It’s Rohit Sharma vs Shaheen Afridi! Virat Kohli vs Haris Rauf! Can India make it 8-0 over Pakistan in World Cup history? Dinesh Karthik & Zaheer Khan preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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There's immense excitement there's Immense discussion immense debate Because it is the biggest clash of the World Cup India take on Pakistan in Ahmdabad tomorrow it doesn't get bigger Does it because uh we spoke about it in The mid match I couldn't contain my Excitement I have been chewing their Brains through uh the match because it's Just so exciting when India take on Pakistan I don't even know where to Begin but let's begin with India with Because like we spoke in the pre-match Show shubman and the news of him being 99% available I don't know what to make Out of that as a crazy fan you just feel Like okay that means he's there 99% but We would like to hear them say he's 200% Available tomorrow wouldn't we Zach well At least 120% Z at least at least 120% Ready to play the game really uh do you Think he'll play tomorrow he'll not play Tomorrow Zach see for for India Pakistan Game you you don't want to give 100% Right you want to 120% true if you have 150 you'll give 150 so that's how the Game was no but uh but I think uh if He's fit and available uh he will walk Into the side there's no doubt about it Uh it all depends on uh the medical team If they are able to clear him and uh Like DK was earlier saying Amad is his Venue isn't it he scored so many runs There so from that point of view he's he

He will not think of how much practice I've got you know whether I'm prepared Not prepared I I think is the venue Which is going to take over and he's he Scored enough runs there on that venue To be in that zone but what matters is Uh his health and what matters is uh his Fitness if the medical team is clearing Him I think he walks into the side but We also heard reports uh that he went Into net practice batted for 30 minutes And then was a little tired slept on the Ground but then got in and did net uh Catch practice as well so we the Positive is that he is practicing Obviously 30 minutes and then not Feeling great is not the biggest Positive but we'll try and ignore that DK the biggest problem for him will come If India bowls first to fi 50 overs in That heat and it's a hot place it's Going to be a warm day tomorrow and then Back it up immediately with opening that Will be the biggest challenge if by Chance we're batting first we'll get the Much better version of shanil because He'll straight be batting unless and Until he reaches a big score he won't Feel so tired then you have the Adrenaline which will kick in and he Should be fine if he bat first if we are Chasing and he's fi at 50 hours that is My only worry the medical team just as Zach said will know that best and

They're aware of all the situations but I wish that he doesn't push himself with The with a little more than he should Only because it's an India Pakistan game I think the bigger picture is we'll need Him through this world cup yes it's an Important game yes it's an India Pakistan game but I just hope that he Takes the clever call if he's 100% sure And he can field and bat then I think he Should go ahead with it but if he's Still not up for it after having a hit Today or after having taken you know a Few catches if he doesn't feel he's Ready for it I just hope he has a Courage to say it out because there's a Lot of pressure and talks around him Saying you know shil we need him he Needs to be ready it's a big India Pakistan match they're all that sort of Noise I think at the end of the day he Knows his body best he should weigh the Pros and cons of what it means to play Tomorrow because the biggest scheme of Things we need a fit shman gill who can Play through the tournament no Absolutely we need a fit shman Gill but Crazy excited fans like me obviously Want him to play tomorrow so in case He's fit 120% FIT tomorrow and he plays Is that the only change you'll see do You think they probably will still back Shardul or we can see a shami coming Tomorrow Zach I think the bowling again

Don't To answer the bowling the bowling I Don't think uh they're going to change No we talking about tomorrow now I'm not Selecting the team there correct I was Just going to say Zach deep down I know If he's the coach sitting there shami is Playing tomorrow but because he knows What they would think I'm sure he he Knows the answer good I didn't want to Bring that point up have you bought it No but genuinely you would have if you Were the captain you would have thought About a shami right yeah for sure for Sure Fair call I mean even I genuinely But uh it is what it is like Zach said We know what it is if at all there is The one change it will be Gil for Kishan I don't think there's even Ashwin I think because they have a lot of Right-handers like that Pakistan B they Only have one left hander sa Shaquil yes No the thing is whether you want to go In with three seers or you want to Create option of having four seers with Hardik you'll have option of having four Seers so I think that's the option They'll keep uh so yeah I I don't see Any more changes I think Shan's Fitness Is going to be the debate all right I Should stop asking all my questions Today because we have to ask them Questions tomorrow as well so let's have A look at Pakistan Squad and see what DK

What you think they're going to go ahead Obviously after that 100 Faker sits out So the opening now is sorted for Pakistan but any other changes that you See absolutely not they'll play the same 11 that they played a couple of the Batters were not even tested so I think They will go ahead and play the same 11 There are going to be no changes the Only thing that that they would have Thought probably should we leave out to Mouhammad nawas because he hasn't given Too much of the ball but knowing India Against slow left arm spin statistics Tell us that they're not the strongest Against that suit so that gives him the Opportunity again to play so Pakistani Pakistan wouldn't be making any changes Generally in the Asia cup they used to Put the 11 before the game so we could Discuss the 11 but not anymore I guess Yeah it's just making us have more Discussions now that we don't have the 11 but Zach we spoke about this barar The batsman needs to fire big time for Pakistan because he is that player for Them yeah he is under pressure we we did Touch upon that fact it's important for Pakistan's campaign that he scores runs As early as possible so that the Pressure is off him uh everyone have Been asking him that question that Pressure is building uh so uh so that One thing is is definitely going to be

Uh watched very keenly from tomorrow's Game as far as Pakistan is concerned Other than that I think uh India Pakistan game you just uh go in and you Know that it's it's going to be a Cracker of of a game it it doesn't Matter what's happening leading up to That game everyone is going to be up for It it's going to be packed Stadium uh And everyone will be glued to the Television sets even if they are not in Uh the stadium so yeah it's it's all Excitement okay so Zach got his first Innings prediction correct so let's go Into who your players to watch out for Are going to be tomorrow DK you can go First I mean it's India Pakistan verat Kohle and uh for me from the Pakistan Team is what I have to think I will back Muhammad Riswan I was hoping that jadea gets Riswan tomorrow but that we'll wait and Watch Zach your player to watch out I Think I'll start with Rohit Rohit has Has shown tremendous form in the last Innings and when you looking at these Two matchups of the team uh you know Shah sha afi's form is going to be very Critical for Pakistan and if you don't Give them that early breakthroughs is Going to be a completely different game There's no doubt about it so from that Point of view Rohit Sharma I think is Going to be uh someone one uh who

Everyone will be uh hoping that he has The kind of innings which we've seen uh In the previous one for Pakistan I think Uh shadab is going to be very crucial I Think uh if he is bowling well because That spin weakness has been very evident Right throughout the Asia cup and now in This campaign uh that is that weakness There in that uh Pakistan side so if He's taking more responsibility is if He's up for it uh then it will be a good Game for Pakistan

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