Professional american welterweight boxer and IBF champion Shawn Porter with nickname “Showtime” against american top ranked athlete and WBC champion Keith Thurman with nickname “One Time”. Fight for WBA welter weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on June 25, 2016. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Shawn Porter (USA) vs Keith Thurman (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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In New York for one of the biggest Fights of the year The Undefeated Keith Thurman set to defend his welterweight Championship against introducing to you First the Challenger fighting out of the Red Corner wearing black trunks with Yellow and red trim fighting out of Las Vegas Nevada by way of Cleveland Ohio he Weighed in right at the limit of 147 lbs His record stands at 26 wins one loss And one draw with 16 wins coming by way Of knockout currently ranked the WBA Number two Contender ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the former ibf Welterweight champion of the World Showtime John [Applause] Porter and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing red white And blue trunks hailing from Clear Water Florida He weighed in at a ready 146 lb tonight Making the third defense of his title Here is the undefeated the reigning WBA Welterweight champion of the World [Music] Baby okay gentlemen your both Instructions in The we check this up at all time it's Going to be here tap it up it's go to

Work It has been nearly 40 years the bell and Round one The Undefeated Keith Thurman The champion in Red we look at the keys to Vic Thurman On the ropes as I mentioned and he's got To jab his way inside quter is a Punishing powerful ja on his opponents Thurman know for his speed his power but He's not he landed it against Fighters Like Diego Chavez when he came pouring In the former football player Left and the right and not going Straight back so far right hand to the Body by scheduled in March and late February Thurman suffered a minor early In this fight oh he is standing there Thurman using his footwork now on the Front foot coming In there's no feel process this right Knock down once in his last fight in the 12th and final round against Adrien Burner one round gone in Brooklyn you know Keith Thurman lands 40 7% of his power Shots Thurman was hurt by a body shot And that's of fight at keth is a natural To be physical with a natural Welterweight and not a former super Lightweight swarming th on the ropes Trying to Make this is what he specializes in Making you uncomfortable body to body And yes Floyd Mayweather and Manny

Pacquiao stepped aside for the moment Thurman has really relied on his left Hook early in this fight better be Careful leaning over like that leaving Him susceptible to those uppercuts again Is where Porter specializ Thurman and Showtime Shawn Porter Thurman off to a Is a deceptively good defensive Fighter Thurman has recorded 22 knockout WIS but sha Porter is going to be try to Be in his face all night long PA he is And that's where he trying to establish That jab it's been a key weapon for Him and again Porter working the Body under 30 Seconds sha Porter Sean Porter Thurman coming back with a couple Of left hooks the last round Thurman was Able to land a huge right hand well it's Round four scheduled for 12 for Thurman's there's a cuffing left hand But again and not attacking smartly Right now that and he could be it with a Big counter punch if he keeps doing that That's thing has been good in this fight Oh nice counter left hook to the Thurman Good job defensively to avoid those Shots in the fourth Frame heavy Exchange that is a better Move stupper cuts by Thurman Thurman utilizing exchanges in The last round you saw a huge left hook

By Keith Thurman got he grabbed a hold Of Thurman intelligently and the in Power shots and you see Porter trying to Cut the ring Down On th went down for The first time in his career in his last Fight Porter's right hand again with the Ja time the right hand got through for Porter goes to the body now [Applause] Porter digging away at the body Thurman Firing back now he's he's able to box Going backwards all those shots are Going backwards right Cross by Thurman had this excellent moment the Overhand right then he would follow with The left Thurman has spent less time in The last couple rounds against the ropes Very little time actually establish the Jab trying to work the body wings and Misses wildly with an overhand right Cutting off just missed with that right Cross as Thurman was able to in the Center of the Ring now walking down Porter who again lunges forward left Uppercut on the inside By Porter working well to the body when He gets [Applause] Th way to work all yours breathe Relax Nice Bodywork employed by Porter it even I think it'll be settled in the second Half this championship fight SCH for 12 I think

When this has just been a very close Fight we thought it would be both men Have spots Gotten Thurman walking down Porter not Using the jab left hook but a Cut The AC from the last round you see Thurman kind of pawing his way in with The jab instead of extending it and I Don't know that he he's Thurman likes to Tutor the young fighters in he just Trying to reate trying to Change as has Thurman both type of attack but on his Back foot nice J to the body work to the Body that hurt Thurman just like Colosso's last fight susceptible to Those body shots Keith little stun step He's got and then he got A morono along with Hall of Famer Al Berstein two time CH far scor part of The reason he gave the last round to Thurman was a big comeback in that round That left Hook thees loading up on the right [Applause] Uppercut thrives on It oh just missed with the Levi as well Look like a bad cut we don't know if it Came for a clash Adventure Keith Thurman Cut for the first time in his career Bombs away in Brooklyn an incredible atmosphere for What has been an incredible

[Applause] Fight Keith fman Shan parter putting it All on the line keep keeping keeping Keep working all the time come on it was A punch that caused the Cut and it is already cut there before Sean Championship rounds process of Elimination he's undefeated he's Undefeated overall of course yes Porter Trying to Smother on on uh Thurman in terms of Overall Very nice right hand there connected Thurman had themselves some good shots This round so far he's landed On down Porter's knees have Buckled and now Porter again has Thurman On the porter keeping up the attack Porter mug you on the inside Porter is Done Porter walked right into that left Hand Gman has him cornered I he was off Balance more and Porter able to turn the Tables again an off balance shot Bringing the CH what a Fight In the and in the last round Porter Getting some more uh work on but that Was where he was hit with that left hand That kind of knocked him off balance and I agree caught up on the ropes where Porter can M him anding for Porter on The outside he's just not going to be as Effective as th is going to be he needs To close that distance and for the

Judges when oh another counter right Hand like a supporter the A lot of times that's how youn [Applause] Rounds to the head by the ring and guys That takes a lot of energy too I mean 12th and Final Round straight Ahead right here okay make sure that you Keep turning don't just sit right there And look hands up keep your legs Moving Intelligent oh that right uppercut he's Not attacking a lot Right hand by Porter something in the game plan and They've used it all night Thurman has Thurman's welterweight championship and His undefeated record hang in the Ballance Thurman doesn't want to be Right Now pushing gets the first and give Referee Willis credit he's letting them Fight on the [Applause] Inside and let's let the crowd thank you Through the [Applause] CBS nearly 40 years for the sport of Boxing to return to and still WBA Welterweight champion of the world Ke Time Thurman A

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