Professional kazakhstani middleweight boxer Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Dominic Wade. Fight for WBC, IBO, IBF and WBO middle weight belts took place in Forum, Inglewood, USA on April 23, 2016. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) vs Dominic Wade (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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Uh let's get ready to Rumble Dominic H Triple K able these are high here you Understand these are work those are good Just want to remind you listen and obey My commands at all time protect yourself At all time Fight Hard fight clean good Luck of the first round of the NBA Playoffs um you don't think that the top Teams are inject in the business and Wade's plan for scoring the upset is That he boxes Golovkin he says he Doesn't have any idea how good so we'll See whether that can happen they're both Listed at 510 A2 but as they get into The ring Wade looks like the taller Fight so I'm sure Triple G is going to Immediately attack the body as soon as He sees fit coming in and taking a fight Like against though because he hasn't Had a big fight his career yet so Fighting Triple G is not a big fight is The biggest fight he can have in his job Of attacking right away here off of Triple G's punches 10 months ago Wade Struggled to get by 41-year-old Australian veteran Sam Sal took to the Body it's one of his more effective Shots logic says if you struggle with Sam who does not have any power you may Be in truly deep against Gennady

Golovkin but of course Styles make Fights and those are two yeah they are But you in deep fighting Triple G anyway Um the only problem I see here for a Person like Dominique quick enough to Surprise Triple G you're not quick Enough to bring him a surprise good body Shot though if you're not quick enough To bring him a real Subsetting lovkin didn't seem to believe He needed to know much specific about Wade has to provide whatever scouting Report he thinks is going into the fight Golovkin says that the jab Fest against David Lemieux in his last fight when he Threw nearly 50 Jabs and instantly made It a tactical fight rather than the war A lot of people expected he says that Was a decision that was made on the fly It was not something they planned in Advance he just walked in in round one Started Landing ja see what work in that First round Jim and whatever works they Take I mean if you're smart you take What the opponent gives you comically a Nice young fighter in his prime Undefeated about no he doesn't have Enough power to really cause him uh any Concern and that's not good for Him contact Landing as you can see three Times as many punches as we by Cy box Count in the round Big now he Does that was big enough yes it was big

It up to end the fight as a matter of Fact are you okay not enough time in This round to me Give the but Wade makes it out of round One Hey listen though and slam the right Hand down the middle no Reach you good try to hold him and this Is why he tried to hold him because he Didn't want to catch his overhand right To the back of the head that shot causes All types of Damage his sha a very unorthodox way That causes you to just lose equilibrium And down he goes been Downs occurred in The first Round last time it happened he got his Bearings and came back and won the fight Stop behind the year like that as a Quasi rabbit um the way Dominic W was Turning away he's presenting that as the Target L seemed to hurt him with another Right hand and now he knows it's just a Matter of time before he catches him and Finishes It croud o andas at the right hand body Shot good body shot by Triple G and a lot like chatito Jim when they Realize a guy can't hurt him the Opponent to weaken him good body shot Again pun Wade looked a little Stiff-legged as he backed up after that Body Shot the right hand that might have Finished it if he had landed

It and now Gennady seems to go into that Thing Roy where this is the Willie Monroe thing yeah he kind of lets the Guy hit him a little bit go anything to Do with punching power when it comes to The opponent got to be careful doing That sort of thing though cuz was Dangerous yeah but he he's already felt The power of this guy way and he's not No counter way intimidated by his punch Power or one thing he's going to get Painted every once in a while because He's a pressure fighter and down goes Wade for the second time I don't think He'll make it Back doesn't look eager to get up no Eight n yes all this fight is over say It again give me clov you better protect Yourself protect Yourself I don't know that he Can Some of his best shots now Roy that was A good hook it was the it was the Golovkin left hand and thir and let's See if Jack Reese is even going to Consider allowing Wade to Contin after The third knock down of the fight 10 and That's it less than two rounds a series Of right hands and that was the first Down was a left hand the right hand Actually hit his shoulder I believe it Was the left that did the damage but We'll see on replay play the right hand Finished it but I think Wade was already

A finished fighter when he got up but It's the way he knocks people out these Iconic Knockouts these Indelible I mean it's hard to figure out EXA much exactly this match yeah it's Hard to give him a whole lot of credit For that but gent it's like I I love Seeing fights but I want to see Definitely be a good fight for ktic Nobody knows Morgan where they need to Find out who he is because he needs Competition Alvarez fight if it's going To happen won't happen until next may Not this September and some very talk About a left uppercut yeah followed by Open hand right to the shoulder and the Shoulder punch took him down but like Max said the damage was done from the Left hand right here boom that hurt him And then the shoulder shot just pushed Him down because the the the hook To The Head and the jab to the Head did the Real Damage well we know that the third Knockdown was on a right hand I believe That the third knockdown why would he Fight a bigger man when he could fight Somebody like Pacquiao who roach talked About him fighting who's a smaller man And make way more m fight I think Canelo Is the kind of competitor who wants to Please fans final knock down a counter Shot right over the top of his left boom Counter right hand right on the chin and

That ended matter what are they smoking I don't know what they're smoking or Drinking I mean come on he's a big Puncher which hand are they talking About the right hand is dangerous the Left hand is even more dangerous which Hand are they talking about Triple G final copy box numbers Golovkin lands 32 punches more throws 58 punches more Lands at a 41% connect Percentage Power Shot category he lands 48% of his power punches Landing 16 more Than did Wade and you know Wade put up a Fight he tried he threw punches he Didn't just hide in there but it was Obvious early on that he didn't have any Kind of power to keep the lovkin off of Him so Gennady simply walked forward Took whatever it was that waved through And waited to land his own shots yes he Did and that's how strong Gennady is He's that type of a fighter that Immediately once he realizes that you Can't really hurt him he's on you and There's nothing you can do to get him Off he does 2,100 crunches per day in Training you're not going to hurt him to The body nope not at all that's an iron Wall Max final copy box numbers gkin Lands 32 punches more throws 58 punches More lands that

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