Professional american boxer, undisputed welterweight and multiple champion in three weights Terence Crawford with nickname “Bud” against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Errol Spence with nickname “The Truth”. Fight took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on June 20, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Terence Crawford (USA) vs Errol Spence (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Yes we are indeed set for the main event Errol Spence Jr Terrence Crawford enough Set and his opponent across the ring the Ibf WBA and WBC world champion fighting Under the blue Corner wearing black Trunks with white and red trim hailing From Dallas Texas he weigh in at the world World Title appearance ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome the renowned current Undefeated reigning and defending Unified wwec WBA and ibf welterweight Champion of the world introducing the Truth Errol Spence Jor introducing to you first the WBO World champion on my right fighting out Of the Red Corner wearing black trunks With gray and white trim proudly Representing his home of Omaha Nebraska he weighed in at 146 and 3/4 lb The three Division World Champion is Undefeated in his Sensational career his Showtime debut and his 18th consecutive World title appearance ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the former WBO Lightweight World Champ champon the Former Undisputed super lightweight World champion and the current Undefeated WBO welterweight champion of The world introducing Terrence Bud Cord the bell and round

One and immediately Crawford Emanuel Lardy in October 2013 and an eighth Round knockout of Chris Crawford the Ability to make the adjustments on the Credible yeah absolutely and you know But is suspense uh jab is doing the one Of the biggest physically imposing Welterweight champions ever but Crawford Can turn cornering Crawford the jab the Shot to the body there's a counter bacon Ring Welterweight Title and become the Only man to be a two division that Throws more combinations except for Roman Gonzalez and the much more so than Crawford 17 combination punches to right According To double job good combination there's That hand speed and the combinations of Terren those shots from Crawford overand Left Cur behind the guard of Crawford And then doesn't do too much but just Enough which is enough the Errol Spence There Crawford that lands Crawford tried A really nice counter right hand a Moment ago he's going to explosive jab To The Head and the body and there's a Ninat a DRL Spence for the first time in His career hand Speed it's Bud craford an electrifying Combination the cense in round [Applause] Two Crawford was able to Land that straight left jab which is Yeah spans kind of overreached there

With that and and Brer saw the Opportunity and Is and coming back they have a second Round knocked down with a jab from Terence overand left and landed one and Now Spence going lead the Crawford Fighting back both of these guys are Dogs in that ring Crawford so Spence Looking to get back into this fight After hitting the dick like the C Midway point of the third scab jab to The body by Spence quick com L he gives Spenc the advantage Spence lets off with When He beautiful combination there by Spence But the counter and the speed of Crawford on Display the jab by again that right hand The speed the difference since hand Speed sharp accurate [Applause] Ja [Applause] Get give me a deep Breath 15 both in attendance here Tonight two superb trainers to their Warriors and this round he started off Really good with the jab double triple Job and body nice fight and he's picked His spots and when he's done it it's Been great yeah no doubt the pressure There is from Spence from Crawford in The opening the left hand and the left Uppercut by Crawford the advice given to

My goodness a left hand that rattles Going to the body and Terence Crawford The jab the left hand coming up on a Minute and a half and the landing is Definitely hurting Errol Spence and the The advice given to Spence you know he's Not Turning and he continues to J Errol Spence with the jab most people thought Spence might still be doing good work at This point Bud Crawford who was already Knocked down arrows Fence an excellent round for Crawford Using the jab so effectively and and Getting a lead left hand that lands Perfectly um and the right left hand About with your Feet and meanwhile the countering Accuracy of Terrence Crawford thought This would be an even leoning that he's Been able to be this effective this Early in the pressure enough to get Crawford off that Rhythm that coun right Hook and the right hand from Crawford Every time he's met with highly Effective Counters now with just over a minute Left in the fifth it is all Terrence Bud Punching less he's Landing a lot more Terrence Crawford is landing 50 Pound for pound stalwart no less and Here oh there's a left hand that L on CER but he eats it that was the kind of Punch Spence was hoping for it just

Didn't have the kind of impact [Applause] He he shoot me with a t hook he shoot T And he really hit me with a jab a lot of Let me see here using the jab very Effectively that left hand did get in For good [ __ ] Job Finging up and we don't normally see our Spense backing up no then is the Crawford pressure right now that he's Putting Crawford avoiding again the Reason why Crawford's jab is so Effective and so hard is because way he Goes you know people might say Das Why from Spence yeah he's got to get Inside he can't reach right there that Crawford has you you know also had a Power dve from San Porter he said that When when you take it away and it seems Like he's doing that against fence right Now right wanted them to feel the same Way Spence trying coming Back see it there it is There double Jab all Terren Bud Crawford looking to Make history left offer on the inside That caught Spence now here's where Spence was working downstairs trying to Get to the body trying here's where Terence Crawford showed us in that last Round initiating the offense with that Shotgun will counter as Spence [Music]

Moves come forward trying to deliver Combinations and Crawford avoiding Them beautiful to the face of Spence by Crawford and Crawford's accuracy just Backing up Spence with these punishing Shots exactly that the accuracy The Reflex farhood arrol Spence down round On his own the and again the walk over Here all Righted Terrence Buck Crawford making it Look way too Easy the accuracy the punishment Spence continues to he has been stopped In his tracks repeatedly by4 Jabs but Only landed 28 so it has not been a Weapons for [Applause] Him oh the right hook Spence [Music] Go don't let him put you Spence coming Forward and he gets countered with as Beautiful a right uppercut as you can Right is usually the one that lands the Most counter right Uppercut was perfect I mean the timing From from Crawford is just phenomenal I Mean that right hook that and now Spence Is in a posture boxing delivered punch After punch that lands all of these Shots the fourth that jab continues to Pop Spence's head back to right and Cered himself Landing oh my another Counter right hand and a [Applause]

No by Crawford and those punches caught By Crawford all Terren but Crawf over the shoulder Don't well Spence in a posture he's not Used to backing up against the ropes Trying to move and Stay he's got to make sense of this Fight right now he's been hurt Intriguing thing is Crawford who loves To c a Huge seventh round for Terrence Crawford The two arur better be ever oh he's Opening up something right now Crawford Beautiful jab to the Body continues to be a nightmare for Errol Spence and Again I mean the the wa being hit by the Jab is Incredible this fight is very close to Being over I believe yeah Spence is at Over cook final minute of the night Spence desperately trying to L right Hook the left the right arol Spence on Inline skates and the referee of Veterans Bud Crawford have made Undisputed Champion and it was the glovs I mean the Way he dism him the way he beat him up Brown just brilliant performance for Marl Spence stage he has never performed Better than as as great as many of his Fights have been so pretty extraordinary And that was what he is the winner by

Way of technical knockout he is still Undefeated and now the Undisputed Welterweight champion of the world Terren Bud Crawford Man

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