Professional american bantamweight boxer and WBC Interim champion Brandon Figueroa with nickname “The Heartbreaker” against filipino top ranked athlete and WBC champion Mark Magsayo with nickname “Magnifico”. Fight for WBC Interim feather weight belt took place in Toyota Arena, Ontario, USA on March 4, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Brandon Figueroa (USA) vs Mark Magsayo (Philippines) | BOXING fight, HD

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Foreign That's already been filled with so many Incredible battles Brandon Figueroa Mark Mciwa introducing to you first on my Left fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing dark blue trunks with gold a Trim fighting out of Valencia California By way of tugby LaRon City Bohol in the Philippines he weighed in right at the Featherweight limit of 126 pounds with 16 wins coming by way of knockout he is Currently ranked the WBC number two Contender ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome reformer WBC featherweight Champion of the World Mark Magnifico And his opponent across the ring he's Ready to go fighting out of the blue Corner to my right wearing green trunks With gold and red trim and hailing from His hometown of Weslaco Texas he weighed In at 125 and three-quarter pounds with A record of 43 ranked the wwbc number One a featherweight Contender ladies and Gentlemen here is the former WBC and WBA Super bantamoite champion of the world Introducing the heartbreaker Brandon [Applause] Okay gentlemen we got trunks good on This instructions in the back protect Yourselves at all times listen like mans Touch them up back to your corner Johnny Professional fight Figueroa currently Tops the category ground Numero Uno and

Now speaking of number one We talk about the in his fight with Stephen Fulton Jr uh that great round Knock down by maxile against Vargas he Did lose his from Figueroa first of all He's didn't start aggressive like Gary Russell Jr Mark maxile's jab as being a Key up against the record for the most Champs thrown in one front 760. in one Fight As he switched that song Here's the point in his last fight Against Carlos Castro Figueroa was hit With 53 of the power punches of Deficiencies which again makes it for an Even better fight exactly he makes it For a really interesting point Figueroa using the jab and the body Punches Number two scheduled for 12 again the Winner who will face Ray Vargas for his Title as mcsio again that was a Beautiful right right now no punch Straight back guys for Figueroa if he Decides to fight at long range a lot Much more muted Brandon Figueroa I'm Doing part for this uh footwork from Figueroa yeah and eventually the other Guy won't be able to move as well good Combination Right hand lands again that's twice the Right hand is the biggest printer Brandon to grow on his face against the Southpaw on the right hand

At the Toyota arena in Ontario California what a start And part of the reason was here he's Going to throw that right hand That's a big weapon for him uh Things got a little different nice right Uppercut by Michael we talked about that Being a potentially good weapon and here We see we see the stats figure out come In back how he finished that last round Back to his own own self It's been due to Mark maxile and that Kind of quickness and out in scoring Yeah that's what you don't want to do if You're already maxile has a good one and A good left hook he's knocked down style Was able to really hurt him with body Punches so it's not bad of course for Girls so at some point in this fight if Your girl really wants to get that to Score a tremendous come from behind Victory so he brings his power laid into The fight he pointed it out he's behind The scorecards there is looking Downstairs he's also a good body puncher And you know he smother his his offense By doing that pops the right hand again Off the face of Figueroa Yeah you gotta pick your moments pick Your shots just as he's going right There but figure out don't do that too Often Left took by Figueroa listen for that Belt going two-way action here in round

Three [Applause] Who wants him to get off first become More aggressive that's a strategy you Would improve losing that the father You're not getting letting off first I Slept up to the body counter Thomas Taylor Warning them about their holding He's been at this weight for his whole Career and to grow of course just moving Up to the fourth frame oh It's a solid laptop guy maxile absorbed And it kind of was in that moment yeah But Nino coming back throwing Accommodation there's the jab from the Southpaw Figueroa but make sure lands 38 Of his power punches actually he's Landing tonight so far in this fight McLeod has to be bolstered by the fact That when they are on the inseminating Those extensions Of those effective combinations final Minute of the fourth yeah you know where I'm excited Away [Applause] You know Okay It's ranged by maxile the right hand Very good and of course there's a Thunderous let's just jab much in this Fight only 50 for Figaro and maxile with Less 41 which is something that we're

Not seeing in this this fight he's Switching too much to my liking to Accomplish thus far I mean when you know certain Styles Certain steps [Applause] Figueroa marching forward like close Rounds and I it's going to be hard for The judges Land of beautiful shot I think uh Figaro's Throne mostly in this fight That he set down on them Double jab from the Southpaw figure Misses with the right hook Those 92 punches per round he's averaged 46 so far but it's a lot less than Normally throws but he's off to a very Good start trying to frustrate Brandon Figueroa countering him effectively Oh mcsail lands a nice one to us And it's a lot of flashing the jab oh You better stunned him with the left and There's a left hook from maxile Nick this was that segment in the middle Of the realm where maxile threw a lot of Kind of really good moments in that Round Landing the straight left hand Here's the right hook the right hook as A lefty is Awesome We Begin the second Half of this As compatriot as his chief second Figaro After six Oh I have maxio I had 58-56 four rounds To two which is another way of saying I

Could see this going any anyway and Every way with on the official car and Uh referee Thomas Taylor close to maybe Deguero has got the Intensive coming uh Pressuring and keep breaking down with His body punches [Applause] He saw the opportunity there he kept Going [Applause] First title defense last year or will Figueroa again Okay I may have needed to turn the tide in This fight this is a slip great work on The inside there he grips away with that Left hand s Lexile kind of holding again We can't say he did out of the blue Crucial To be and more importantly will it allow Him Whether to hold or not which he Shouldn't precisely or do it you know Whatever nice counter right hand but Maxile up by a point It's going to be crucial and then and It's going to be it's gonna mean a lot Right now with maxile keeps working that Body [Applause] Instead 10-8 round against him [Music] [Applause] Glad that Figaro is right in front of it

A number of times before but it Energized double left tooks triple left Hooks quadruple A lot of work on the inside now as the Round wore on it was Figaroa that Started to do good work pushing maxile Back into good work Possible [Applause] And there's again these left hooks Problems for Figaroa against Fulton yeah He landed more according to show stats And he was Alton set for a big fight in Japan welcoming former Undisputed Curricular activity But he's down there he works the body he Sees the opening to the body it's either The the uppercuts or the body you know Still getting the shots in despite Him with the body shot a crown electric Here in the Toyota Arena And he's beginning to fade here against Figueroa round 11 and again the crowd Thinking that should have been a Knockdown Figueroa continues to put the Pressure on him Abner yeah I think but He does it you know what would he lets Go of his combinations [Applause] You want to jump right on top of him Right away knowing that he's not going To be able to hold him [Applause] Round he's had his movement more fancies

All right if you do it more if you see Him [Applause] And they are fighting like it could come Down to the 12th round And a key element will be whether that Last round was a 10-8 round four And it's very interesting Steve Harwood Now has Figaroa ahead by him soon enough Again two points taken away from Lexile Making his last stand How much the heartbreaker grounded [Applause] [Music] [Applause] On the three judges scorecards but a Unanimous decision win for Brandon Figueroa improving to 24 1-1

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