Why is Siraj’s dismissal of Babar the ‘coolest moment of the match’? Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel explain in a segment powered by Voltas AC & Voltas Beko Refrigerator, on Cricbuzz Live

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Many many cool moments I think make a Big match like this so interesting but Well we at crabas feel that the coolest Moment of the day was when SJ got Baba Razam out and that delivery so the Coolest moment of the day powered by Volta's AC and volta's beo refrigerator Is SJ getting babber uh Zack a little More on the delivery we spoke about it In the uh pre-match show but it really Cooled nerves in the Indian cam didn't It well I think uh when you see what Happened after that you know makes that Uh moment even cooler and uh what what Came after that was those that Kip's Over then bura came into attack then he Picked up two wickets but that bber and Rwan partnership it was so crucial for Indian bowling attack to break that uh SJ coming uh with the timely Wicket There uh bber just after scoring 50 was Late on the ball uh which which shows uh Today both the wickets which SJ got was Actually uh similar kind of a delivery Maybe the the length was little Different but both the deliveries skid It through and that is something which Uh which got the batsman playing late Onto the ball resulted in the Wicket but That surely was that cool moment for for The Indian team because after that thing Just started to uh to happen for them uh Pakistan getting under pressure losing Uh wickets in cluster and they couldn't

Recover from uh that phase of the game Well parv with all thanks to the Walters AC's that have kept us cool and relaxed In today's match which we thought would Have been very uh nail-biting and which Would have been otherwise a tension Filled match but it wasn't but we've Remained cool thanks to the VTA AC's in Our studio here at crickbuz live and in Our green room as well but do you agree With the coolest moment of our day yeah Absolutely I think till then the game Was hanging in Balance you know till 29th point4 over that you know Pakistan Was it felt like they were in control You know they were they were they were Going along nicely Baba was set rwan was Set and then sh SJ came in and took that Vital Wicket of Babar aam and it did it Was a cool moment for India and after That the only team which felt the heat Was Pakistan you know they they they Couldn't recover from from that blow so I think that obviously was the turning Point of the game where know after that Pakistan just just couldn't recover from There well we have received some tweets As well talking about the coolest moment Of days that of the day to today uh Ali Asgar also kind of agrees with us and Says that SJ the pace sensation Hyderabad say aabad t s Ka jalva s sends Babar back truly a coolest moment # India # World Cup we completely agree

With Ali asgar and I'm glad that you Agree with us as well uh but we have I Think a few more people let's have a Look at what rashan Gupta has to say Amaze is what rashan Gupta said Rohit Sharma and vat kohi taking down Shaheen AFI and how coolest moment uh yes that's Again something we spoke about in the Pre-match show how Shaheen will be so Important but Rohit and vat just didn't Let him settle ready yeah they just Carried with the with the momentum what They had with the ball in hand and after That uh we were we were talking about it Like you know as a bowler you can get Desperate you can try try things as a Batter you got to be just focusing on The process staying positive if you are Having that upper hand in the game you Got to carry that uh onto the field and Continue with that and that's what rooh Sharma did there so he didn't waste time He started with the word go and uh and He just didn't stop he was continuing With the kind of form he shown in the Previous one and today also those shots Which he hit especially to that Harris Ral shot which was over his head for a Six that was amazing the sh over covers Uh that was also amazing shot so yeah he Was in uh in in full Zone enjoying his Batting out There parti about Rohit and what vat did To shy in today yeah I mean that's

That's what you do and and that's Something know which we spoke about it Is it was always going to be very Difficult for Pakistan to lift them Themselves after the way you know they Batted and then obviously shyen AFI had To try it had to try and swing the ball But the form which Rohit Sharma is and You know when you put pressure on them What was really you know great to see That you know sh sha AFI Just bow the Seam up balls in first over after that He was trying to Bow those Cutters he Was trying to Bow those bouncers so that Puts you under pressure and that's Exactly what Rohit wanted to do it and On the other hand we we are not talking About schan Gill though he he didn't get A big score but those cover drives which He B he looked in great form though he Got out to a you know probably a loose Disposal but I think you know I think It's a great sign for IND at the moment Yes shuban making a comeback looked in Great form sh's getting runs vat's Already got runs Rahul is in great form And we are not talking about har J yet So you know that's something which you Know India should be really in a happy Space but that's what you have to do you Have to attack the attacking bowler and Put them under pressure you know force Them to you know bow those balls which They don't want to Bow and that's when

You know you always stay on top and That's exactly what Rohit Sharma and vat Koh has been doing for India you know Exactly BP there's so many cool moments That have happened today but we picked Up uh the barber Wicket that SJ took and That's a wicket that we're going to Remember for a long long time that was The coolest moment of the day powered by Volas AC and volas beo refrigerator L

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