16 months ago, it seemed that Rangers had fully returned to their former glory. The previous season, they had gone unbeaten on their way to an historic 55th league title, their first in a decade, and after the departure of manager Steven Gerrard to Aston Villa, replacement Giovanni Van Bronckhorst built further, securing the club its first Scottish Cup since 2009, and guiding them to the Europa League final where they lost on penalties to a strong Eintracht Frankfurt, having beaten Borussia Dortmund, Braga and RB Leipzig to get there.

But since that night in Seville, fortunes have changed on the blue side of Glasgow. Van Bronckhorst was dismissed following a poor start to the following season, and while successor Michael Beale – who had previously been assistant manager during Gerrard’s tenure – improved performances in the second half of the campaign, a nightmare start to the 23-24 season has seen the Englishman relieved of his duties just seven games in. In the words of Joshua Barries, editor of Rangers review, “hope had been drained” out of Ibrox, with the Gers already 7 points behind Celtic in the table, looking on course to miss out on the title once again.

So what has gone wrong at Rangers? On today’s FD Explained, we aim to find out..


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Just 16 months ago it seemed that Rangers had fully returned to their Former glory the previous season they'd Gone unbeaten on their way to an Historic 55th league title their first In a decade and after the departure of Manager Steven Gerard to Aston Villa Replacement Giovani van bronos built Further securing the club its first Scottish cup since 2009 and guiding them To the Europa League final where they Lost on penalties to a strong inra Frankfurt having beaten brussa Dortmund Brager and RB Li to get there but since That night in Seville fortunes have Changed on the blue side of Glasgow van Bron host was dismissed following a poor Start to The Following season and while Successor Michael Beal who had Previously been assistant manager during Gerard's tenure improved performances in The second half of the campaign a Nightmare start to the 2324 season has Seen the Englishman relieved of his Duties just seven games in in the words Of Joshua Barry's editor of Rangers Review hope had been drained out of Ibros with the Jal already seven points Behind Celtic in the table looking on Course to miss out on the title once Again so what has gone wrong at Rangers On today's FD explained we aim to find Out the general conversation surrounding Michael Beal's departure from Rangers

Has centered heavily on the failure of The club's summer signings to hit the Ground running and while it's a tall Order to expect new recruits to jail Seamlessly in the first two months there Is also little room for error at a club Which is expected to finish at least Runner up in every domestic compe ition And compete in Europe not to mention the Fact they had lost just Seven League Games across the three seasons before This the fact they have lost three games Already in 2324 points to a Swift and severe Regression in performance and this has Undoubtedly been influenced by the Club's recent business serial Desair the Club's second most lucrative purchase of The summer at5 million e has quickly Become a target for fans following a String of disappointing performances Sam Lamas meanwhile was signed for three Point .5 million despite his only Outstanding Top Flight season coming at Here and vain back in 201819 a player Who scored just twice in almost 2,000 Minutes last term across lone Spells at Seria strugglers emple and sdor danillo Signed from far for 6.5 million euros And abdulla SEMA on loan from Brighton Have scored twice each with SEMA Notching up another three in Europe but They've been given just four League Starts between them with danillo out

Injured since mid-september while Goalkeeper Jack butland the only new Player deemed to have been a categorical Success so far however Beal was never Going to be able to rely solely on his Summer signings to power the start of Rangers season and the scale of their Summer departures is a far bigger cause For concern of the five players to hit Double figures for goals in the Scottish Premiership last year only right back James tavanir is still at the club and Half of his 16 strikes came from the Penalty spot Bayern Munich Looney Malik Tilman is now at PSV oven fashion sakala Was sold to Sou pro league outfit alire Antonio merco kolak was sold to Palmer In Seri B and Alfredo Morelos who scored 124 goals across six seasons at HS left At the end of his contract before Signing with the Brazilian John Santos Between them they scored over half of The Sid's 93 League goals last term Expecting a forward line made up of Almost entirely new players to replicate Or improve on that is a tall order this Kind of naivity in the transfer markets Would normally be put at the door of a Sport sporting director but since Ross Wilson left Rangers in April that Position has been vacant with Michael Beal largely in charge of recruitment Over the summer and it seemed pretty Clear that the manager was particularly

Keen to reshape the squad Beal was Critical of Morelos towards the end of The campaign and also made no secret of The pivotal role he played in the club's Most recent round of recruitment Ryan Kent who made over 200 appearances for The teddy bears and was crucial to their 2021 title success was also let go as With Morelos he was not offered a new Contract by the club The Confidence be Displayed in letting so many key players Leave was always going to back fire if The side didn't start the new season Well but while his confidence to lead Rangers rebuild was perhaps misplaced The club's inability to replace sporting Director Ross Wilson was even more naive Wilson joined in 2019 and arrived with Pedigree having lured Virgil Van djk Pierre EML hyberg and Ralph Hassen hles Of Southampton during his time at St Mary's he then oversaw the two transfer Windows which helped Propel Rangers to The title glory in 2021 as well as Setting up the club for a big profit in The future with the free signing of Calvin Bassie from Leicester Wilson left I BR to take up the sporting director Role at Nottingham Forest where an Abundance of funds allowed him to get Deals done for talents like Anthony Alanga Kum Hudson adoy Nicholas Dominguez and even Ibrahim s so it's Perhaps no wonder he left Rangers who

Were put on uefa's financial fair play Watch list in 2022 with the club Consistently racking up Financial losses In the transfer Market as they bid for a Return to domestic glory and without Premier League television money by the Time he left the Scottish Giants had Already been making moves to curb Threats of ffp sanctions unlike the Four Seasons leading up to their title win Where they racked up a net spend of 36.5 Million EUR the two seasons afterwards Saw them make a profit of 26.1 million EUR with future star Nathan Patterson Sold to Everton for 14 million and Calvin Bassie moving to aax for 23 Million arguably their biggest departure Though was Jo Rebo whose versatility Tenacity and skill in the center of the Park was crucial to the Sid's title Triumph and subsequent run to the Europa League final as fans grew increasingly Frustrated at the start of the 2324 Season with Gran McGary writing in Scottish publication the national that Toxicity around the club has been at the Worst levels in living memory a lack of Guile and desire has been noted in the Sid's performances the kind of qualities A Rebo typified during his time in Glasgow during a period in which rival Celtic rediscovered their Edge in the The transfer markets under an POA kogu Whose experience of managing in Japan

Helped the club identify undervalued Talents from the J League Rangers have Been unable to evolve the result is that They have no permanent manager no Sporting director and the third oldest Team in Scotland meanwhile Celtic have Been able to replace Posta coo with a Coach who is both familiar with the club And a good stylistic successor in Brendan Rogers and possess the third Youngest side in the division not only Are Rangers as far behind their old firm Rivals as they have been in years is but It's difficult to see when they will Start catching up again so that was our Take on Rangers current struggles but Can you see them catching up with Celtic This season or next let us know in the Comments below and if there are any Other clubs in trouble that you'd like To see us profile let us know too if you Enjoyed this video please subscribe to Football daily and click on screen right Now for some more great content thanks For watching we'll see you next time

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