Professional mexican bantamweight boxer and title challenger Alexandro Santiago with nickname “Peque” against filipino top ranked athlete and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash”. Fight WBC bantam weight belt took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on July 29, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Alexandro Santiago (Mexico) vs Nonito Donaire (Philippines) | BOXING fight, HD

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Good luck it's Worth the first of two championship Fights here tonight referee as I wait For the Bell while Ruiz is working as 369th professional fight you know it is Intriguing he is a fighter that can Fight from the out now he's going to be Trying to pressure you and wait for the Right opening Against career he said one of the Reasons he's continuing his career is Despite all The Double jab from Thiago there's that left Hook to the body by Don has a good hook So it's not as if keep busy there it is The overand right and then you know try To push Donaire back there's another Left hook rip to the body by Donaire as We end round One been part of the team obviously uh I Think manager for for quite some time Now going to be more but he's he's Pumped Up the Volume a little bit jumps In and out really quick he can't go to Back linear because Donair will take A Donaire coming off almost a year Recovering from that the first came Against Nicholas Walters back in 2014 And he said he's always was able to make It he would have never lost a fight cuz All of 118 pounds yeah Donaire Definitely looking for that hook to land That left hook Donaire is also starting

To establish his jab a little bit better Maybe he's trying to nice counter left Hook upstairs by that Don tires Beautiful left hook to the liver and There's that overhand right good end to Round two for Santiago fight as you Would lose to the stakes and Santiago is Trained by Rlo who is you know Abner one of the Best trainers in Mexico sometimes Overshadowed by nacho barstein this Never happened I I just you know it Would have been a great fight if we The the GU and the craftiness of Donaire Counter left hook upstairs for Donaire The left hook doing damage in this round For the V self known and here's the Counter shot and it knocked him back Come to fruition yeah Santiago was Letting off his hands really well Feeling comfortable but then again a Nice time left hook and the right so Keep your hands Up be applied be Appli 115b strap back in 2018 Going in this fight you have a chance to Make something happen in yeah if you're Going to plan on boxing to the body K The body a little bit of the good point Punches but he hasn't been in position To throw too many of those Yets to the body I'm sorry sanago Don Leaves an opening for Santiago's over

Right there he was jab from Santiago on The left hook there's that right hand And left that backs up Donaire so Santiago you still want to test that Chin from Donaire I mean we saw Devastating you know Yeah drew the cut around the right eye Of Santiago in round three been throwing That many left hooks the one made a big Difference championship fight and left Uppercut landed on the draw right hand By Santiago last Round here is that nice little uppercut Toward the end of the round from Donaire Kind of a half Hook when we did donaire's fight with Gabo a couple of times but you never Know oh nice right by Santiago Carson California May 2021 against Nordin Bali Santiago wases in the second round so Showed power and was on the undercard of A nice by Santiago the left hook From beautiful combination by Combination is is that he has Donaire on This back foot you want to continue to Do that always ready to te off with that Counter left to go right uppercut left Hand good stuff from Santiago Main Event But Here Comes Santiago round number six Definitely bother him by just pushing Him back like he is right now but again Donaire is always rounds and you Know there's a right uppercut left hook

To the body and Donaire goes fishing for That left hook a new Champion at8 lb Don's been a on the inside of clashes of Heads and in this instance go come On we wanted him to help us a little bit With defense and uh they hope that he's Has helped Sago Santiago in the black With white trim Nonito daire in the Purple with white trim courtesy of our Unofficial scorer Steve farhood yeah Steve sees this fight rounds he gave to Santiago before yeah before Santiago has St in the last round that didn't create This this time it does a point that if This fight would be stopped because that Don sees that cut he might go for it Chief ringside position Dr there's a Left hook by Santiago in the right hand And Santiago beginning to put it on I Think we I think we know that yeah yeah Yeah it's like you Watched there's a right uppercut on the Inside and harp on it but I mean we you Know Nono Donaire 22 Years a long layoff and the fact that Yeah he's coming off a knockout L and oh Yeah he's 40 years old some really good Moments they beautiful move there Jabbing to the body about the cuts They're not in a dangerous spot okay we Came here to win we wouldn't be shocked If the judges had a slightly different Official judges had a slightly different F we sense that Donaire you know doesn't

Have the same same Move watch that for watch that For lead left H by Santiago and Donaire Swing and Donaire unable to counter for Punch combination by Santiago because You never know how those cuts can impact You and you know what he wants a bank Any rounds he needs to but definitely Showing the we and tear here in this Fight definitely showing the wear and Tear in this Especially really comfortable will not Be DET here in round he is in tough Against Sago you know we talked about The fact that Santiago against shn and You know 5 years ago was of Championship Level because he fought the champion to A draw Welterweight Title up for grabs In the main event and we talk about Ring Rankings here you have number three and You just spoke to it nice left hook from Santiago right Sano number fiveing that Pressure from da to his Advantage Don Seemed like he was going to end with bad Intentions is right hand from Donaire Left Uppercut there go sits down on a Combination double jab Santiago Showcasing my mind cuz there's a story About a Michael carbajal who has a Veteran went to fight hard hunger so Something to remember as we move on in This fight yeah so we're always got that Cautionary tail in that of even better

Now oh good counter right hand there by Don and Santiago Ducks underneath that Sweeping left hook is creating a very Entertaining part of this fight Beautiful from Santiago whipping away With the left hook there's a right Uppercut another uppercut Alex Santiago Putting it on noo Don early in that last left hook uh and Whipping the right hand around it and Kind of pushing Donair around physically That was a beautiful right that land Nice counter left hand on the inside and Yet another one that one landed on the Temple and a a nice capable BL but Santiago wasn't hurt as badly as we Thought he might have been he came back Toward the end of that last round doing Great body work uh Santiago's only been 12 once in that draw to anaha fights and Did close well against anaha check left Hook from Santiago and man beautiful Combination by Sant avoids the counter He can fight from the outside he's good At It you learn that you're going to be You're going to be okay and you would Yeah you wouldn't think he would because He's a smaller fighter he doesn't have The reach but he boxes really well Alex Santiago and really now he definitely Has to go out and look for that knockout Or at least uh so we don't know if he's How far behind he may or may not be

Here's something that's not close ever According to our unofficial scorer Steve Farhood Donaire needs a patented sorry Buto always has a response for it when He takes that hook he comes back the Only time Santiago Santiago's been down In his career was on M in the first Round so that was a long time ago and he Is looking you know uh Santiago it's Funny you're talking about that Really get those body punches In another electrifying combination from Santiago title and become a champion for The first time and he may very well be Two minutes and 45 seconds away from Doing so fight has sustained over 11 Plus rounds against this young who's Putting on a good offensive clinic now Considering what we continue there has Him gone down I mean was not a heavy Punch definitely has been taking some Shots you could definitely take a sense Or or you could I mean in this fight Definitely not looking like the old Nonito looking for the old Nonito [Music] Unfortunately but a certified first Ballot Hall of Famer at the age of 40 Nonito Don to face this youngster Tonight inspired by the birth of his son Two months ago and keep his family well Fed for many years to come 15 seconds Left curtain come down on his Hall of Fame

Career to Alex Santiago Again part of Our job against other Fighters but I Think he did raise his level and noo da Doing what you would expect Alejandro Al Santiago Con

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