Professional american boxer, undisputed welterweight and multiple champion in three weights Terence Crawford with nickname “Bud” against russian top ranked athlete and WBA champion David Avanesyan with nickname “Ava”. Fight for WBO welter weight belt took place in CHI Health Center, Omaha, USA on December 10, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Terence Crawford (USA) vs David Avanesyan (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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And without further Ado here we go this Is our main event of the evening this is Why you're watching Terrence Crawford The pound for p presenting first the Fighter standing in the blue Corner the Challenger wearing black with red and White trim on the scale he registered an Official 146 and 3/4 lb and tonight he Enters the ring for the 34th time as a Professional with 29 victories against Only three losses one about G Russia and Now fighting out of new work England here to spoil the Party Davidia across the ring in the Red Corner wearing Corn Husker red and he in At an official 146 and one2 PB Started From The Bottom tonight he Enters the BLK Prime ring universally Recognized as the pound forp pound King With an undefeated professional Record bread and repping Omaha Nebraska Bo [Applause] Cord your instructions obey my commands Trouch love God bless good Luck they say that Las Vegas sure feels Like it's in Omaha David aanan 293 And1 For the WBO welterweight championship of The world so I wonder know how is Surprised to see Crawford coming out in The right hand of stance of round [Applause]

One 13 months ago a knockout win over Shawn Porter Crawford always measuring tries To get into range Crawford tries to walk Him into something as long as Crawford's Goinging that jab that controlling jab Like that keeping aonian that bait it's Going to be Just a little bit too lazily now was Able to come over the top uh prospects That he beat the guys who basically he Expos that maybe weren't as good as like This where they have no staying power in The ring once he stays in their face but A guy like Crawford going to show a lot Of different wrinkles and angles now to Sou PA now he came out surprised Everyone convincing him but now he's Back in Uh Oh BR Crawford will sit there being just As patient as an will and he'll open him Up so it's going to be up aanan and not You got to be in good shape to fight Someone like avanessian as well [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Yeah so a good start for The [Applause] Armenian well this is the shot that Eonian Landed and it just looked like Crawford Was backing up and didn't expect him to

By surprise again see he switched on That and he never thought that right Hand was coming from that angle and That's why that punch Crawford got to Understand that this guy is tricky and Slick and he's desperate he's Consistently will sometimes cause them To panic and Break start putting that left hand Behind that if he want to detour EV this Guy feels like he's he can get some Shots in right now very patient when he Wants to let go of the backand he's able To snap it off Good but I will keep be like a buz in Front of him though CW slit though And because he fights out switch get out On the left side makes it really tough To cut off the ring on Him 35 years old and hasn't fought over A year you always wonder hey as father Time he got father time in a choke cold Right now for real looking at he's not Overreacting he's not being you know Bothered by anything that Evan is doing This body shot there from avanessian Left hook so he'll keep he'll keep Crawford Thinking aan some [Applause] [Music] Success Crawford's going to have to beat Aan win a fight against somebody like This aan now St to switch stances tress

It again no thrills froming he just Wants to stay in your face and try to See if that creates a panic or a break But again going have to be a bit more Tricky than just pressuring [Applause] [Music] Them The Left Hand by Aman catches part Of the shoulder from Crawford then on The way out from the ones that succeed To the ones that don't succeed they all Can fight but it's the staying power and Guys like whether you have any staying Power in the ring and what I mean by Staying power is your ability to P fight For 10 12 rounds mentally draining you And you're ability to still execute a Game plan underneath those class fighter And if you ain't in the a class expose You and he is putting up I think a Better fight so far than almost anyone Thought he Would again now one thing Crawford can't Do is underestimate at least because Sometime you'll see a shot coming Thinking oh it ain't nothing comfortable He's controlling the distance with his Jab and his counter punch ability he's Letting the fight come to him and Breaking out David aan two rounds Progress nice body shot by a you Reaction choosing southp or that Actually squared up being a bit more Active now I don't know if it's because

A's forcing him to be because he throw More shots no it's pressure it's Pressure but this is what David has to Do if he's going to put himself in this SP he test your staining power we Already know cord has staining power So although this W make Crawford work Hard any go to the body I know Crawford Loves to go to the body but the body is Not there he's sticking that jab Sometimes in that body a little bit to Slow this guy down nice spin move Crawford throws a right to the body and Well he's about as tough as they [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Come touching me downstairs with that Stick ass Jack Hey you want You so that action we saw in that last Round nice little spin move by Crawford On the out we other a nice little nice Little body shot game I mean this guy's Uh proven he's qualified everyone knows He's tough and this is opportunity in Boxing so of course I felt like he would Bring his best game tonight but the Cream always R is a good look for him You know he's known to come up short at These levels but it's in the way that he Comes up opportunities against even the Prospects and then he winds up beating [Music]

Lands a Right and now Another himself and keep himself in the Mix you know a lot of times when a a Fighter has some success when he's not Expected Security in the fight now I Think Crawford might be letting him get A little comfortable but I know he's Going to [Applause] Raise that right hand from Crawford Sneaks through He Force his way inside does have an Very very calm and collected I I don't Think we want to see too oh nice right Hand by a but let's let's not forget cor Has been off for 13 months right so this Is kind of get some rounds make them Nice uppercut from aania you know it's It's part of the Ring R Us as well and You also aanan pretty quality so you Know it's it's a kind of if to kind of Get back in the way that Crawford's Going to need if if Crawford stay in This speed all night long I think want To raise that level up and take it up a Not then here goes Crawford he's on the Front foot now this crowd is ring behind TR to stay in the pocket he doesn't know Where else to go he lives in the pocket That's it you see the CH look this is The thing of beauty I'm talking about With Crawford and now they're going Toe To Toe also look at the change of speed

In Crawford oh nice Shots by Ving at the Bel that was a solid but he got a live Guy in front of him this the kind of guy He needs to can right underneath there You know so again look at the change of Speed he goes up and down the gears in The midst of combinations and this makes Him very difficult to time and right at The end of the round am wanted some good Body shots from both guys there made Corect step back oh there it is right There your hand yeah he'll fight back You know we a lot of times the changeing Levels of Terence crawf he controls the Distance perfectly and that's just Making it hard for David AV look at cord want start to do the Drills on him those are like little bag Drills you do with touches these are Like little things you do on the bag When you're drilling Crawford does them To Opponents still in the South Paul Position is Crawford well although he Switches every Second left hand by aoni gets a smirk From Crawford but he he you haven't Convinced him that he's not going to win Tonight so he keeps pushing it looking To change his Look and thereby forces Crawford but Again it keeps Crawford working because He got the ring cut off on him good body The shot upper cut a slick uppercut from

Crawford into the another left hand for Crawford is the C that's a problem Crawford you chase him you trap him and Then he gets the best of you in the Exchange good [Applause] Uppercut oh good left there from aanan See aanan gets through in there but the Shot corporate shot selection is very Good aanan MO is more of a hustle guy on The inside he'll get his hustle alone But it's Crawford with a shot Selection Amian with a straight as well but here Comes Crawford firing away good action Round here in [Applause] Omaha doing very well doing very well Body attack has been really good this Fight you know he's got mix it up Upstairs and downstairs very well Upstairs and downstairs I just don't Think he's thinking it through as much As Crawford is a lot of times I he SE Will just move his hands he's selecting The shots carefully missing the Clock Like the glove Open the rounds the next next round That's crazy well you would think the The cut in the gloves if he were hit Aonian just the right way that could Slice his head [Applause]

Over and look how Crawford just Continuously throws punches to keep Speed on the shots change of strength on The shots as well not every shot proper Stone is to draw something out of as we Can counter him as well oh there's a Nice right hook from aania and that get And you may not like him when he's Angry you do start to wonder you start To make comparisons with Spence and Crawford right when you see things like This Spence is at this distance that is When he's at it's most effective really Interesting how Crawford will handle That just been a lot of close C quarters Knew it wouldn't be long before we start Drawing the comparisons to the big Fight that's in become Crawford's Favorite in this Fight there's another one just misses I Like to see that right hand up a little Bit by B man I'd like to see that right Hand I think a might have felt one of The body [Applause] Shots Crawford look at him just going Upstairs and downstairs Picking St him up with that uppercut as Well into the body taking it up the Gears nice what a right hand from ter Blood on his back he knocked him out It's still on top of his Game it was the uppercut time followed By a hook heing shot uppercut followed

Up with the right hook that was It and just like de says to Omaha I'm Still Here want to wish the best of aanan Though he went down tremendously hard I Wonder if a realizes minutes it's 14 Seconds of round number six your winner By way of ko Ste WBO welterweight champion of the World ripping Omaha Nebraska Teren Cord The

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