Professional american welterweight boxer and IBF champion Robert Guerrero with nickname “The Ghost” against american top ranked athlete, unbeaten and greatest boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather with nickname “Money”. Fight for WBC and the Ring light weight belts took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on May 4, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Robert Guerrero (USA) vs Floyd Mayweather (USA) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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One Introducing to you first the Challenger On my right fighting out of the Red Corner Knockout ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome the former ibf featherweight Champion of the world the former ibf Junior lightweight champion of the world And tonight we're looking to complete His interim Title Here is the rugged Boxing Warrior and the current WBC Interim welterweight world champion Introducing Robert the goal Guerrero [Applause] [Music] [Applause] And is appointed across the ring Defending champion in the blue Corner Really needing no introduction the world Over Las Vegas Nevada by way of Grand Rapids Michigan he weighed in at already 146 pounds he is undefeated in his Campaign to the ring with a record of 43 Wins no losses 26 wins coming by way of Knockout tonight in his 21st World title Appearance ladies and Gentlemen's top Attractions and the current Defeated WBC welterweight champion of The world introducing the Floyd Money [Music] Mayweather

Okay gentlemen you have your Instructions in the dressing room Mr Wayne weather Mr Guerrero let's do This Board letters h-u-r-t also a picture of Serum than the squared Circle for Robert The ghost Guerrero is he the man who Finally solves the sports pound for Pound case for the main event the wvc Welterweight Title up for grounds or Whether he'll end up on the ropes at any Point For Guerrero especially to get off to a Good start Mayweather [Applause] Not an ounce of football the third man In the ring and Mayweather launches his Lead right very much we'll see if the Girl can throw on punches wow One thing to notice about Ronald Guerrero he's reacting Setting it up moving side to side but Again and does so immediately that's a Good sign for him even if he doesn't win He's very reactive it's a good thing Most people by sitting right in the Pocket and looking to land Maintaining his control of the center of The ring and hunches round one is in the Box [Applause] Countering the right hand of Floyd Mayweather and the student Robert Guerrero is focused he does a good job

Of slipping and then goes downstairs Well it gets caught with that left hand Too soon it's not going to work you're Going to get hit Guerrero maintaining His distance He avoids that left-handed I've not seen a left hook from Floyd Mayweather oh he's trying Guerrero said You have to be patient against Mayweather again [Applause] There's a right hand left hook [Applause] Mayweather well you can see this is a Competitive fight and that's where who Lives against Lefty Trying to find his rhythm and there gets Popped with the straight right through The guard [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] In the last round Floyd Mayweather getting a beautiful Straight right-handed Right hand okay you heard Floyd Mayweather tell his Corner he's rapid in The uh in the Mayweather campus which Ends against lefties mostly against he Gets tagged with a cop A little more gunshot [Applause] Just with that left but again connects

With the right hand [Applause] The uppercut is right here is something That he needs and he's not throwing it You Arrow left [Applause] In Las Vegas As it's the comeback of Floyd Money Mayweather half Mayweather shoulder roll And then pops off that piston like right Hand this is necessary Right hand counter left by Guerrero then Goes upstairs with a dropping left hand Mayweather misses with the right Excluding the jab just leading with Those right hands to land it or even Launch it now Mayweather's right hand Has been there all night long That's it Floyd throws the right hand in so many Different ways Under a minute remaining in the sixth And Guerrero coming forcing the Jab Oids that some recent fight against Now Mayweather is putting in his pocket Again unless Corona Clouds here in Las Vegas WBC [Applause] Telling his son you have to go to the Body and he was doing that early sixth Round our unofficial scoring and it Remains pretty much Blocks that left hand

Does Mayweather Midway through the seventh round and Again People don't realize final minute of the Seventh and again so first so it's Almost like out of frustration they Start smothering themselves Shot Perry by Mayweather final eight Seconds of the seventh up for scene Declines Joe Lewis Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes were all beaten at 36. As you know Floyd Mayweather's walking To his right right Not the first time he has been cut it's Left in the eighth round not what Guerrero needed at this point is a cut Now there's the code thus far Guerrero's jacked by Mayweather and Again just continues he does it to his Stomach he throws it to the head Straight throws it around again 10 seconds left the fans now Ground coming up [Applause] Keep going don't worry about it again Using the rightness Paulie pointed out This is more like a right hook and they Were there so many different In the last rounded from Mayweather Pretty accurate yeah realism Girl digging away at Mayweather's body In the corner in the fight where you Might think oh there's a nice left hand Who connects by

[Music] And by the way a lot of MMA uh people Involved [Applause] Unable to land 37 punches 15 more than Mayweather but Just as not available [Applause] [Applause] What was one of his better rounds during This fight actually Landing the jab Mayweather against the ropes but he Hasn't been able to be as effective as He would like when he's got Mayweather WPA Heavyweight Championship in this WBC Staying busy Trying to wear him down and then gets Caught with that right right The belt line of that one may have been Just below as well right hand Robert's Allowed to work with the other hand if His right hand is being held minute Remaining in the 10th As Mayweather told us he slaps the left And right hand Mayweather now teeing off On Guerrero He's squared up the Guerrero slugging With him but he's very tough even on the Inside he's a rough guy May weather now Putting on his dancing shoes momentarily Sure he's frustrated he's trying not to Shove it though With his defense and those right hands Standing flat-footed and and slugging

With Robert Guerrero they're they're Sort of talk about where he squares up He's just squaring himself them so Much And and the hook which Mayweather has Thrown sparing getting a little restless With uh Mayweather's football weather Has put on an offensive this terrific Job offensive but even moving A minute 35 seconds left Not there to be stopped easy you know Under a minute left in middleweight and Light heavyweight champ Joe calzagi was 46-0 brilliant Fighters different styles Floyd Mayweather has done it with Eden Main Event comes to a close Mayweather Oh [Music] Jimmy Lennon Jr Floyd Money Mayweather [Music] [Applause] So it's official Floyd Mayweather Successful in his return to the ring 44-0 let's

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