Professional american heavyweight boxer and once unified WBC, IBF, IBO and lineal belts holder Hasim Rahman with nickname “The Rock” in 2nd match against brittish top ranked athlete, multiple champion and olympic gold medalist Lennox Lewis with nickname “The Lion”. Fight took place in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA on November 17, 2001. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Hasim Rahman (USA) vs Lennox Lewis (England) II | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight

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ABC the ibf and the IBO heavyweight Champion of the world introducing the Hard-hitting of scene The Rock Ruffman [Applause] Once again a referee in charge now to Give instructions Joe Cortez Happy birthday All right pull off that t-shirt Jack [Applause] All right gentlemen We've won all the rules in addressing Room I expect a good clean fight but When good Sportsman like conduct A little high punches here above here They're good same thing we do punch it Here Trucks a little high punches here is Good give me a good clean fight obey my Commands at all time remember guys I'm Fair but I'm firm God bless you God bless America There are two common sense outcomes five Here one a repeat Knockout by Rahman The other a defensive decision by Lewis This being boxing we often get Uncommon Sense Something we never foresee those are the Two forms of conventional wisdom there's No sweat on Rockies That is not good is it George that's the Way you want to become Is alert and aware enough to note that Rockman is dry He should benefit himself just by him

Being in that position The guys draw like that don't let them Get sweaty and loose Rockman coming back with the dab time to Get that weapon started just as he did In round one into hammersburg Lynn has got to make certain that his Back is always at least three feet away From those ropes [Music] Against the ropes rockman's two losses Against Moscow Aventura both came when He got trapped against the ropes and Hammered by Power Punch Right hand by Lewis over the top lands On rockmanship Let It Go please that may have been a More effective right hand than any of The right hands Lena crew in South Africa Ozzy blood already on rockman's Face Let's hope it's the freeze from the Gloves in that blood Halfway through the round Rockman has Yet to throw a right hand So it appears that Rockman has come to Box not to punch at least for the moment Lewis his normal patient self picking The jab and allowing Rockman to come to Him Everything could happen Oh what's up if you're in Lennox Lewis's Corner you like what you've seen in These first couple of minutes if you're

In haseen rockman's corner you may still Be waiting for your man to get properly Warmed up somebody is bleeding and I Think it is Rockland because there's Blood on the left shoulder of Lewis I Think the right hand opened rockmont's Left eye And that left eye was leading in South Africa at the moment when Rockman knocks Louis up it created a sense of urgency For Rockman in South Africa and he's Bleeding above the left eye now you Don't want him to let Lennox Lewis get His ribbon with his jail Code that the replay is going to show The right hand was on the 10th so maybe It's the dab that opens the left eye With his right hand But there's no question rockmont is Fleeting from above the left eye that is His lead eye it's the eye that Lewis Will be targeting with the staff it's a Disadvantage for haseem rockhon from the Get-go Good round for Lewis he threw blood Right Goodbye Rockman's cut man is the excellent Miguel Diaz nice to come baby that jab Is doing a toll you don't hurt him Already put the right hand behind him Come behind with the left hook It in Yeah you're okay baby but go get you

You're okay let's take a look at the Replay Larry That could have been the Jab And some oh reaction right hand it was a Right hand a while before then that did All of that well from brockman's Reaction he knows he's bleeding that was Not the job to do it Captain round one Lewis threw 37 of them And landed 17. this is the statistical Marker and Lewis in those fights in Which he throws more than 30 tabs per Round he's awfully hard to handle Rockman threw 30 deaths in the first Round and landed 16. so he's off to a Good start as well He's allowing Lewis to use the middle of The ring is what he shouldn't do Lewis Back should always be two feet from the Rope So it's a legal cut I saw the right hand That's for sure I don't think Rockman thought Atlanta Lewis knew 37 tabs in round one if he Throws 37 caps around Emmanuel Stewart His trainer is going to be very happy With the way Lewis is Prosecuting the Fight there's a left hook that lands on A right to the body Lewis only hurts Himself Let's go both exchanges he's gonna hurt There he gets and step back that's part Of the plan gab step back keeps the Distance between himself and rock bottom

[Applause] Now Lewis is getting closer to the ropes This is what rock now make him keep his Back on those rope and that same right Hand is always there for you James is still in the center of the ring For the moment Trying to keep his jab upstairs now he Throws to the body a tactic that works So well to rocks made him South Africa Some of the Jabs that Lewis is landing Are the hardest I've ever seen him Lance that's the way It has to be it's got to be hard he's Got to puffy up so that you can there Have been there yeah there have been Times where he's just been sort of Painting his opponent and and moving Away at the same time but he's throwing Apart left hands tonight This is indeed a very aggressive dabbing Performance by Lewis and you saw him dab To the top of the head then bring the Right hand over the top scorer he loves To hide the right hand by dabbing you up On the head once again Lewis's legs are A little too close to the ropes that's The way he's going to find his troubles If you find them at all back Open now Gotta stay in the middle of the Ring Rockman is starting to get him to go on The Roadster How do you like the way rockman's

Working his way back into it Got it by got Linux back on the Rope Lennox is in the excellent position now Stay in the middle of the Ring Misses with a big left hook As round two comes so close [Applause] All right Do it Here's Lewis after throwing a series of Jabs Lancer clean left hook And here except jets that is one stiff Jab And he's grown 68 dabs in the first two Rounds he's never lost a fight in which He's averaged 30 Taps per round through Round two by copy box numbers of 72 Total connected punches 55 or down so it Has been a dabbing contest up to a point But Lewis did land the one big right Hand in round number one and he drew Blood so perhaps Rockland got under Lewis's skin with the Taunting but Lewis got under his skin With a punch Louis and Corner told him don't worry About the left hand don't worry about The hook just stay out of the right hand That's your arms weight Lewis is doing a Good job but you gotta step back to your Left every now and then make him throw The hook Make Rockman throws up Rocklin doesn't seem to have any

Confidence in a good strong left hook What do you want to do is make him throw It just make him do it Rockman contends in sparring his left Hook is getting better but he said a 1-2 Fighter through most of his career jab Right cross As for that matter has Lewis there's the Left hook by Louis and it lasts and hurt Not only did he land it hurts now you Don't want to get too overconfident with A guy who's knocking you out The hurt on keep the rounds coming Back to the body as he gets in close Lewis lands another stiff gab and Rockman backs rack out That's the hook make him throw those Hooks Lewis is doing a good job of that The moment George we have nullified Rockman's right hand how's he doing it Boy he's heard him from long range as we Said earlier hits him with a good right Hand and never tries to finish it This is not a Lennox Lewis who is Especially defensive his his boxing and Punching This is the Lennox Lewis who's Commanding the space in the ring in Exactly the same way he did not do it in South Africa Rockman can steal reel this fight in but He's going to have to get limit screws On those ropes and make him now you go Make him make make him believe out of

That level Rockman finally lands the Left hook Already because of a left hook all right Please hold in a little bit this time Linux Lewis that left hook rung his Bell Dad comes back And when Lewis doubles up and triples up On the dab He keeps the space between himself and Rock Mountain Dab into the body again Lewis hands are Down he's close to the Rope what more Can you ask for if you're rocking [Applause] 53-game Jazz when you started going to Yeah you can change up on this man now You don't have to you can save it Yourself start going to him and saying Everybody kidney stuff and key every Time you come back just do like just put Them hands up that kills everything Just keep doing that you can't get over Your arms every time you make any kind Of retreatitude I mean run to you put Your hands up high That stops everything Good just relax yourself piano yeah Lennox Lewis may have been outwitted by The Verbally Sharp Champion he is not being out hit By him First three rounds have followed the Lewis plan particularly in the sense

That he's throwing the jab with great Frequency averaging 34 tabs per round he Landed 17 out of 34. in round three That's a great statistical indicator for Lewis from compubox Harold Letterman had To score the first three rounds okay Jim Three 27 The surface to his right like Lennox is Doing Private he's doing it beautifully so That red can't hit him with that big Right hand Generosity Get off first keep Rock from those Balancer Rockford can't get much watch This is always going to lay at the first Punch Thank you And perhaps by way of trying to ask his Fighter to be even more aggressive Emmanuel Stewart between rounds said to Lennox Lewis Lennox this man can't Counterpunch go get him Yeah but one thing that lives in Linux Lewis here That night in Africa yep you can't take That away from him You know even his own corner Said to him to Rockman if he clenches Just keep your hands high they're Telling him not to counter punch Oh [Applause]

Rock band get up or half the table's Been turned is it rippers [Applause] Has Captain his revenge And now it's Rockman complaining in the Corner that he didn't get the Full Count Lennox Lewis caught a virtually Perfect Price Hello [Applause] Emmanuel Stewart asked him to attack he Did and he got the results they were Looking for George what did you think of The stoppage you know what happened Lennox Lewis let an ordinary Fighter Beat him in Africa he came back and made The ordinary fighter look like an Ordinary fighter I think this topic was Right on time the guy got caught with a Hard shot very few fellas can get up Though he got up went down Cortez the Best in the trial in which Rock mine was forced to take this Rematch Emmanuel Stewart testified That you have to make it immediate Because our fighter Lennox Lewis is Getting older Lennox Lewis just made him A perjury I love it Larry talking about age in the Opposite direction he's been converted That may turn out to be Lennox Lewis's Most respected perform comments ever in The ring isn't that something else Beautiful stuff

This is what some of his supporters Thought he could have done the Holyfield If he had decided to be more aggressive Rockman totally out of position after The left and the right hand was good Night he did it by long range that's Most importantly he didn't try to close In everything was out in the opening That's the way you want to fight a punch And he set it all up with the left hand By firing aggressively keeping his left Hand in rockman's face mixing in the Left hook every once in a while with the Jab he changed it up here instead of jab And right hand it was hooking right hand And you know what the old saying never Follow or punch you around and Rockman Did Rockman made the Fatal mistake I'm Gonna follow you no matter what you jab Me or what I'm gonna follow you well Rockman had spent months saying he had No respect for Lennox Lewis he went into The ring and showed he had no respect For Lennox Lewis and he paid the price It happened to Linux Lewis in the same Fashion he had no respect for Rockman And he tasted Canada so now they're even Fifth round knockout for Rocklin in South Africa fourth round knockout for Lewis here and Lennox regains what he Surely believes is his right the Heavyweight championship of the world That's something Cannot believe it and this all happened

Because Rockman had no respect he didn't Repeat beaten in the chest he just threw At the head and missed and incidentally To go back to the point you made at the Very beginning of the fight Rockman came Into the ring not fully warmed up and he Never really caught up the Lewis right As a bone and by the time the Swift was There he's already caught on a bloody Eyes All three judges had scored the first Three rounds all for Lewis so he was Well on his way to the decision victory That most of his supporters thought he'd Get then he shortened it up let's go to Jimmy Lennon Jr for the official Particulars Ladies Ladies and gentlemen we have the time of One minute 29 seconds in round and Number four a referee in charge Joe Cortez reaches the count of ten the Winner by way of knockout he is now the Three-time heavyweight champion of the World [Applause] Final compubox numbers will show you Lewis advantages in all categories he Landed 24 more punches he threw 39 more Punches he was brilliantly accurate Connecting with half the punches that he Threw he painted Rockman with power Punches Mostly set up by the dab and in the end

He scored the cute combination left hook Right cross and knocked Rock come on out There you have it total dab Lewis threw 111 tabs in just under four rounds and That's the Benchmark when he throws Dirty 30 tabs per round you can't handle Him Rockman could not let's go to Larry Merton with the heavyweight Camp Lennox Lewis Thank you Jim congratulations Lennox Came into the fight your opponent was Bone dry did you notice anything right From the start well I've been I've seen A little twinkle in his eye you know you Know plus I've been dreaming all week to Change his name change his name from his Husband has been Rockman his name has Been Rockman now How did you turn Your anger at him for all of the taunts He's been making at you Into a positive no into a positive for You Let me view the question I'm sorry how Did you turn How did you turn All the angry that you had welling up in You because of the taunting because of Your own Lackluster performance in Africa into This positive I just stayed focused you Know when when we're in South Africa Yeah uh I said that the belts were Unloan so this had his 15 minutes of

Glory now they come back home to me Do you acknowledge now that you didn't Give your absolute best effort you Didn't take them seriously in Africa Well you know what I didn't take him Serious enough if I was in good shape in Africa but you know one punch you got Through with one punch when it was I was Not focusing that that uh that fight and He got through with a great punch when We're in the heavyweight business you Can end things in one punch why did you Hide out in your dressing room tonight You seemed like you were just white in Your own Zone and you just were focused On what was going to happen yeah I was Very focused I didn't want to get into The hoopla I was just showing the world That I was focused they couldn't see too Much of me even rotman wanted to come in And see what I was doing he was nervous So he was outside my job and you guessed Him I was laughing Yeah The first few rounds you described what You were doing in the first few rounds Your Jabs seemed more authoritative than We've ever seen it you stayed away from His right hand was that the plan yeah Just to give him some movement he Couldn't take he couldn't take the Movement and you know I just showed them A different style I told you I can Switch any style I want to and and this

Time I just showed them a different Different style of moving all right Let's go now to the floor pick up let's Go to the fourth round and take a look At the knockout you tell us what you saw Emanuel told you in the corner you can Be more aggressive what did you see well I noticed every time I try and reach Around him with a hook he sticks his Arms out and more time he's watching out For the straight right hand so I kind of Turned it around on him and threw a a Roundhouse right hand Emmanuel Stewart also said to you look This man does a counter punch you can Attack him Yeah you know I took I took some of the Pressure to him you know gave him a lot Of

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