Rohit Sharma is the JBL Mute the World Performer of the match owing to his stellar 131 against Afghanistan. Dinesh Karthik hails his heroics, right here

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The Indian Captain Roy Sharma was a man On a mission in front of a really loud Noisy rockus crowd at the AR jle Stadium He was able to cancel all the noise and Give us an Innings which was music to Our years Rohit Sharma the Indian Captain is the JBL presents mute the World performer of the Match my name is Manish bav and I'm Sitting alongside DH Karthik who is a Very very dear friend of Rohit DK when Rohit hits the ball like he does uh The Sweet Sound that it produces is Something worth listening I'm going to Use my JBL tour one M2 headphones to Listen to you talk about your friend R Sharma look I think this innings was all About the clarity he had the intent that He wanted to show it was brilliant the Way he went about things in a Professional manner showing how it needs To be done when you open an Innings well You know he it took a long time to cross The 2,000 ODI runs Mark he stand at 10,000 plus odia runs now clearly in the Early part of his career when questions Were being asked there were critics up In arms as well he was able to stay come He was able to cancel all the outside Noise all the chaos and focus on the job At hand and how good has he come for India especially in white ball Cricket 7th ODI World Cup 100 the 31st ODI 100 As well most sixes he loves the cricket

Ball or does he not have to say he does He seems to find a way to constantly hit It out of the park which has been the Name of the game for him it is just good To see RIT Sharma turn things around From 2013 in the last decade he has been Arguably one of the best openers to have Ever played the game and it is good to See him do so well in World Cups set a Mark on it because when he missed the 2011 bus he was very upset about it but Today when he looks back on it probably That was the Catalyst for him doing so Well now well in case you planning to Watch the highlights of that Rohit Innings and I'm sure a lot of you want To make sure you wear your JBL T 1 M2 Headphones while you do so The Innings will sound a lot sweeter Rohit Sharma the JBL presents mute the World performer of the Match

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