Bangladesh’s top 4 are back in the hut as New Zealand put Shakib & Co. on the backfoot. Zaheer Khan & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to Creek bus combox Sam sik here and I have Zach with me Well Zach the KVs are all over the Tigers 15 over Point 73 for four once Again New Zealand doing everything right Uh Medi Hassan mirz was looking good at 30 but then couldn't convert it tanit Got 16 Loy f H finding his form again Two for 12 in four overs Glenn Phillips With the Golden Arm 1 for 13 Wicket of His first ball and Tren B doing what Tren B does one first ball Wicket uh Exactly what New Zealand wanted Zack Yeah just about perfect start for them Uh keeping up with the momentum what They had so far in the tournament uh a Great outing so far four wickets at 15 Over Mark uh you can easily expect now New Zealand to to have a upper hand in This game uh from Bangladesh's point of View it's about now Shakib and musiker Continuing musiker is definitely going To be the aggressive we we've seen he Put Glenn Phillips under pressure with That six and a and a four playing that Reverse sweep also yeah so this Partnership is going to be uh is is all Uh going to take for Bangladesh to get Out of the hole now we'll have a look at Bangladesh's batting card there a few uh Unnecessary shots if I can say and you Know we spoke about Lonas a lot in our Pre-match so saying show saying that lot

Of pressure on him but he couldn't Really come to the party today yeah Lendas was was a very important player For Bangladesh they needed him to fire Today wasn't the case bolt uh starting The game with with a wicket just set the Tone for New Zealand attack also and Locky looked very good he was he was Fast bowling those short pitch delivery Resulted in in a wicket as well uh so Seas uh taking up those three wickets up Front is something which is uh going to Uh going to give uh New Zealand Bowlers A great boost you've seen Glenn Phillips Is someone who's been in the Wicket Taking form he's got that Wicket taking Luck going so that also added that one More Wicket but on the whole I think for New Zealand it looks like it's going to Be one of those days where uh it's Heading towards that clinical Performance once again well we'll have a Look at the bowling card now it looks Like a very pretty bowling card and like We spoke Tren B doing what he does best His first ball Wicket and then Phillips As well coming in with his first ball Getting a wicket but a big positive for New Zealand Loy Ferguson looking good For them yeah Loy Ferguson of course uh We were discussing in the in the pre Pre-match show as well uh thinking that Is sodi might take his place but great Call looking at the conditions looking

At the position they are uh they're Playing again one more sign of what New Zealand does having enough uh enough Resources with regard to slow bowling Sna is still not bowled so he's going to Come in now uh you know Rin also can uh Can contribute you know Chapman also can Contribute with the with the ball so on The whole I think uh fast Bowlers doing The job uh locky's space working for Them is uh is sticking those boxes Nicely and uh four wickets is something Which which everyone is uh uh going to Look at uh New Zealand has achieved that So you know that you know pretty much Right now at this stage they have a Upper hand in the game and they will use Loy uh going forward in the game as well If the partnership is building if they Want to go short at short and fast at at Batters that has been the tactic which Has worked for them uh he still got Enough number of fours so I think Kane Williamson will look to use use him uh Just as a tactical fast bowler who is Going to be rapid at the batsman maybe Look at Short pit delivery if the Shakib And musher uh partnership is building Well they are the most experienced Batters in the Bangladesh Lina where how Do you see them playing out the next Phase of the Innings do you think they Will just kind of try to consolidate or Will we see them playing attacking

Cricket like we saw in the last over I Think musur is someone who will be Looking to uh to be aggressive against The Spinners that's how he plays so he Will continue to do that they would Still want to keep the tempo going uh Because uh on this pitch like we said 240 plus is also going to be a good uh Good total for Bangladesh uh Bowlers to To have a crack at uh defending that Total But first you have to get there And right now things are not looking Easy everything is dependent on on this Partnership if they're able to do that Bangladesh will breathe easy uh if They're not it's just going to be a very Tough day out there on the field we'll Wait and watch and see if Bangladesh can Breathe easy that's all for now but We'll see you at the 35th over point at The Crick bus [Music] Combox

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