Can England defend their crown in the 2023 ODI World Cup? What are the strengths & weakness for Buttler & Co? Michael Vaughan previews, right here

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Hi guys Michael Vaughn here in the UK uh I can’t wait to uh get over for the World Cup and be on quick buzz and at The minute I’m in the UK it’s raining But in a few weeks time I’ll be over in Mumbai covering the World Cup uh Forklift was in that studio uh watching All the games so I can’t wait for that Uh my team England the World Champ is Not only 50 over Cricket but also in T20 Cricket they arrive in India full of Experience they pretty much picked the Same Squad from 2019 some will say it’s Dad’s Army I will stay seem full of Experience they’ve added Harry Brook the New star on the blog who’s got so much Versatility and that’s why he was picked Over Jason Roy because he can play in Many different positions in the order Whiteboard team they’ve won so many big Games over the last six or seven years They’ve got this mechanism of aggression And the way that the play but it’s the Way they play the pressure card when it Matters this England team generally know How to turn up and it’s not always down To one individual they’ve got a group of Pretty much 15 players that on their day Can all win a game for England in a One-day game and I just think the Experience is going to be a huge key for Them uh yes the conditions are slightly Different but so many of these England Players play in the IPL have had so much

Experience playing on Indian wickets That I don’t think it’s going to be a Problem England I’ve got all the experience uh Match winners that’s what they’ve got Pretty much from one to Fifteen all the Squad members have got it within them to Be there and match winner on their day But you look at the top of the ordering Bear so my land’s gonna open the bat in Mr consistent I think Joe root is going To be a key play spin so well and Clearly in a World Cup in India spin’s Gonna like play a big part so I think Joe root will have to be consistent you Go back a few years when England got to The T20 World Cup Final in India Joe Root was their star player on those Wickets so I think he’s gonna hold a big Key he’s gonna be the glue for that Middle order the likes of uh Ben Stokes Back into this England one day team and That’s when adjust Butler a match winner Lee unlimited a match winner knowing Alley a match winner Sam Curran a match Winner the list is pretty long and That’s not even picking Harry Brooks I Don’t think he gets in England starting 11 so they’re all the match winners that I can see The only concern I have is the Baldi It’s the bowling that could come unstuck On those Indian wickets the flat Indian Wickets where you don’t get much lateral

Movement works and currently Blaze Atkinson Marvel the journalists like to Get a little bit of movement through the Air I don’t think they’ll find that in India so they’ll have to bring all their Their tricks out the box Josh Butler the skipper uh the best Player in my opinion that England have Ever produced uh in whiteboard Cricket He’s just got that game we’ve seen him In the IPL on those wickets when he gets Going he’s very very difficult to stop And I think for England to win the World Cup the captain is going to have to have An outstanding uh few weeks in India and He’s got it in to do that as well so Um he’ll be aiming for that World Cup He’s already got the T20 World Cup and His hand he was in the team in 19. it Was Owen Morgan that lifted it in 2019 And his uh his dreams and his Ambitions Will be to make sure he gets that 50 Over World Cup in his hand at the end of It and I think he’ll have to produce Some magic himself I have to say is back it’s Ben Stokes Ben Stokes big games big crowds big Moments test Cricket T20 cricket 50 over Cricket you look at England in the last Four years pretty much every Big Moment Ben Stokes has been there just seen him Hit the highest individual one-day score For England with a big 180 yard against New Zealand

Wearing I’m gonna finish well I’ll say This whoever beats India will win the World cup and I think England will go a Long way whether they meet in the semis Or the final my dream is for England to Play in during the final I think they’re The best two teams at the moment in White ball privy Pakistan have had a Great run South Africa uh they’re Sneaking up the rails and they’re the Team that I would say would be my Outside prediction if I was gonna pick One that could surprise many I think South Africa can do that but uh I think England have got all the experience uh Whoever beats India will win the World Cup I hope it’s England versus India in The final my prediction to win it is India

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