India & Afghanistan lock horns in the 2023 World Cup. Can Rohit & Co. keep up their winning momentum? Parthiv Patel and Joy Bhattacharjya preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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India take on Afghanistan match number Nine in Delhi and when it's an India Game the excitement is always multiplied Into 100 and Afghanistan coming into the Uh match with not so much confidence Their last match against Bangladesh Didn't go very well they uh the batting Collapsed against uh the Spin Attack of Bangladesh India of course coming in Through that infatic win that we had Over Australia thanks to the himself and KL Rahul so India will be in a good Position we'll have a look at India's Squad whenever it's ready but again that Whole question mark of shubman I think He's ruled out for tomorrow so is an Obvious choice do you all see ishan Coming in to open for me ishan has to Because what India did one of the Reasons they kept that was there was one Other option that you get Rahul into bat There and then you shift down the order And you make sure suak Kumar yadav comes In but what would have then happened is Everyone would have been paying one Position out of place and I think what Was the important thing for India is That they had a plan they want the Continuity on the plan how do you make Continu in the plan you make just one Change so one player goes out you swap That player no other position changes And I think what India is looking for is To play with continuity the question

There is uh are they going to play in This pitch are they going to play three Spinners is it the same lineup does Shardul get a chance because it's a Smalest ground that is perhaps the one Question that you would ask yourself Yeah I mean that's something which Obviously Indian team which has shown in Last year or so or last six months is Consistency of a player and the Decisiveness of what kind of squad they Want to go with what kind of 11 they Want to go with one is the opener you Know they were sure about their opener They were sure about their number five Six whether you know the replacement Thing and and the number four and the Number four he quietly just didn't say Number four and and number eight also Know they always wanted someone who can Mad at number eight so I think that Shity was seen and they were very vocal About it so that I don't see anyone else Opening tomorrow than ishan kishan um Though you know he got a first ball duck But that can happen to anyone um he has Performed really well he has taken his Opportunities in in last 3 4 months Wherever he has batted so I don't see Any I don't see any problem in going With isan though you know when you had Suggested rul couple of shows back I had Another left field thinking I was Thinking of vad and Ro to open and then

Sur Kumar y can come in but that was Just a thought just a thought but Everyone's listening to his thoughts Very carefully I might tell you that Like Pakistan did today and they was Successful so now the next message Voicemail has to go to no no that is That is not happening I don't think that Is happening no but do you see shami Coming in instead of shardul he's got a Hatrick against Afghanistan last World Cup yeah he did but I don't think if India is looking for a third seamer I Don't see shami coming in I don't think India is giving India has ever given That kind of signal that they want to go With three out and out seamers and bat Someone you know like a Kul or shami or Maybe bura is that number eight so I Don't see that if India is looking to Get a seamer in then it'll be shardul For sure but you know having said that I Think Ashwin bow well against Australia Though he got only one Wicket and Looking at Afghanistan's batting lineup Also they they fell to Sri Lanka's Finger Spinners right so when as Bangladesh finger spinner sorry so That's something probably you know India Might be thinking maybe a bit of a Continuity I don't know I mean that's a Tricky one it all depends on the kind of Pitch they see tomorrow but if there is An option it'll be Ashwin SL shardul all

Right let's have a look at Afghanistan Squad and uh we have a lot to talk about Their squad because unfortunately Besides faruki no one really stood out For them in the last match their big Star player Rashid Khan has gone Wicket List in three games games so lot of Concerns for Afghanistan joa where do You see what kind of 11 do you see them Going with look the only change they Could possibly make is if you know if The problem is that they get bowling up Front from Muju Rahman so I mean their Only choice is to get in see you cannot Replace Rashid because though he's not Getting wickets he's a star player for You okay Muhammad Nai bats a lot as well So that you can't replace him so the Only player is if mujib gives way to n Ahmed but Ahmed doesn't is not used to using the Ball up front they use mujib in just Like tishan they use mujib in the early Overs as well so that's the one thing They have a good spinner n Ahmed but I Don't see a way they can Mo move him Into the 11 otherwise the rest of the Team picks itself it's nobody sitting on That bench there who's substantially Better or can perform better than Somebody out here I mean zadran are you Know it is really important for them That gurbaz gets going because I think He is the key for them in terms of the

Kind of strike rate he can give you the Kind of start he can give you they need Their top three to fire because this is A very top three driven team if they Fire these guys will they'll get at 200 250 because this is not also a 350 400 Team that's not they don't have that Kind of batting far but if they get 250 300 and they're batting first then they Have spinners who might just do better Having said that I feel they are better They're a much better T20 team than they A one day team but you know they'll have To just do their best parv considering You've been the predictor of the day Yesterday today day before yesterday Please pick your players for tomorrow I I would I I like n Ahmed a lot I don't Mind seeing n Ahmed in place of mujib And try and get first few hours from fuz Faruki and nain hak so I think if they Can do that then n Ahmed can come into Play Rashid can come into play after That but yeah I mean I totally agree With joa where he said that you know They're a very good T20 20 side the Reason is that a lot of their players Play that T20 leagues all across the World t20s and t10s also so for them it Is important once someone gets start to Think of getting a 100 not just that 40 50 or 60 once you put runs on the board Then you can put side under pressure I Know there'll be due or anything but if

Afghanistan wins the toss they should be Thinking of batting first and then make Sure that if they get about 270 280 then Couple of wickets here and there and Then you can put sides Under Pressure I Think that should be their game plan Going into the game against side like India but you know I think it's going to A difficult game for Afghanistan we saw 428 being scored against Sri Lanka and And India there'll be a lot of hungry Batters coming Rohit Sharma hashan Kish So one year each then who's it going to Be mine is tomorrow it's roit Sharma and From Afghanistan from Afghanistan uh f RI all right I would have I would have Gone with Rohit as well but since he's Chosen somebody I'm going to go with Shas I think shus is a against bowling Attacks which are not the greatest I Think sheas is a destroyer he can Destroy you and I think he's definitely A player and the other side I'll just go With Nabi because I think he's an extrem Experienced veteran and he has a chance Of giving you something both with the Bat and with the ball so I'll go with Nai

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