Two Asian rivals, Sri Lanka & Pakistan, lock horns in the 8th match of 2023 World Cup. Who will pip the other? Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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Two teams that we spoke a lot about at The Asia cup will be in action in match Number two of Tuesday it is Pakistan Versus Sri Lanka will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium in Hyderabad Pakistan beat Netherlands in Their opening game at this very venue uh Sri Lanka on the other hand conceded 428 To South Africa 300s in the that Innings As well Sri Lanka also managed 3 26 runs So the batting looked good the bowling Has a lot to to work on who starts Favorite in this Match that's an interesting one I think It's going to be a good game and I'm Simply saying that because Sri Lanka has Uh that advantage or finding that Motivation from the previous game which They've played uh uh played against Pakistan so they will be looking at this Game from from this angle they got how Many 326 or something like that in the Last game so they have scored runs yeah You know so so that is something uh Which which matters you you look at the South African bowling attack also uh There's some really genuine quick Bowlers which Pakistan looks to uh looks To set the game up for themselves uh Through their Bowlers so that that one Confidence they'll have against Pakistan So I think it's going to be a good game It's not uh going to be a one-sided Affair is is what I what I feel it will

Be evenly fought game is it easy or how Easy is it to recover after having Conceded 400 plus uh look I think look At the way they batted you know they Came out kushum nanka was out early and Then at one side kushal Perera was there But look at the other side kushal Mendes Batting out there 57 run his team is Scored he's batting on 54 the other Batsman hasn't scored so they are they They Desperados they gunmen they'll It'll be a shootout they're not going to Go down without firing their guns Remember that and they have the magic te Back tishana is back tishana being back Is a difference to them because see they Already missing out in hasaranga okay And now you know if tishana gives them a Little bit more in the middle I think This is a slightly better bowling attack Than it looked that day also what Happens is if batsman get off to a flyer It's very difficult to control if Pakistan don't get the same kind of Start expect this to be a tight match Zach would you bring in liru kumara for Maybe a kasun Rajita well luk kumara was was someone Who was prefer Choice earlier right if He's available then then I think they Will make that call kasun had a had a Decent Asia cup he was uh getting the Ball to go away from the right-handers He was very consistent with uh with his

With his bowling I think second spell is Where he struggled at times uh and and That is something which which they'll Have to think about luk kumara is Someone who who gets that uh added pace Is is is something you know which which He plays around with uh so so that is uh The the factor which which they will be Uh debating when they make that call but I think Tik coming back will be a a big Help for that uh that bowling lineup uh There's no doubt about that Pana also Has to has to come good you've you've Seen Sri Lanka getting in the tournament The leadup to the tournament was a Decent one I think the injuries have Have not helped their cause uh currently And uh when you're looking at the Previous game also which they played Against uh a team scoring in excess of 400 runs Is is another uh it's kind of justifying Itself isn't it that you you've got uh Uh you have not your full strength Bowling attack is is taking the field And then you are conceding that many so Uh so it's understandable also to a Certain degree but tikna coming back Then you have uh some help there you Know to provide those crucial Breakthroughs if the partnership is Happening well Pakistan the helps that They at the same venue they have been in Hyderabad since they arrived in India in

That last games runs from RIS As well as Shaquil in the middle order Haris B pretty well and Hassan Ali Looked really lethal uh would you look At changing things up top not enough Runs from fakar Zaman or what do you say Listen let's go with pedigree he's Scored a ton of runs in the past go with Him or would you bring someone like an Abdullah shafik I think with nine games They'll give Faker Zan another chance Simply not not for any other reason but Because he he is he's a part of an Established opening pair they've done it So much together I mean so I don't think They're going to change this fast They'll give it a couple of more games I Was just thinking because the one thing I wanted to ask Zach is so far in this Tournament the one thing that we've seen Is Swing Bowlers are getting nothing Nothing why do you think I mean is that What has changed the conditions or Whatever because even in the evening When there's a little bit of this thing Bolt has not looked great WS has not Looked great none of the bowlers were Really swing except for the Australian Bowlers I think they they did I think The Australian ball is correct ball and That day uh we did see some seam Movement some swing for Mel Stark also But you're right like uh That Swing Which we are expecting maybe in the

Evenings you'll see that but during the Day I think it uh it has been a trend That the pitches have been on that Little slower side uh because of the the Heat uh the sun on the pitch like Tomorrow's game is going to be played in Hyderabad so there will be uh you can Expect the pitch to be on the slower Side because the game is played today on The same venue y so so those kind of Factors also will uh will come into play I think as we go closer to November yeah Things will start easing uh easing out Maybe you'll see some uh swing as we Move towards end of October with uh with The climate changing uh so October is Always little hot and that uh because of That the wickets are a bit bit more on The dyer side uh and not providing Enough help uh for the swing bow s yep Different flavors uh that's how things Work when you play a World Cup in India Different cities and a lot of teams is Having to go across the country east to West up north down south as well uh Before we wrap up quickly uh players to Watch out for for the second game Pakistan Sri Lanka Pakistan Sri Lanka I think Uh for for Sri Lanka I think Pana is Someone who I'll be uh going going ahead With okay I was thinking TI he's he's Coming back off injury so I think Pana Will be a the safer Choice uh and for

For Pakistan I think Babar aam Babar aam Is someone who needs to Fire and uh get Some runs under his belt it's very Important for their campaign yeah so From uh from that point of view I think Uh Captain needs to uh get some runs Under his belt I love the way Hass Ali Bow in the first match so you know we Were all thinking Nasim sha not being There it'll make a huge difference so I Like the way Hass Ali B definitely Somebody to watch out for again because You're getting surprises everyone who You think is the main bowler the other Bowler turns out you know like Henry and All this so uh and from that side my Favorite cricketer one of my favorite Cricketers Chita Sanka among the runs as Well among the runs as well powerful Batsman he's he's important to the team If they have to go to get across the Line I get the feeling fakar Zaman will Surprise everyone and Abdullah shafik Might have to wait just a little Bit

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