Professional russian light heavyweight boxer and WBA champion Dmitry Bivol against brazilian top ranked athlete and title challenger Jackson Dos Santos with nickname “Demolidor”. Fight for WBA Inter Continental light heavy weight belt took place in Tatneft Arena, Kazan, Russia on November 4, 2015. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Jackson Dos Santos (Brazil) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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Welcome thank you and dri [Music] Biv fighting out the Red Corner stand3 cm of weigh 78.85 kg [Music] Ladies and gentlemen he is WBC usnbc Silver light heavyweight Champion from Russia [Music] P Brazilian is the taller guy here Standing round about 6 anytime okay good Luck Jackson Jun well maybe we can start To get a bit more excited about him than We already are he's not give Jackson any Confidence I think you got to go like Solid jab for Jackson his PA obviously He can Punch don't puncher coming forward with Confidence is the Work rusher in the World Series had to Go past eight rounds so far this One Jackson for missing out there Boxing just leaning back as well then And Jackson falls short good Concentration see what they're all Raving about him can You it's going to be a hard night Here he's eating too many of these ja Well just when Jackson Jackson trying to walk him down that's I Think that's his T even [Applause]

Twitches and the job is just Excellent he's making Biv really impressive there really Impressive balance with our solid jab And then every time Jackson junior tried To throw a punch he just took a little Half step back there well didn't rush His work everything was good you were in His corner and he came back you be You' Be just praising him not at All to round two of this 12 Rounder All continuing Very brought up there inside the Guard thr left hook double with the Right Hand all four of bol's winds have come Inside the distance You see why as well can you stop he Going imagine he PCH the fight over Opponent broken their Heads not doing a lot more than just Cover up is he just waiting for some Sort of opportunity which at the moment Isn't coming it's cuz he can't get close B's just punching through it so it's not Working but for him try and walk forward A c the Gap to land this shot so he Needs to this is B and that's hurt him Big left Hand and he looks a little bit unsteady Junior he's trying to fire Back get CU Jackson tried to throw a Right hand oh it's down right hand put

Him away got another one on the way Down and this is looking like it's going To be another quick Stoppage it was a great combination Again Jackson trying to throw not been Able to land with anything they have no Left hook and then a right hand as well I think On I think that just that punching Through the Target right through solid Shots well I think Mr Jackson junor from Through the next [Music] Round into the third 12 round you know If you come if you come into the ring With loads of ambition then actually Genu was just too good C for him you Would tend to say he was going to be Punching air and getting Hurt nothing coming back From I the To he's just getting a Hammer right hand there on the center From Biv A lot of snapping his shots from where Go was It he's a tag the body Junior doesn't Really want to play now does [Music] He got two Excited of steam by just trying to Really get might have got he would have Put his foot on the but he's kept a good

Solid Piece the Brazilian couple of right Handers uppercuts finding the Target actually Landing a few solid Blows of his own in the closing Seconds Just trying to make make a mistake and He Mak a move just pupping him with that Jab again like he did in the first round When he's going to try to M attack and Then he's open for the Cs well Jackson Junior starting to close a little bit Little bit of bruising on the left eye Of bival as well he's got those high Cheekbones hasn't he like Ronnie he he Does yeah he look really really does Like [Music] Happ oh there he was that was the Opening he was waiting for Seven8 okay 9 10 and that's terrific Right Hand just great timing conentration Levels well just with where Jackson saw His shot a little bit wide he looks Quite impressive for this fifth fight I Think he's tremendously impressive beat Four times only four times to be honest He had 17 of his fights been by knock Hand that he finally put him away with That One it was what he' been waiting for Waiting for Jackson junor some sort of Attack it presented the opening and that

Gave the opportunity of an end and Jackson it's about punching inside your Body fre turning from the W hit a lot Harder But he looks like a strong puncher like I said like a perov type puncher where And Your new international WBA light Heavyweight champion N be sou PG Ria

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