KL Rahul is our JBL Mute the World Performer of the Day owing to his unbeaten 97, that helped India beat Australia by 6 wickets. Parthiv Patel heaps praise, right here

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Well it's a World Cup at home and there Is immense expectation from Virat kohi But there's this one cricketer who's Gone through a lot of pressure and a lot Of criticism in the recent past and That's K Rahul but today's Innings he's Been able to cancel out the noise and Mute the World hello and welcome to JBL mute the World performer of the day and I have Someone with me who's played quite a bit Of cricket with K Rahul welcome par pel Before we start I want to show off my JBL 2011 M2 Headphones now I'm ready to go what a Knock par it was it was a brilliant Knock I thought you know it did bring Back memories of 2019 semi-final where India know had lost three wickets in Quick succession so there know and K rul Was one of them you know but today I Thought he handled the pressure really Well um yes we do talk about K rahul's Talent we do talk about K R's skills but Today was a great example of how to Handle the pressure how to you know make Sure that when some that the bowling Unit is on top how to play out that Phase and that's exactly what KL rul did Today and after all he deserved that 100 But unfortunately it didn't happen but At the end of the day I think that two Points that matters the most for India And he has done that you can see that

That 97 not out which he did which he Scored he was Calculating you know at the end when uh We were mathematically there was Possibility that if he could could have Hit a boundary and a six then you know He would have got to his 100 but Unfortunately he couldn't but you know He should be really proud the way he is Batted today and he said in his an Interview that he was also calculating Maybe some other time but the other time Will definitely be very soon but uh part You were talking about his mental Toughness and this Innings is well a Testament to his mental toughness yeah Absolutely I think see you know when we Talk about making a come back after Injuries yes you know we've been saying That is immensely talented player but That mental toughness makes a biggest Difference when you are trying to make a Comeback after injury because you know There are a lot of scars that you carry With you there a lot of you know you you Think that if I put in more effort I Might get injured again but he has put All of that behind and and he's he Wasn't making a comeback just as a Batter he was making a comeback as a Wicket keeper also so I think that puts A lot of pressure on him physically and I think he he done it really well and He's been very very consistent since

He's made a comeback so you know well Done to K rul the way you know he's made His comeback well it is because of his Beautiful Innings that K Rahul is our JBL mute the world performer of the day If KL Rahul was using these headphones He wouldn't have had to do his Celebration which he does to cancel out The noise but I'm not going to let go of My headphones we'll be coming up with More of these uh JBL mut the world Series every time India Plays

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