton door winner here Let's have it absolutely right we are Talking about if not the best young Talent in World football certainly one Of the top three his ability on the ball In terms of driving teams forward Successful take on dribbles completed is You know out of this world he scores Goals he creates goals great attitude Off the ball as well it wouldn't Surprise me again to see him leave Bayern Munich because their way Structure only stretches so far and I do Think Manchester City as we've seen Already this year there are links Between Manchester City and Jamal Marcial or eventually they have to move

On from Kevin De bruyne eventually it's Going to have to happen and if it does Happen I think musala will be very high In their thinking my sixth player is Going to be a player potentially to Replace Jamal msala at Bayern Munich I'm Going for floran verts I think there's Only so long he can stay by lusen we've Seen them get big fees for players in The past the likes of Kai hav and vers Is going to be another one of those Still only 20 years old an absolute Creative machine seriously he's Producing upwards of six shot creating Actions per 90 this season dribble Monster you cannot get the ball off him He is technically beautiful to watch Bounce back really really well from that Major major knee injury back to his 2122 Best form really under chabby Alonzo Which which You' love to see could he be The face of German football going Forward I think he probably could floran Vert so let's say Jamal marala in my Head does go toward Manchester City Florian vers very much could be the Replacement there now would buy and pay 100 Mil we've seen them do it with Harry Kane but that was for a superstar Guarantee in that position I think msala Would have to grow quite considerably For them to pay that but in England they Chuck money around like it's nothing Like it's going out of business and I

Think floran verts I've seen a lot worse Players in the Premier League move for Like a 100 million euros a lot worse at Seven controversial on this one I think I wanted to pick one of the Madrid Midfield four I've picked fed valve just Because in the summer we saw the most Links with a potential exit I was Potentially thinking of picking Kinga Just because we've seen him utilized at Left back at times but at 20 years old It feels like he will eventually grow Into a Midfield role once we see the Back of Luca modri and Tony Cruz having Said that you know valve has started Nine of the 10 games this season in Midfield he's a core component right now At 25 years old playing some of his best Football ever he's probably the least Talented of the three Bellingham Chu Manyi coving I think valve is the least Talented but might be the hardest Working and the most consistent of the Front free other than Bellingham who we Know is just kind of a freak at this Stage he under contract until 2027 the Reason I'm saying valve is if they did Sell one of the four I personally would Sell valve we've seen links to Liverpool In the past do they spend the most all Money on him I don't think so because He's not a six so it doesn't it's a bit Of a eggy fit there isn't it but if one Of the Real Madrid midfielders does

Leave is going to be for massive money And I think I would probably come down On the on the side of alette just just Eighth I've gone for earling Halland um There's not much Point discussing his Numbers because we all know them at 23 Years old I believe the contract has now Written out his release Clause there was Reportedly a release Clause written in When he joined Manchester City from Bru Of Dortmund that would allow him to go To Real Madrid I think that has Reportedly been removed now he's going To be on massive money at Man City his Agency of course commanding massive Money but Real Madrid have met with him Multiple times before he moved to Manchester City and I just don't see Harand staying in one place for his Entire career I don't see him staying at Manchester City now until he retires I Think he's the kind of player that is Going to jump around the leagues a Little bit like Cristiano Ronaldo prove He can do it in multiple places multiple Leagues win multiple titles with Multiple different clubs enough Multiples in there and if that does Happen yeah man city are going to want What 200 M world record fees for Harland Let's say in 3 years time he decides Okay I've won a treble two League titles Another Champions League a Balon door It's my time now to go to Madrid at 27

Years old I'm going to commit that's Going to be a 200 million pound move Yeah that's going to be one of the Biggest moves in the history of football At nine I've gone for Rafael who is Difficult here because he is quite a Unique fit Rafael he's 24 years old now And he signed the contract until 2028 Which I was surprised about and I was Even more surprised about the 17 5 Million EUR release Clause cuz I don't See anybody paying that I think a lot of The top sides are sorted in the left Wing position particularly the likes of Real Madrid with venicius Jr you know PSG not necessarily but with the arrival Of Randall Ken moani coalo Ramos Usman Dembele in the summer maybe they've Already prepared for the exit of kilan Mbappe you know Chelsea loads of Wingers On the books man united Marcus rashford On the books so maybe it could be Someone like Arsenal if somebody in the Front line was to move from Arsenal Could Rafael fit in there Because I think he is an amazing player Like an amazing Ball Carrier a brilliant Goal score I think it was 15 in serar Alone last season huge moments in the Champions League and he basically Singlehandedly drives Milan forward so Without him they have a huge hole so it Would take a huge fee to get him out of The club I just don't see him staying at

Milan again until until he's like 35 at Some stage he's going to leave rafle out And his contract's so long and the Release score is so big it's going to be For a big fee final one probably the Most controversial of the lot I've gone For gavy at Barcelona I just think the Barcelona financial situation will come Back to bite them at some stage I know That they've pulled levers they've put On sticky plasters they've done Everything possible to avoid having to Sell too many superstars now they agreed To sell Frankie D young let's not forget Just 12 months ago to Manchester United I think those problems at some stage are Going to resurface despite the fact We've seen all the reports of our Financial situation has been solved blah Blah blah has it really and if you look At the players that are going to be Available for sale or most sellable Assets at Barcelona you think of Frankie Dong I think he's more important than Gavy I think he's one of their best Three players pedri I don't see a world In which Barcelona allow pedri to leave The club which means gavy might be the Guy that has to be put on the chopping Block I think he is a really good player But I don't think he's pedri or Frankie Dong levels and you know rumors are Already starting to develop or in the Summer where that in 20124 somebody's

Going to have to be sold to make room on The wage book and if that's the case I Think you know there'll be plenty of Interested clubs in a Golden Boy winner That is a Spanish International works His absolute nuts sof and is technically Amazing and if they are going to sell Gaby they're going to Want 100 Mil plus I see something like That happening where man united looking For a central midfielder again next Summer Barcelona need huge cash and United go okay here's the money for Gaby Can we take him off your hands he's Still only 19 I just think bar are going To have to sell someone barcel fans Probably going mad in the comments right Now so I apologize all right so that was My prediction for 10 players who are Going to cost over1 million in in the Future what are your predictions let me Know your predictions for 10 names in The comments below if you enjoyed this Video hit the like button hit subscribe Thanks very much for watching we'll see You later goodbye

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