The opening game of the 2023 ODI World Cup is the repeat of the 2019 Final! Who holds the edge in Ahmedabad? Zaheer Khan & Dinesh Karthik preview the clash, on Cricbuzz Live

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England take on New Zealand in the first Game of the World Cup so we'll just do a Quick preview of that because we can't Let uh our crickbuzz live viewers not Know what you'll think about the opener Big game a World Cup opener always very Exciting we'll go for England squad First because I think you'll both have England in your top four if I'm not uh Mistaken so England squad the big Surprise of course there is Ben Stokes Coming in uh I don't know what it is About the english team that you make a Call after retirement say please come Back they all back there we saw it in The Test match we're seeing it now again But uh the big but big news is Ben Stokes back in look there Are there are good players there are Great players and there are Legacy Players people who will be remembered For the test of time and I think Ben Stokes is that for England when he's There he's like that positive force that The team rallies around and when he's at The creas they believe anything is Possible they play the most attractive Brand of cricket in the world at the Moment they are great to watch they play It in the best of spirit and you must Say that they have taken Cricket to Another level when it comes to test Cricket for sure and in the white ball Formats as well they're showing the

World how it needs to be done and it's Just not the international cricket team I think it trickles down to their Systems as well where their messages on That you know we want you to play a Certain way and it's seen in the cricket And the kind of cricketers that they're Producing and this english team if at All on paper can compete with the Indian Team it is this english team because They have players who are match winners Right from the start yes Ben Stokes is a Big name and you can see right in the Middle of batters he is there but also a Massive name that was just thrown in a Week after they announced their Provisional Squad was Harry Brook he's Again a superstar but might not start They have David Milan and Johnny besto Joe root follows he's not been in the Best of form they would want him to come Back into form followed by Ben Stokes Jos Butler Liam Livingston Moen Ali and Then the four fast Bowlers three fast Bowlers and Adil Rashid this is the this Would be the team that they go with so If you put in the fast Bowers there's Chris WS Mark Wood and it'll be a tossup Between ree toley David Willie or Sam Curan most likely they would go with Sam Current to start now that basically Means that they bat all the way to 11 if You can consider Adil Rashid a batsman And that's why they are so confident of

Going hard right from the first ball Because they believe they have the Batting to see it through and that Speaks volumes of how their squad is Constructed and the kind of cricket that They've been playing just yesterday they Played a game in Ireland and in 31 overs They were 285 for3 wow they could have Well gone on to score 400 450 we don't Know what it was but that's the kind of Cricket that they're playing these days Very great very very good to watch Zach They're also in your top four and Understandably so but I think there's Also archer in their Reserve Squad who's Traveling with them who's not mentioned The squad but apparently he's traveling With them yeah he he will be a part of The reserves for sure so we'll have to Wait and see if uh any changes during The the tournament if they opt for that If there is injury to someone they can Always have that option also they can Monitor how he's shaping up because Jofra is also someone who has not been Part of the team not playing for a while Now so that's not going to make it easy For him so it's it's always good if You're spending time with the with the Teammates bowling to them in the Nets The team management also has a sense of Where you are at and in terms of your Physio needs everything you know you are In the zone so I think that's the

Approach which which they've taken uh What goes well for England is the Template which they've set I think after 2015 World Cup you know that's been uh That one uh Landmark moment for them uh The the tournament not going so well and Them making those uh hard decisions and Then setting a template that this is the Way we want to approach white ball Cricket be T20 or uh or Odis uh since Then the graph of the team has been Going up and uh the culture of of England uh cricket and the players Around it is becoming uh stronger and Stronger because of that I think it's Just the thought process which all the Players are are following and uh it just Uh it's just reaping rewards at this Level you you see that uh that players Are uh are batting with that Fearless Mindset and you you are setting those Targets which are uh which are not yet Seen in uh in in today's uh day and age You know so so if you have that kind of Approach if you said uh 400 as a Target Then only you will think of or or find Ways of achieving that you know so those Are the things which they are doing Which is working for them uh they've Made those conscious uh calls of adding Those kind of players also to their uh Their squad because of that that so you You see Livingston you see moin ali uh You see Rashid uh also spending enough

Time on batting you know so that has Been their priority uh so the people who Are capable of of batting they're Actually pushing them to bat more and More that includes Chris WS as well so So they're building their team like that So that uh all the players at the top Can bat with that Tempo the challenge For them I think in uh these conditions Is is going to be uh how to adapt you Know how to change gears if need be on Days uh it might be you're playing Against a tough team and the pitch is Not supporting to this style of play Whether you're going to adapt whether You're going to change or you're going To continue with that because uh in on Those kind of conditions if you target 400 you might end up at 150 you know so So that's the uh the Curiosity which I Have around the England setup but on the Whole I think uh they've set a template For their team and and uh that's why It's exciting to uh to watch them at This stage and they will bring that Brand of cricket for this world cup for Sure yeah absolutely I think we all very Curious and all very excited to always Watch and see what England does because They bring so many new things to the Game but uh let's have a look at New Zealand Squad now because it's a team That we should never count out they've Been uh the runners up the last two

World Cups and again there's my favorite Kane Williamson I'm a big fan of Kane Williamson he's back there captaining After the injury uh they have of course Um Glenn Phillips who I feel can be that MVP player for them but just DK a little More on their squad they've had a very Uh up and down time in the recent past Mainly because of injuries a lot of Players not playing also you got to Understand they are a team which is Built on contracts when Trent bolt and Jim nisham decided not to move on with The contract with the New Zealand Central contract that was a big decision For them it was a watershed moment in New Zealand cricket they didn't see it Coming and it says that that'll be the Way of the world for a lot of the Countries and their professionals from Here on we've seen Alex hes retiring Because he didn't want to play Jo Jason Roy saying no to the contract so it will Become a way of the world when it comes To New Zealand the they beat they didn't Beat England they drew the series but When they lost the game they got wiped Out in those games they couldn't compete In the recently concluded banglades Series out of the three games that was Held two got washed out but the one game That they ended up playing New Zealand Beat them pretty convincingly is sodi Picking up four wickets they have a team

Which is a very New Zealand team in the Sense that nothing great you will look At it and go okay you know I see what I'm seeing but there's no uh nobody to Scare you but I can promise you they are Always the team to watch out for they Feel like beasts they have a way of Trying to play as a unit and put enough Pressure you you can pretty much pick Out the 11 it'll be Devin Conway and Will Young to open followed by Kane Williamson at four it will be At this point of time at four it will be Daryl Mitchell at four at five will be Leam at six will be Glenn Phillips and Then they have Mitchell santner and the Four Bowlers what they need to do is Figure out whether they need to play Jimmy nishim or Ravi rindra Rin ravindra Now jimm nisham is a fast bowling Allrounder we all know what he is but Rachin ravindra is a new kid on the Block he bats left-handers got runs for Them but most importantly he bows left Arm Spin and was effective in England Which tells me that he has a great Chance to to play here as well though I Think the first match they will go with Jim nisham they have a stock standard Bowling attack if Saudi is available but Because he got injured in his thumb he Wouldn't be available for the first few Games so it will be Bol Loy Ferguson and Matt Henry to start and again the big

Question is how do they fit in three Spinners you have a feeling that is sodi Will play is it Mitchell santner will Play so they you know they have a Combination where they have everything But it's about putting it together and They're generally very good in in multin Tournaments they've been really Consistent the constant semi-final and Finalist beat the 50 over or the 20 over World Cup a team that goes very unspoken About but punch way above their weight And very consistent at that Too

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