Professional brittish heavyweight boxer, WBC and The Ring champion Tyson Fury with nickname “The Gypsy King” against shocking top ranked athlete and title challenger Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for British heavy weight belt took place in Wembley Arena, London, England on July 23, 2011. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Tyson Fury (England) vs Derek Chisora (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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All set for Tyson Fury against [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Derek [Applause] [Music] Tyon way in yesterday but they're going To have to now they're going to more Than just Face ring Between these two fighters there's a Touch of Madness To up against Derek the Champion Fury has been very confident And clearly thinks Otherwise that extra weight that you Were talking [Applause] About whether thats him as we go the Later RS there's the fury jab you Likey inside other the Punch comes forward applies the pressure But Fury's not having That little smile top fighter yet of Ch's level he's Landing some big shots Range with the jab hitting him early Here in round one chora desperately Trying to get inside took AIG weapon for Chisora and that he's start Here let's have a listen to The Fury cor He's so relaxed Right hand from Fury over the top of the Chor you know said that Fury was a poor

Man's Klitschko that he would chop him Down that the clitch goes through when You get on the inside against Them joro is twice of course denied Fights [Applause] By still a minute and 15 seconds to go Fury Wasing confident and in control and Thenor him but comes Fury right Hand Fury and we now know that each Before fight you can't question it now The Fight big Left the Inside second round here again swinging Right hand Fury hanging on at the end of Rank [Applause] Another overhand right this style Thought would happen ear go no regret Round Three there were times there where Tyson Fury was taken somewhere on the front Foot in round Three it was big up as a potential Classic shora both men landed big Punches Fury left by shazor he looks Clearheaded Fury for shazar is many would have Expected maybe for him to be off to the Start with that extra way but what will It do to him as the rounds go on we'll Have to See but he's still out there for a

Moment good that from Fury CH walk Through Those forward he comes what's making This fight compelling among many Chora comes forward again he knows Chisora can turn in that second Round blood from the mouth of Derek Shazar right Now round as Tora finishes as the Aggressor another terrific Round Here [Applause] Here your way don't throw those wild Punches that's one of course the longer The fight has this pattern of Chorus Fury just backed off for a second There again comes forward again sees it Coming and deals with it leing on Chisora there and then Landing a right Hand of his own [Applause] [Applause] Not Being willing listen massive night the Biggest of his career so far he's got to Listen well this fight some big ones he Needs to throw More left hook little body shot there From dor and we haven't seen the Potential is a the win here [Applause] Tonight there's talk of David Price as [Music] Well good combination puncher obviously

Of the two Don Charles when he comes Back if he continues to do that Excellent there from Fury really good moments for Tyson Fury But come to use combination punch what a Finish to the this Is another right hand excellent round For [Applause] Fury well the the last round a great one For Tyson with some big right hands this Was a seminal moment in this Fight second out round Six natural bully I think th he could Come in here and you have to wonder Shoro wasn't so sure Fury would fold When he heard ask who you got ahead Halfway at the end of this round just Has got the measure of his man Kaz left And then throwing acious so far Though there a good right from Fury that Time better from [Applause] Chisora what our likes the Double J Corners now we're going to find out About chora's Fitness chisora weighing In 16 pounds higher than what he the Training camp was good I got my vitamins I my water my Protein and he scored that back out and There's a big right hand by shazor as That power chisora that will not go away Fury and R Seven behind on the scorecard

Surely but of course try to get himself Inside there want to do Fury would Struggle to find it but it's the first Time really that we've seen it He Fury looks to the Body Fury key moment here in corner Fury Pushing shazor against the ropes and Landing that short little right hand Round he gained a big to Manchester okay They're going to Manch Right hand and when he's done it he's Controlled these rounds really liking The chances of Fury at the moment he Seems to be Prevailing Papy fans as well really getting maybe But he's holding at the Moment chorus senses what's happening to Him here as a rally for chisora call Fury by surprise chisora the fury Backora chora launching the attack FY Fighting back he is chora just the Better not legal but a PR strategy about Fury really there from 20 seconds to go Since the Second the fury now [Applause] The round round 10 was one to remember And Derek shazar after being that little Right hand stopped him momentarily but That was a Very don't

Wor chora holding that F finding Something from his reses is throwing so Few punches that it's going to be hard To give him some of these Rounds just lumbering we approach the End of the 11th Fury is bullying the Bully everything you've learned in [Music] Boxing one round brother that's what They said to him you have to win neither Man has ever seen this 12th round and They are both domestic night the story Venue the best in the world they would Fight a fight that was entertaining and Interesting and that's exact minute and A half left in the fight Now will fight right to the End a massive moment the moment of his Life so Far Fury finishing as the aggressor Here responds risky from Clear Fury Finishing with the Rises is it going to Be F here we Go and Jud Richie Davis has it 118 To quite a humble nice guy you know when People get to know me and I hope the British public Irish and American and Everybody in the world get behind this New wait I'm 22 years old so I just want To say thanks so much for everyone Coming suggest that he would like To

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