Australia are in deep trouble as South Africa scalp 4 wickets very quickly. Simon Doull & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to Creek bus combox I'm saik here and I have Simon with me Things not quite going uh Australia's Way but first and foremost we have to Clap for Simon you've managed it Simon And yes I was that's right those two Boundaries I thought I was going to be Out of the game actually and then the Wicket fell so well you said 47 we have That five run Le so it was 50 so Simon Has won the prediction game finally Coming back to the game uh well things All over the place for Australia 61 for Four is what they've managed in their 15 Overs Steve Smith gone for 19 David Warner for 13 rabata got those two Wickets and gidi got one Jansen got one Uh Simon everything going right for South Africa absolutely they B Beautifully I mean outside of Jansen who Was a little bit expensive and at times Wewood um when he got it right he was Very very difficult to play in's opening Over opening three four overs were just Brilliant I thought he he hit the right Line the right length and then to be Backed up by rabata and now Maharaj is Sort of able to get into the attack and They're having to go at him when you've Got to go at Bowlers like Maharaj and When shami comes into the play they're Going to have to attack him and that's When those guys can take wickets so um

Yeah all credit to the South African Bowlers up front they've been very very Good and um you know Australia sort of Been found found wanting a little bit Much like the Fielding effort it's sort Of transpired into their batting well But as a fast bowler you would be very Happy to see that passage of play Not Only was it top qual top quality bowling But just great Fielding by the South African yeah brilliant Fielding Absolutely when you when you're bowling Well you need to be backed up by the Fielders and I think they've done that So well the catching has been good U Bavuma started it with a relatively easy One but you've still got to take them And that's the key when you're backing Up the bowlers in the field the ground Fielding has been good there's been a Couple of great diving stops as well so Those little things all help put Australia Under Pressure we'll have a Look at the batting card because Warner And Marsh both again struggling at the Top Mitch Mar doing what mchm mchm Usually does he went to attack but Couldn't really uh do too much and then Uh Steve Smith of course he was Surprised and didn't want to get off the Field he didn't want to walk off he Needed a crme to get him off actually I Mean March 7 from 15 unusual for him Warner 13 from 27 we have seen David

Warner start a little slower whether it Be 2020s or even 50 over Cricket lately Marsh is supposed to be the guy that is The aggressor up front he's supposed to Be the guy that gets him off to those Flying starts and allows David Warner The time to ease into the Innings so That hasn't happened tonight um Steve Smith's one I mean watching it first and Foremost I thought it might have nipped A little bit but the one thing you have To remember with Steve Smith is he Walked so far across that the stumps are Actually always in play he very rarely Misses those balls though he just does Not miss on legs dump very often and so I was surprised to see him miss that um Joel Wilson was quite surprised to see It been given out Smith was even more so And as I said they had to get a crry out There reminded me of watching inzamam Walk off the Park trudging off in disbelief yeah but Well now lots and Manus his shoulders Because I think the whole whole batting Will be kind of looking at him to see Where they can go now yeah and and Max When when Shamy comes in and with Maharaj bowling well there's a lot of Onus on Glenn Maxwell as well to just Try and up the anti a little bit put a Little bit of pressure back on the Spinners perhaps make bavuma change his Tact try and have to bring a fifth sixth

Bowler in maybe have to go back to Jansen so there's all those little Things that Australia will be trying to Do but first and foremost five six seven 8 nine overs without losing a wicket They've just got to develop a little bit Of a partnership there's still a bit of Batting to come when you when you think About what's uh what's to come and and You know stonis is is more than capable Of um of getting his team out of a hole So there's enough there but um boy They're going to need something in the Next sort of 10 105 overs well Simon I Might tell you we've done we taken a yes We've taken a wicket yes it's Maxwell takes yes it's a combox curse And Simon knew it all because he said It's Maxwell he said it's Maharaj so he He had it all uh well I don't know if You're going to be here at the 35th to a Point with the way Australia is batting We'll wait and watch but we'll see you [Music] Soon

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