Will Young is off to a good start for New Zealand. Can he cement a permanent opening spot? Zaheer Khan & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Orange is the color on this very hot and Dry afternoon in Hyderabad as the Netherlands have asked some questions of New Zealand who beat the opening uh who Beat nland in that opening game this is Where it stands in 15 overs 81 for one Who would have thought that the score at The end of the three overs would be not For not Zach how surprised were you with The score well uh they took the time Initially because when you look at the 10 over Mark they were above 60 runs you Know so New Zealand is looking very good Uh they are very assured of what they Want to do and that's what we are we're Seeing the pitch looked good today Actually uh uh to to bat on unlike uh The other few games which we've seen so Far in the tournament uh the ball is not Gripping that much today uh so you can Still expect uh a high-scoring uh first Innings is what I'm expecting but uh but New Zealand is looking good with the bat To bowl three miden overs in a World Cup Game you did it all by yourself 2011 Although it was only your spell that had Three miden NOS but to Bow three miden NOS uh perhaps tells you that the Netherlands were switched on right from The word goal well if you look at the Bowling card also just 15 overs have Been bowled so far but you'll see uh Netherlands uh will be the bowling card

Will always look like this the captain Wants to give short spells uh not uh uh Just making sure that the Batters are Not settling to one particular bowler And he will he will keep on rotating That that has been uh something which Which we saw in the previous game also And you'll see that from Netherlands Through and through and that's why I was Saying that the the captain has the the Resources at his uh disposal and he just Looks to utilize them uh in in that Fashion you'll see more Bowlers also Coming in last game we saw eight uh Eight eight uh Bowlers being used today Also is not going to be an exception uh For that they'll try and control the Game by using the variations in in Bowlers well lots of options being used In the bowling but for New Zealand well K Williamson is expected to be back for Their Third World Cup game uh which will Be played on Friday the 13th Will Young Is uh is looking like the most Vulnerable option if Williamson has to Come back in they're saying they'll Maybe make Rend rendra open the Innings But what what do you make of Will Young From what you've seen in this Innings so Far well this innings was important Obviously he was was uh uh he was given That opportunity because he's got the Talent you know he's looked good his Back foot game also looked looked good

Uh today in the previous game he got out On a on a on a ball which was down the Leg you know so very unfortunate batter Will will always be frustrated with that Kind of a dismissal but today he's he's Looking good he's well set Conway and Him put on a a a good partnership even Though the first three overs went for Nothing uh they still Had enough runs on board like I Mentioned earlier so so that is what You're looking at Will Young will not be Thinking about whether he's going to be Playing the next game or not I think It's about making use of the opportunity What get uh the job done what's in uh in Hand right now so he will look at it That way Williamson as soon as he's fit He's he's going to walk in the side yes He does walk in Rend rindra has just Walked into bat at the dismissal of Devon Conway it's an opportunity for him To prove and tell the world what he did Against Was not a flash in the pan he is here to Stay in that kiwi top order at the 35 Mark cckb combox Returns what score are We looking at in the next 20 right well I think they will uh look to be around Uh five runs per over is what I'm Expecting you know so you can uh you can Add another 100 uh 100 or so if things Are going well they might look to up the Ante uh but I think 100 is something

Which they will be thinking in the next 20 hours for sure interesting passage of Play coming up it promises to be one Where the orange will try to Prevail Over the black U two more colorful Gentlemen will be right here with you on Bucom box at the 35 over Mark to join us Stand by for [Music] Now

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