Week 1 of the World Cup gave us some brilliant knocks from the likes of KL Rahul to Mohammad Rizwan. Watch the Cricbuzz panel list their favourite one

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Some great Knocks my favorite knock of this first Week my favorite knock of the first week Is rachin ravindra's 100 in the opening Game of this World Cup you got to Understand the context here he was Fighting for a place in the 11 against Will Young because Kane Williamson is Going to come back and inevitably take The number three spot so there was just One spot left for the opener and when he Got the opportunity he's made it and What a knock it was some of the shots That he played against Mark Wood the Likes of Chris WS Sam curan was just Great and the way he took on the Spinners as well he he makes you feel Like batting is very easy and that's the Sign of a good player and I have a Feeling he's the next big thing when new See it my favorite knock of this Tournament so far has been kushel Mendes's 122 of 77 balls absolutely Fantastic Innings of that 92 were in Boundaries 6 sixes and 144s and the way He put pressure back back on the Pakistani team was absolutely fantastic He got a 7 in the previous knock and Then he absolutely smashed in this knock Really great Innings there have been Some fabulous knocks so far in this World cup and out of all of that my Favorite knock is K rules 97 knout Against Australia I mean just look at

The situation of the game he walks into Bat when India's three down it's on a Difficult Wicket know obviously skills There but you that mental strength which He had shown how he absorbed that Pressure u mean there will be a lot of Knocks in this tournament there will be People scoring 100 150s but I think this 97 knout will remain to me I think best Knock so far in this world cup it'll be Very difficult for someone to know beat That kind of a knock in this world cup Well there've been some great uh knocks In the first week and a bit of the Tournament I've narrowed it down to four Uh Rin rendas Aiden Marrs K rahul's and Mmed Rzan Mar was in a really good position And on a flat Wicket so I'll rule him Out ravindra I thought was outstanding But I'm going to narrow it down to K cuz Team in massive trouble and getting his Team over the line with a KN out and Mmed riswan so that's down to those two Out of those two I'll go with rzan I Think that that Innings to beat Sri Lanka for Pakistan in a crucial game When his team were in a little bit of Trouble having lost Baba I'll stick with Mmed rwan as the best knock of the Opening week in a bit of the tournament So Far Sharma K Quinton

De Experi youngster from New Zealand Experience

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