Professional brittish heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist, WBO, IBF, WBA and IBO champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ” against croatian top ranked athlete Hrvoje Kisicek. Fight took place in York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England on November 14, 2013. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Joshua (England) vs Hrvoje Kisicek (Croatia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Music] Two wins both inside the scheduled Distance He comes and ringers the two-time ABA Champion and ladies and gentlemen the Winner of the Olympic gold medal and Ladies and gentlemen the holder of the NBA Ladies and gentlemen Christian [Applause] Is Mr Marcus McDonald this is six three Minute rounds all right boys Six rounds down to four and if you saw Him on his debut on October the 5th You'll know he beat Emmanuel Leo and Eight and over towards the turn of heard Of a kiss check from Croatia whose main Credentials seem to be that he went the Full six rounds with a few weeks ago He's going to get tagged by Jabs like That the very first jab that Joshua Threw it might be another short And he's rocking already [Applause] He doesn't look in the best of [ __ ] And they won't be able to take too many Of these jobs He looks two divisions lighter Charged in head down there picked up an Uppercut for his Planes [Music] Must have something about him to go six With Huey Fury he was a

Yeah That was clever no that's lovely lovely Body shot picking his shots very nicely Opponent who's got a bit of willing About him but doesn't seem to have an Awful lot of technique It's just looking for the opening drove Away and then decimate Got him high with a left hook there Again Really has nothing to trouble on but He's not doing anything selling not Taking punches he doesn't have to take It's because Chase comes forward so he's Boxing nicely just putting on a bit of a Show at the moment As well The right eye kiss check [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] This is going to be a painful night's Work for this fellow kiss check No but there was a couple of them press You're moving back and flipping our left Took over when a terrific burst of Punches balance [Music] [Applause] To the volume and the speed of the Punches coming towards them

Smooth smooth boxes And it's keeping it nice and tight and This is the point that we've got to Re-emphasize doing it that's what we're Looking at does he make mistakes does he Learn from those mistakes does he take His time does he measure his work I mean There was that little left hook as he Backed off Gotta take a lot more here as well You get an impression of Joshua decides To stick with an attack they can get him Out of there pretty much anything and a Little step back for no reason yep he's Annoying [Music] A really powerful combination he's up at Four the legs look okay so Marcus McDonald looks but that was that was Clinical that was brutal that Because the lunges in you've got to Credit his point he's getting around Pounding in there and that's that now It's been stopped all over this check Wanted to go on So all the damage was done by that Brutal combination that put the Croatian On the floor has been spared because he Was going to get hurt if he'd carry on He's got a big heart this fella but That's all he had oh and a face is to Become competitive especially in the Heavyweight division then I think that It's time for the refugee statement to

An end to it he has a he has a claim at The moment that the fight was stopped a Little but they're quicker it should Have been but uh no one's complaining Except for because check because it was Hot full punches of his team he's Whenever he pleased and it was a good Good performance from Joshua and a good Shout for the referee More of the same was coming but yeah it Was it was ruthless so efficient there's That knock down once again three nasty Punches yeah the way what the body was Impressive too the balance that he has So it was just this turning out to be a Real painful knife for kiss check which Was only going to become more and more Painful From Joshua and we'll be seeing him Again In just over a week I'm sure well for The third time in his fledgling career I Wonder what David Price Anthony Joshua Yeah The Man with the Golden Touch does It again Remember Lennox Lewis boxing in this Ring many many years ago against Noel Corliss And I wonder if we're looking tonight at A young man that might just follow in Linux Lewis's footsteps early early days Jim but the signs so far very

Encouraging yeah the improvements he He's made in such a short time uh from His arm attackers I know most of the Work is done in gymnasiums the the Fights he's been involved and we know Before the start he's going to dominate But you can see the Improvement and you Can see definitely it looks like a Special talent Disney another stoppage win how do you Feel You Look Tonight uh I worked on a Few things in there um I knew it was kg And it was very awkward and he's very Durable opponent so I wanted to work Into the way I was going to start my Boxing so I started off calm and I built Into the round and uh what I was Planning on doing came a bit earlier as I got the first round as I dropped him And then I went in for the kill to take Him out you more relaxed like you've Relaxed your shoulders a bit is that a Conscious decision yeah as I said a lot Of things that we've been working on in The gym it's so important to take it Into the ring and that's what we're Trying to do at the minute no we'll call Us And I wonder if we're looking he's made In such a short time uh from his arm Attackers I know most of the work is Done in gymnasiums I worked on a few Things in there um I knew it was cagey And it was very awkward and he's very

Durable opponent so I wanted to work Into the way I was going to start my Boxing so I started off calm and I built Into the round and uh what I was Planning on doing came a bit earlier as I got the first round as I dropped him And then I went in for the kill to take Him out All relaxed like you've relaxed your Shoulders a bit is that a conscious Decision yeah as I said a lot of things That we've been working on in the gym It's so important to take it into the Ring and that's what we're trying to do At the minute it's early doors but you Know as a fight score one you'll start Seeing new things and new tricks and as Long as I'm relaxed I can let my shots Go with speed do you think you impressed Larry Holmes at ringside I don't think I Use my jab enough you know what having Having such a legend sitting sitting Ringside you know uh consciously I'm Thinking out Larry how is that the edge Of the Ring let me put my jab more but Um I got to stay focused and as long as I get the job done that's the main thing And obviously you're staying busy do you Think you'll still be able to box in Nine days time yeah next weekend I'll be In Manchester competing again and uh I've got to just tone it down a bit let My body rest once again and I really got To get up for the fight in Manchester

Because whoever it is it's going to be Tough and then hopefully I'll win that You know I've got a really tough Opponent

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