00:00 – Intro
00:56 – Raya vs Ramsdale
06:46 – Newcastle
13:11 – Everton
17:28 – VAR
28:36 – Weakness Of The League
33:39 – Manchester United
40:05 – Injuries
44:59 – Chelsea
49:29 – Quickfire Questions


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Welcome back to Sunday VI 1 and all we Are back in clubhouse 5 just by leester Square the best place to watch your Sporting entertainment and there's some Great sporting events coming your way This weekend including KSI versus Tommy Fury which I believe you can watch here Yes so if you're interested in that who Do you think who do you think to win Definitely interested two people that You could care less about isn't one of Them a professional semi-professional Boxer no one of them is a professional Boxer both both are technically pro Boxers and one of them's the brother you Should probably win then but it's like All boxing it would be great if they Could both lose okay so Pat's not Interested in that but if you are come Down and watch it at Clubhouse 5 uh Zach How have you been mate yeah not bad Thank you mate played a bit of football Yesterday um you've played all right uh I was poor for the first carpet for sure Yeah the most unfit I felt playing that In a long time I it was a six side pitch Five side football which is always tough D was good D was good uh anyway we're Going to crack on with the show now Because as you can see from the title we Do this once a month generally we're Looking at the things we've learned over The past month we've also got some quick Fire questions that you sent into my

Twitter that I will as we go through This pick out and find because it's Quite close to the time Lim already uh Okay let's start with UAB you want to go First first thing you've learned this Past month buddy well it felt like it Was always going to happen at the Beginning of the or when the transfer Was done sorry during the transfer Window um that Rey or Rya is the number One goalkeeper now at Arsenal um Obviously ramale started the first Couple of games I they've actually now Played the exact same amount of games in All competitions um and after the Substitute even though artetta said he Was you know more than willing to make These Subs during the game as well um And at one point during the Man City Match I thought maybe he would with it Felt like Rya was a little bit shaky 45 He was all over the place um and he's He's got very his distribution's always Been very good actually when you look Statistically at distribution between Them uh so far in their Arsenal careers Or this season uh Riya is leading in the Majority of numbers um but yeah I mean This was always I think when you buy a Keeper and I think they got a very Quality keeper for a a very good fee as Well did not kind of overspend anywhere Near as much obviously especially when You look at how much um Spurs were going

To go get him for as well they were Being quoted of nearly 40 million um it Was he was always expected to kind of Become that number one I it there I Think you feel you feel a little bit Sorry for ramale because last season he Was one of their best performers uh he He does have shaky moments he does have He is prone to errors but he also does Step up in big moments and in big games Um but I think Riya has at least a Little bit more consistency I think you Know what you're going to get with him Whereas with ramale he could have an Error that cost you a goal but he could Also save you a goal as well where at Least verah um who's a little bit older Though in go he's still very young only 27 um there's a bit more more Consistency there but it just feels like He's now number one it really does yeah Do you think he's number one locked in Guaranteed that spot now not guaranteed Um you know I still think a bad Performance could like knock him out of It or I do think artetta I mean I think He's kind of lying when he says there's No such thing as a number one but I I Also think that he likes ramsdale enough That he'll give ramsdale another shot if He's if he's playing well um but yeah Rya over his Premier League career has Been a better shot ster than ramsdale He's also as Zach says like a marginally

Better passer I think it is marginal um But you know in the city game he led the Team in successful passes into the final Third And he's he's got a couple of years on Ramsdale so ramsdale can can progress But can he progress at Arsenal you think R want to stay well I think that if if The season ends as it's currently going Then I would probably be looking around Because there are enough teams who need A goalkeeper that he probably can get a Pretty decent move but I think you know As well ramsdale personality has been Such a big part of um of Arsenal going To the next level like the fact that he Is regardless of mistakes he makes he's Never scared he's never scared to invite Pressure he's never scared to take Chances that has been such a big part of Arsenal moving on like the fearlessness So I would be sad to see him go but Right now like R we've got to remember As well I've talked about this before But when arsenal were originally looking For a goalkeeper when Lena was still There Rya was the number one target it Was always Rya r rship at that point as Well Arsenal wanted to get him off Brenford like just I think it was the Summer they came up Arsenal really Wanted him and ended up kind of being Quoted slightly too much money and now They've finally got their man so yeah I

Think the beauty of Ry is as well cuz He's homegrown it doesn't take away from That quota either cuz he spent that time In the Blackburn Academy so you kind of Have that offset too and I do think his Distribution is good I think his numbers Were maybe a little bit Juiced last year By Ivan Tony sure because when you you Know I think most successful long balls Of any goalkeeper in the league right And when you have a player like Tony up Front that tends to be the case a little Bit more cuz he's such a bully he's so Physical he wins a lot in the air I Don't think he's necessarily going to be Tasked with the same style of passing at Arsenal now because brenford last season Had the option to go direct a lot more I Think this season as we saw against Manchester City his short passing and His passing under pressure is probably Going to be tested a little bit more and I think that is something ramale kind of Excels in passing Under Pressure passing Through the lines um so I still think There's opportunities in this side for Rams though I know that you say like He's ryer is the number one I wouldn't Be surprised to see a period of time Where Ramsdell takes back that shirt Throughout this season even for a month Or so where Ryan might have a little Sticky patch and I think the difference Is with ramsdale he still has so much

Trust from artetta that artetta won't be Scared to put him back in if he's Performing really well in the cups and You know there's a run of slightly Easier fixtures I could see ramsdale Coming back into the side I think the Beauty of the deal that Arsenal got done Is because ryer is on loan yeah they Have the option to just say okay do you Know what ramsdale actually came back Fighting disproved a lot of the critics Saying that ryer is automatically number One now and has kind of won his spot Back and we're not going to take up the Option of Ry I don't necessarily really See that happening but I can still see Right ramsdale playing significant Minutes this season yeah same here and I Mean he's going be a cup goalkeeper There have been plenty of teams that Have done this in the past you know like Barcelona and Real Madrid used to do it All the time where they'd have a cup Goalkeeper the problem is at the moment That ryer is getting league and Champions league but that but that may Change down stretch yeah uh pat first Thing you've learned Newcastle I think Newcastle people have not been talking About them as much as they should I Think people have egged the PSG game Where they were very very good but I Don't think it was a 4-1 good Performance um but they were very good

But overall I think because they've had These three early Los in the Premier League people have maybe not noticed how Incredible they've been they've had an Incredibly hard schedule those three Losses it was City away it was Brighton Away and it was Liverpool at home they Were unlucky to lose the Liverpool game Particularly since then they've had Three wins and a draw against West Ham Um and I just think they look fantastic You know like their numbers at the Moment their underlying numbers every Bit as good as Arsenal as and man City's Every bit as good despite having had a Tougher schedule they've had the Toughest schedule then arsal and City Have actually had a very easy schedule Though it helps when you're you know the Best team in the league and you don't Have to play offsets it a little bit but You know they're at like plus 1.1 Expected goal difference per 90 so They're in like the top five I think There's only three teams isn't there That we spoke about the other week that Over a plus one positive go different Side uh in the Prem yeah in the Prem Right yeah and it's and it's Arsenal City and Newcastle but even across the Across Europe's top five leagues there Aren't many teams that manage that um And I think the most exciting bit about It might be Alexander isak so Alexander

Isak I think he's got six goals already Right but he's at9 expected goals per 90 Right now he's ticked over three shots For the first time since he was at VM um In the Netherlands um and he's 23 so it Is when you'd expect him to sort of make This Leap Forward now I think Wilson Isaac is as Good a strike pair as anybody in the League has like like Holland Alvarez Okay but but who else has a better pair Of Strikers than Newcastle it's tough It's it's it's up there with anybody and If eak like Newcastle they've got lots Of good players but they don't have a Superstar attacker so if isach becomes One that goes a long way to getting them Sustainably closer to the bigger sides Because Arsenal have a couple City have Several Liverpool have a couple you know Most teams have at least one of these Guys they need somebody who can kind of Drag them through now obviously their Numbers might be a bit inflated because That beating they put on Sheffield United and it's very unlikely that Multiple sides in the Premier League Well actually I'll come on to this later But it's relatively unlikely that lots Of sides in the Premier League are going To have over you know one XG on their Opponents per game across the whole Season but along with that PSG result Along with the depth in the squad um I

Just look at them and I think this is a Dangerous dangerous side they're as good As anyone in the Prem right now they're Playing as well as anyone in the Prem And in the Champions League I would hate To get them in a two Leo yeah so so I Just think I just think they're amazing And I think that if they hadn't had Those three losses everyone would Say people are talking about Liverpool People talk people are talking about Liverpool and Spurs like as title Challengers Newcastle I think are much More legitimate than either of those They're playing better than either of Those it with Liverpool they're playing Way better than Spurs Spurs are lucky to Be where they are um they is that Something You' learned Spurs are lucky They are well they are like I mean like They they' they've scored more goals Than you'd expect they conceded fewer Goals than you'd expect they've played Very well well and they're developing But like top of the league come on Liverpool still have huge defensive Issues huge defensive issues that they Need to work out and game control issu And discipline issues like they've got All and they've still got a weakness in Midfield why Newcastle rated not as Highly as them because Liverpool you Know have been good for the last few Years but Liverpool and because they

Have Salah but Liverpool were not good Last year yeah but like I I agree I Think Newcastle absolutely astonishingly Good for how far in advance down the Line they are from where the development Should be like it feels like they're About 5 years further ahead than where I Was expecting them to be already the Beauty of this team I think is I know It's amazing technically there Definitely I think like the physicality In the team it can just run you off the Pitch and these like so-called smaller Sides or the worst sides in the league Not only can Newcastle dominate them Technically and tactically they can just Totally dominate them physically in the Middle of the park players like sha Longstaff whilst not being the most Technical player his physical dominance And pressing numbers are just so Exceptional a player like Anthony Gordon Who might not be the most physical built Player but he putting up I think the Third most pressure of any player in the League you know big chance creation Numbers massive dribble numbers coming Off the back of a tournament the under 21 Euros where I think he was player of The tournament wasn't he um his Confidence just looks through the roof Like when Harvey Barnes arrived I Thought Harvey Barnes is probably start In that left wing spot you know he's

He's put up 10 goals last season at Leicester goal scoring wide man Something potential that Newcastle don't Really have in wide areas although Alor Managed IT at times last season he's not Been able to get a look in over Anthony Gordon now obviously he's injured but Anthony Gordon has kept him out of the Team from D do I don't see Gordon as a Droppable player anymore there's Rotation to be add on the right I think Where alaron comes in but the Physicality even from the smaller Players is just astonishing at Newcastle Like they they're so fit the pressing Numbers are crazy the age range for a Lot of their players as well is also Incredibly young like they're just going To get better and better and improve Like the way they they've built their Midfield is still really really young They've suffered injuries already this Year I mean it's something probably get A bit later we haven't seen willick yet Hasn't played a game but this is one of The places where we say like maybe they Do fall off as the season goes on Because they are they have such an Insane level of intensity I wouldn't be Surprised if later in the season like Unless you're basically top with a with A leag And you play this intensely you might Say well if we're in The Knockout stage

Of the Champions League we're going to Prioritize that and I think that would Make a lot of sense for them have Another summer build some depth on the Other hand if they are very close to the Top or top which is not you know off the Cards then um then they can then they Can say right we're going to go for it But it is very hard to play at this Level of intensity over a 60 plus Game Season it really is especially given how Long last year was um however right now I mean there they're amazing they're Horrible to play against they've Actually had some unlucky results They've had a horrible schedule and they Look great so yeah really yeah I think That's a very good point uh my first one Uh I'm going to go for the fact that Everton will stay in the division yeah No not necessarily that we were wrong About this but I think they are signif Proved over the last month kind of from That two two draw onwards at Sheffield United really so from the start of September onwards theyve really proved They are much better than I thought they Were going to be I thought Everton were Going to be very much in the mix for Relegation this year that though they Looked like that at the start yeah and You know they were conceding goals far Too easily and it felt like a little bit Of pressure was just starting to build

On Shawn D I don't think he was ever in A position where he might lose his job But I think there were murmurings at Goodison Park we're not playing great Football we haven't really improved Result wise an awful lot since Frank Lampard left although he kept us in the Division last year you know it was by The skin of our teeth again but in the Last Month they have like really turned it on Man I think they I think they put up Maybe more open Play XG than Manchester City this season they've also conceded Less XG than Liverpool than United than Like than than I think about 12 teams in The leag yeah I think in terms of shots Conceded they're like eighth or Something less than SP but they they've Made right he's made right decisions he Started playing Ghana which he was Available for a lot last James Garner Has been exception Harrison has been Brilliant for them on that right flank I Think he's only played one game though Jack Harrison but yeah I think the Finish in that debut was just so good Man like takes it so naturally um even Some of the Acquisitions that you know I Was definitely questioning this summer Are you like Ashley Young like has that's actually kind of Proved to be a smart audition a bit of Leadership in the dressing room has

Played significant minutes like like you Said James Garner has gone up a new Level I think in terms of the squad I Think he's leading in terms of chances Created second most goals I think in There as well most tackles in the squad So he's been everywhere Dwight McNeil Looks good again um and I think is Actually fine yeah and we haven't really Seen Dominick calv leing at full flow Yet no like he's slowly getting back to Fitness and fingers crossed for him his Own football and career he can maintain A level of Fitness across the rest of The season because it was getting to the Stage where you were kind of like he's Just never going to be fit every single Time he came back within a week he was Injured again uh I think even now he Came back didn't the concussion week one You're thinking oh my God he's so Unlucky but if he can stay fit can kind Of rotate in and out at times play up Front with VTO the back line looks Pretty stable cor purple Pat yeah he is Dor always does his need like doie said Last week I think there once or twice a Season where dor for about five weeks is Just totally unplayable and scoring Every week um and I think they had a Really good chance of finishing in mid Table I also think and this might we Might move that it might link more with Your point as well that there are just

Also three much much much worse teams Than them there there were five worse Team yeah but I think Everton could be In an around 10th man oh wow I think They could finish as high as 10th this Season Everton if things and injuries go Their way I think they stand a chance 10th is a thing is that is really not That Punchy man like I I really don't Think like Crystal Palace and rord and That that an awful lot clear well we we Don't want to step on it I don't want to Step on this cuz I'm going to talk about This in a bit but yeah there's there's a Big mass of teams who if you're better Than them you're automatically kind of 12th okay um but but the one thing I'd Say as well though is they have spent a Lot of time behind and teams who spend a Lot of time behind they do numbers tend To juice their numbers you know and so I Think maybe some of their attacking Numbers are down to spending so much Time but we have seen them being able to Control games like we talk about Brenford potentially think finishing in Around the 10th spot like when I watched Everton against brenford at brenford They were far superior to brenford and Obviously brenford are going to get Tony Back and they're going to look a Different tide after the January period You think if they can keep him but I Think Everton are around that level like

And the fans must be absolutely Delighted man it's been nothing but Misery over the last couple years yeah The last month or so has been their best Month in years um my next one obviously The month of September feels like it's Been the biggest talking point every Single week V I've got V as well offal I've got down V does not work in its Current format and needs scrapping I Don't think it needs scrapping but I Think it needs fixing sure um I think You know going yeah but then you're not Saying it doesn't work in its current Format you're saying it doesn't work no I think there are elements of it that Could work I think there are elements of It that could work help them out mate Like for automated off Sid in in the Summer 100% get automated off Sid why Did they vote against that the clubs Voted against it that's one of the Weirdest things the clubs the Premier League 20 Premier League clubs voted Against it over a majority voted against It which was a very weird decision um I Don't know the full uh info about that Uh but I think look you got to think Back to what were games like before V And we were just talking all the time About decisions that were how they Scored that goal they're offside Bringing V so we can stop that um we' Talk about well that's not a red card

And he if and he's given a red card There if you can look at that he'd be Able to stop that um and so V I think What the biggest issue that V has shown Us is the officials that we have maybe Aren't up to to scratch or they need to Work in a way that they're under under Less pressure or to make this right Decision or give them the thing is with Football it is so subjective every Decision is so subjective and has a Different context compared to the one That happened in the game before um and So it is tough to sit there and make say That officials should get every single Decision right use some common sense Though like the one Spurs one was like The lack of common sense in the room When they were like oh no well you've Got to like we've got to follow the law Booker we got to follow the law book Well like I remember two years ago United scored against Brighton fulltime Whistle went do you remember that and United got a penal after the full time I Completely agree yeah this is but this Is what I mean like I think rather than Scrapping them and I think you got to Change some of the laws slash fix it to Help them out and they and look the Liverpool goal uh which was not given That was a goal has now changed into Fact that they are making sure every Single time they are saying a decision

What that decision is and they're Getting it confirmed on the pitch it Does seem a little bit I saw on the show That Michael Owen does um with Howard Web which I'm still not necessar 100% Sure about what do we think about that The audio being released over the last Month cuz that start come to the front For more isn't it I think it I mean Makes good TV it makes good TV but what Does it actually do like him how web Going through it what does it actually Do I would I would really like to just Hear it live yeah oh exactly you know When the commentary team can hear the V And they're talking about what V is Saying they can hear some of you're Basically getting a relayed information From VAR you they may as well just let's Hear what the V are talk about and it It's exactly what you get in rugby why Is it so difficult def completely like You get it in rugby and in cricket like And in NFL and it's helpful it's helpful To hear but like I don't know it's so Clear that it's weird that everyone's Talking about it after this Diaz thing Which I you know I don't think is that Big a Deal talking like it's like the worst Mistake we've ever seen but it's but It's not a v mistake it's the it's the Worst mistake it's V mistake it's not V Mistake it's not v m it's not V it's a

Process mistake that the guy just said The wrong thing it was misinterpreted It's not an issue with v v correctly Identified it as being on site well Either way it's the worst decision I've Ever seen no I've seen other DEC I think There have been tons of these Decisions because these guys got that Part right and then still got the Decision wrong but but that was just Because like they misunderstood one Another like that the fact that that's Being used to kind of put V on trial I Think is just like ludicrous like it's Nothing to do with v is to do with the Fact that like the officials are Terrible like honestly the Premier League basically needs to pay referees a Lot more because they need to Incentivize people who aren't idiots to Try and get that job the problem that we Have at the moment is that there are a Lot of referees who fundamentally and This is kind of understandable they're Scared of putting themselves on the line So clearly what he was scared of pulling It back that's what it was when they're Like oh we have the r book Mike Dean the Week before was saying well one time I Didn't send a friend to the monitor Because I didn't want him to like Thep and you're like so are we following The rule book or are we following how You feel in the moment well think about

It think about what happened in the Kovic incident against Arsenal uh and he Said that uh he didn't want him to Impact the game negatively by sending Him off it's a red card decision you the Game by not sending him off well well After the second foul yeah the first one I I I I didn't see the game live and Then when I and I was expecting the First one to be like nailed on red and I Was like it's a deep orange and then the Second one I was just like five minutes Later G the issue G and it was just like Well we can't do it because everyone Will complain it's like no they won't There are five City fans in the country And of them more M but the issue with That deep orange one is that over the Last four weeks over the last three Weeks we've seen every single one of Those challenges get a red card sure but I mean as you say there is an element of Subjectivity and the ref is always going To have to be like how fast did he go Into it then you watch a replay replay And I also is some refs are more lenient Than others like some refs will let Something go compared to another H I'm Okay with we have seen things in the Past like V I've talked about this Before like there was a there was a goal Arsenal had ruled out against wolves Where they couldn't see Martinelli on The camera the camera didn't show him

But they were like we think he's Probably there and if he was there he's Offside and I think he was probably There and it probably was offside but The camera didn't confirm it and they Were like well he's we're just going to Guess that it's offside that is a Problem with v And we've seen things go to V that Should never have been referred because They weren't clear and obvious errors That's arent of we need to pause this Until we can get well I I kind I kind of AG I kind of agree with that in that Like this is a situation where it Shouldn't be that hard to start a review Now and Institute new processes as the Season goes on most people in their jobs Manage to do their jobs and go on a Training course you know or like like we Have to do like learning modules and Stuff while we working it's part of our Normal job so it's not that crazy to say That like over the Christmas break and Then like maybe in the spring during an International break referees will go and Like get some more training on like Updated V process what do you think About the referees uh reing in Saudi three days before these games and Stuff like that I think do you not think It's a bit over egged as it like this is Evidence of Corruption I don't think yeah I don't

Think it's as big of a deal at all like You look at you look at clubs going to Play European football games in the Champions League and stuff like that I Don't think it's the bigest yeah but I Think they AR but the argument has AR a Corruption thing yeah that they're like Oh you know they don't want to annoy Their pay masters you're like oh come on Jesus Christ uh the only other thing as Well I'd like to change about V is to Stop it almost feels like when they go And tell the referee to go to VAR it's It's saying like you need to change your Decision where what we know it's wrong You change your decision I much I feel Like I've only seen it happen twice Where ref has gone to camera and G no You know what I've made the right Decision like I've really got a problem With how it's being presented to the Refere why have they started to do it Where when he arrives at the screen it's On a freeze frame singular image of Studs up making contact with the leg It's like from that moment on his Decision's made if you actually play it Through full Pace he slipped off a ball Or he's just G slightly past him or Pushed something and there's Nuance to It Started from the beginning of the They started from the beginning of the Clip no slow no slow-mo and play it full Pace so you can see what's going on this

Idea of going to the screen when it's You got a locked in like you see on Twitter somebody's taking a screenshot You make you can make a snack decision From a screenshot and go clearly a red Is it just clearly a red but when you See the Nuance surrounding it it's not a Red and it's like why are the refs being Shown Twitter Screenshots and the weird thing is that We can see the image that the ref's Seeing like the camera picks it up but We can't hear what the ref's saying yeah So like we we're we're letting on a bit Of the processing that we're like well I Can see what he sees and I also saw what Just happened in the game from a Different angle but I can't hear what He's saying where you know if he was Talking to the V and the guy was just Like well you know like we're playing it At full speed now and like he gets this Push before and you hear like a little Bit of process but yeah I agree Sometimes you watch it and you're like I've seen this from four angles the ref Seen this from one angle I've seen this From multiple speeds the ref seen it From one like why am I better informed Than the referee like that kind of stuff Is bad but I do think that kind of stuff Can be got out of it I think part of the Frustration as well is that quite often It's like goal happens ref blows his

Whistle 2 minutes of V then they send Him to the Monitor and you're like we're 2 minutes in and only now is the ref Going to the monitor change the decision And then you think okay there's no need For it to be this delayed like the the V It should be fairly simple where they're Like yeah you should take a look at this Yeah and the ref should just be prepared That he's like okay I go straight over To the Monitor and like that's how it Works the thing is that rugby do Differently to the foot And I think he's definitely a learning From it is that VAR and the ref watch it Together in real time the ref goes and Watches it on the big screen and VAR Watch it simultaneously the exact same Imes V are seeing and then they're Communicating between it what happens in Football is VAR watches it while they Carry on with the game while the game Carries on and then they bring it back The game should be stopped while the v Check takes place the ref should go to The screen simultaneously with and make A decision there rather than being red In his ear and you can't understand What's going on he's being shown limited Pictures over a tiny period of time Comparatively to the time VAR had to Look at it and they are selecting Specific frames or specific angles that Effectively pull towards their agenda if

The VAR thinks it's a red he'll find the Frames the angles that show most likely It's a red sure so so it's one of those Things where you need to like separate These responsibilities and actually I'd Say there are complications that we Haven't even dealt with yet so what Happens if go gets given but it's being Barred game goes on during which time Somebody commits like a red card Challenge that person gets sent off then The ref can be then like if it gets Pulled back does the ref say well Essentially that challenge like didn't Happen because the game wasn't going on But at the same time a lot of red cards For example are given for endangering an Opponent and you're endangering an Opponent whether the game's going on or Not like you've put the opponent in Danger so so suddenly happen because You've let the game go on exactly so Suddenly you've you've actually got all These other things that we haven't even Got to yet but you know will happen at Some point yeah so it does I think You're right that like at least if you Take offsides out of it aut and that Cuts half of it that literally Cuts half Of the is well because there's one Technical thing that was done in Football over the last few years that Everyone's fine with and it's goal line Technology and everyone's like every now

And then someone will be like wow that's Really really close but but Fundamentally we all agree that those People are idiots and goal line Technology was a good thing a Best Thing Hest the best bit of Technology we've Ever implemented so now we can do the Offsides just do the off sides it's not That hard uh Pat next one for you uh I Originally wrote this is the weakest Premier League in ages but I think That's unfair cu the top half of the Premier League is very very good and There are teams which are not even like Title contenders like for instance uh Chelsea Chelsea Football Club might have Heard of them um and Aston Villa who are Really really good but are just like not As good as the elite um but actually What I mean is this is the most Survivable premier league in years so if You so if you order all n you can go to FB ref and do this if you order all 96 Teams in Europe's top five leagues by Expected goal difference per 90 which is Like the best vague measure we've got of Like overall team quality of the bottom 12 across five leagues a third of those Are from the prep it's crazy and just Outside there lot and town wolves lot And town not in the not in the worst Teams so not in the four worst teams so Who you know and L town like I'm not Digging them out it's just that they

Beat the odds to stay up up the squad is Not a premier league Squad really um They do they done remarkable work to get Here recruit been amazing I think Everyone accepts that they got promoted Before they expected it with a squad That was not equipped for the Prem Completely fine with a with a stadium Considering everything they've got going On with like their level and budget and Everything they're doing a good job as Best they can at the moment yeah like It's again I'm not digging them out it's Just like how it is like some fairly Strong teams went down last year lead Some pretty good starts Leicester I Don't think one of the worst teams Leester might well be the best Championship team of all time if some Fairly weak teams came up um you know Burnley were good in the championship But they weren't like as good as some of The best teams we we've seen from the Championship and they were built on the Back of a kind of unsustainable Squad Construction Sheffield United weak in Talent Luton Town weak in Talent um but Then you look at the top of the league And there are seven Premier League teams Right now taking over 15 shots a game if You go back a couple of Seasons there Were two Liverpool and Man City seven Are doing it so what that shows you I Think is a massive kind of gap between

The best sides and the worst sides There's there's very there's a very Small middle mid-table you know middle Class in the Premier League right now There are three teams in the Premier League creating under one HG per 90 Forest I think Bournemouth and Burnley Really really bad stuff so I think you Have fundamentally a very strong top Portion of the League top third to half Absolutely beating the Daylights out of A really low really bad the thing there Are four teams with under 40% possession Four teams yeah that is the thing it's Crazy so so I think that this is a season where if You're trying to build if you've had a Few badges like Everton you know you can Actually muddle through and probably be Fine I think the league is incredibly Easy to stay up this season yeah what do You think about Bournemouth quickly I Was going to say they've just had a Horror schedule haven't they Bournemouth Obviously yeah their SCH been like I do Think they've just got to stick with Aola like I know there's pressure Building on him cuz the results have Been fans fans really like it but well That's good that's a positive I do you Know what the I think every time like I'm watching like Brighton or Villa I'm Thinking you against this sort of 15 Down is like you could win six nil hit

Like at a caner and if Brighton and Villa no disrespect to Brighton Villa Aren't part of the classic big six some Of those big six sides I when Newcastle Went to Sheffield United it is just like This is a a murder scene here honestly Like Manchester City going away to some Of these sides or Man City at home Against some of these sides in the Second half of the Season where this Where these teams have been tired out Legs are going a little bit I'm I'm Seriously concerned for some of the Teams at the bottom half I think it Could be a blood bath in the second half Of the Season against like Liverpool Anfield City at at the yetti had but but As I said I feel like for two of them it Was kind of expected maybe Burnley a Little bit less as you said the S Conjuction wasn't so good like Sheffield United Luton I think they just would Have expected it like you take the money You improve your squad you try and come Back again after that uh with a with a Bigger budget yeah yeah again like it's Not a criticism of them isn't and it's Not like and and like you said it's not Unexpected like we looked at the teams Coming up and we were like this is not Amazing this is not amazing for them you Know in that they're going to have quite An unpleasant year of getting smacked About but you know you get the parachute

Payments and then you do build a more Sustainable Squad like that's completely Fine like this will change the future of Luten town yeah great they don't care But at the same time it might be a Season where yeah you go to anfield you Get smacked you go to the Emirates maybe You get smacked like there are going to Be some bad results for all these teams And it's just the way it is like that That's how it goes but you know other Teams are getting smacked as well vill Have been smacked Brighton have been Smacked so far so yeah it's going to Entertain it's going to happen but I Think yeah for some of those some of the Weaker sides in the league if Fundamentally if I'm like a if I'm a Palace or an Everton I think this is a Really good season for us where we get To consolidate we get to add a couple of Pieces we don't have to go crazy buying Our way you know into kind of Into 17th we can just stay the course And see how things go so yeah I think It's um it's really hard to predict Who'll go down yep uh okay next one I've Got uh Manchester United related shock Uh I think Manchester United have a real Goal scoring issue um and you just Learned this this last month well I Think more so this this last month Because I think I was kind of hopeful in The Summer with the arrival of Mount

With a recognized number nine in Rasmus Ho who we're all big fans of like really Really talented player I think United I Was kind of expecting United would have Alleviated some of these issues in the Final Third but it just hasn't happened like It last season there were massive goal Scoring issues at United you know Everybody knows didn't score nearly Enough goals for the position they ended Up in really it was the defense that Bailed them out big time this season I Really thought that United would grow Into it a little bit in forward areas Start putting together some patterns of Play start putting together some Consistent style where teams were Getting broken down it looks almost Worse in the final third which is which Is a big worry you've not had you know Your ideal amount of players to choose From to build this kind of football Though yet I can understand that and That's part of the reason you know the Defenses look so poor know Nas look so Porous and building from the back Doesn't look great but in the forward Areas like when you United can't sustain Pressure which is a major problem and The shot quality is terrible like I Think United 18th in the league for shot Quality like there's big problems with XG I think United are 11th or 12th by

Expected goals they're not creating Enough chances and when Bruno has a dip Which I think over this last month he Has he hasn't been at his usual best Rash has not started the same either That it just high like oh my God how are United going to score a goal like United Can't figure out how to put a pattern Together to score a goal and I thought At the start of the Season you know United would be able to solve this issue I think after the first month I thought You know H's going to come into the team And I'm sure that's going to fix it to a Level have a proper number nine hland Now in the team looks amazing even with Him looking so good you know back to Goal plays amazing really good dribbler Looks like a great Finisher United still can't score a goal But they also aren't really doing Anything well right now like I I know That I know they loads of injuries to The defense and actually I think some of Those impact on the attack as well so They you know not having not having a Not having a fit left back at all you Know is a big problem yeah R sure but It's also but my concern is also that United it's not like the defense has Been good it's not like the game control Has been good it's not like the attack Has been good there's basically been Nothing that's been good yeah um except

For you know like guys ey hland really And that is a bit of a concern because You know like Arsenal's attack I don't Think looks very good right now their Attack has taking a step back for sure But the game control I'd say has been Much much better I think that's true of Other teams as well you know like maybe A little bit something's fallen off but It's being compensated for what's going On with United at the moment is I don't Really understand why it's not like well Let's at least try and win games you Know like 43 when all our Defenders are Out like like because they genuinely They can't score four goals but but then The but then the idea should be well Let's not ask casmiro at his age to make Runs into the six-yard area and to be Essentially the only defense presence in Midfield or let's change up our form Rather than asking Amat to play in a Position where essentially he is always Always unsure of where he needs to be on The pitch which is not really his fault Like it's just difficult and and I Understand that but like I I think you Know last season the defense was so Vastly improved and Derek ten har and It's always going to look worse isn't it When you strip away the starting back Four you know the case would be the same For any other Premier League size the Entire back four has been injured for

The last three weeks or a month and it Will be after the international break Too but in forward areas and I Understand it's offset again because of The defensive issues largely the Personnel has been there other than you Know anon's been stripped out a little Bit issues but largely the personel like Bruno's been fit rashford's been fit H's Been fit for the last month or so or at Least the last three weeks right wing is A little bit of an issue But I just don't see the idea like I Think like think I don't quite get what The plan is to score a goal and I always Think that's a worry for a team well it Was always weird for me I I we said it On my vibes I really didn't understand Ten Hog's like uh statement I I want to Be the best transition side in the world Like especially the way that we're not Playing well on transition no no yeah But I think it's a we a weird statement To to make because that's not I don't Feel you're not going to win a title by Being the best Transition and also Liverpool will Always be a better transition side Didn't like I think he just tough yeah Know that quote has been like talked About so much asn't he and I think he Was and he was kind of referring within The quote to you know United of old if You think of a United goal I think was

Basically the question like you do think Of quick two touch sort of inter Rooney Ronaldo like everybody flying forward at PACE and I think that's kind of what he Was referring to more than just being a Counterattacking side like you can be in Control and transitional but I I just I Just don't get what we're trying to do Like I don't get the attacking patterns Defensively I understand it much more Whenever he's fit last season you could Definitely see what United were doing Defensively with Luke Shaw and Martinez That was a great combination and those Four routs so defensively the excuse is There the excuses there for reason United conceding so many goals no Nana Hasn't started brilliantly but in Forward areas what is the plan to score A goal like at Arsenal you can see what They're trying to do how the patterns Are operating to get a goal same at Liverpool same at City even to a level So at Chelsea I just don't get the it's like Hit a long ball to rashford going to Have to beat hit it into rash he's going To hold someone off and he's going to Try and play someone in yeah like Bruno Scores a well like it's always a moment Of individual Brilliance rather than a Plan so I think that's what I've learned A little bit over the last month that do You think it'll ever come uh it's going

To have to M yeah it's going to have to Yeah there won't be this bad long I Think I think United will improve and I Keep saying to everybody everybody's Hammering me but I keep saying like Around December January I just think United are going to click but like for The next month again I just United have Got to start scoring some goals they've Got to start scoring some goals Interesting we'll see what happens uh my Other one is uh the Premier League Injuries are getting worse um now this Could also be something for the rest of Europe as well I my main kind of looking Into it was the Premier League of the 20 Teams in the Premier League 13 have five Or more injuries which is a ridiculous Number like so I think um according to The website three have over 10 Chelsea Brenford and Manchester United uh Man City have I think seven or eight it's Getting ridiculous I feel like for years We've sat on on all of our shows and Been like we're playing lots of football At the moment even more football's been Asked you know they've thrown a World Cup in they've got a two week break in The summer like we're going to see a Knock on effect happen um the summer Coming they've got the Euros in Europe Like these players just just aren't Having any time off of their bodies to To recover there is an element as well

With like with the physicality that's Come to the Premier League like maybe It's expect kind of that's a a result of It as well record number of ACL injuries Though that's not nothing to do with Physicality in necessar very yeah very Very true um just it feels almost like Every single match you're seeing a Player go down with some sort of injury And he's out four months yeah I think Well I think a large part of this is to Do with the mid-season World Cup last Year like it's the first time we've ever Seen that happen and subsequently Players were playing 70 games and that's Never happened in a season before and You're obviously seeing issues off the Back of that you know I think Bruno Fernandez played like 72 games last Season including the World Cup it's like That is just absolutely unsustainable Like well and then you've got you know Youth International tournaments as well And the league is generally getting Younger you've got stuff like this which Is based around the idea that like young Players don't play that many minutes you Know um and now the Champions League is Changing and it's just even more games It's going to get worse they're going to Have to increase the size of squads um But then you just feel like that will Maybe separate even further the teams That can afford a larger wage bill from

The teams that can't um it's these sorts Of things are going to fundamentally Change the landscape of football and we Might well see the top sides in Different leagues detach themselves even Further from the sides below them Because they can add in some more Players they can be a little bit more Injury proof because you know This week like the the City Arsenal game Like city were missing rodri de Bruner Arsenal were missing sakur Martinelli And Timber to start you know obviously Martin came back in but You those teams can still play to a Pretty high level with those guys Missing if you're a side who are kind of Carried to some degree by one or two Stars look at Everton with do which is How we expect most teams to play right You know you're carried by a kind of by Your two best players or something well Th those teams are going to have serious Problems yeah yeah I think I I totally Agree and like I think there was a lot Of travel in this year's preseason it Felt like teams were all over the place And playing loads of games and that's Obviously affected by commercial uh Reasons but too much football man like Slightly especially as you mentioned With that younger younger generation Like obviously he's been ex he's been Exceptional um and playing the M

Football he's played has been a big part Of that for Jude Bellingham but like I What's Jude Bellingham going to be like At 28 when he started at 16 well he's Also a freaking nature talk the best Midfielder the World Cup and and also The advantage of being at Real Madrid is You can get Rested you can get rested in the league Whereas you know like City are going to Expect rogy to play every game when he's Fit like that's just how it is Jesus so I mean I think that it's um I don't know I mean I guess I just look at this kind Of stuff and I think no one really cares About the players there doesn't seem to Be like a strong voice to represent the Players you know like the players union Doesn't really seem to I guess cuz they Don't really have power the game is like Motivated by money and so that means That changes are always going to be made With one eye on increasing Revenue um And what it essentially does is just Like kind of grind players up in the Process so I don't know man it's it's It's a genuinely worrying situation and I think whether they find a way to cut Down on International fixtures um Whether they find a way where they have To bin a cup competition you know some Of these things need to be done well Obviously we're still one of the few Nations that um or competitions that

Still have a third a third tournament Don't we so like yeah do we need the The League Cup but for a lot of smaller Teams The League Cup is still quite an Important thing maybe smaller team can Continue to play it you know there's a Way to do it that doesn't end up with Just like four premier league teams Contesting the semi-finals and less Fixture congestion there's a way to do That that's fine uh Pat your last one uh My last one is uh Chelsea little note of Optimism for Chelsea I think things have Clicked a little bit but Chelsea's Numbers have been very very good all Season very good um they had that awful First month still is it fixture related Though do you think yeah but I think you Know that happens like teams have the More important thing is that I can see a Style I do think I can see a style and It's perfectly possible to have an easy Run of fixtures and still not play very Well um Chelsea can beat what's in front Of them and at least recently they've Been doing that which they haven't been Doing prev They're still extremely Erratic but you know Po's first year at Spur is very erratic and this sad a load Of guys who don't know each other a load Of guys who are new to the league a load Of guys who are extremely young and in a Portion of their career where they're

Still learning their own games let alone That of their teammates let alone you Know the Prem um they have a plus four Goal difference which is very high for a Team that's in 11th uh they have a plus Seven expected goal difference by the Numbers they're the fourth best side in The league now I don't think anyone Really thinks that's the case case but Sterling looks amazing yeah looks Amazing n Nicholas Jackson is continuing To get the chances and it's worth Remembering that there was a time where Raheem Sterling was renowned as being a Horrible finisher but he kept on getting The chances and over time he became a Real match winner you know for Man City I read something on Twitter yesterday That he had 14 game winners in the 20171 18 season pretty good for a guy who's a Terrible finisher so I do think that if Jackson finds his shooting boots then That will be he is a teams don't really Know how to handle him they've had 64% Of the ball that's second to city They're third for passes per defensive Action so basically the intensity of Their pressing so you can see stylistic Stuff coming in and I think Sanchez has Been good I think Conor Gallagher has Been pretty good right so I look at them And I think could still use a proper Center forward could still use you know Kaiso putting on football boots instead

Of clogs like there are lots of things That they could benefit from but I look At Co I look at Jackson I look at Sanchez has been good when he's joined Malo you know I look at these guys and I Think I think I've got loads of optimism For this side I think they're pretty Good and I still think PO chatino is a Good manager so are they you know top Four good probably not but are they be In and around like the Europa League Places definitely and the question is of Course how they're how they can afford To add pieces to this squad as the years Go on with the amount of uh of money They're amortizing players have to They've got the moment the amortization Yeah and and they're going to be Incredibly hard to move off the books And when you do move them off the books Because you'll have amortized less Because they're on Long contracts you're Actually taking a bigger hit when you Sell them on you know you won't have Amortized 40% of their fee on a 5year Contract you'll have amortize 20% on a 10-year contract it's like boring Football stuff but it basically makes Them less Nimble in terms of Reconstructing their squad on the Fly um But I don't think they need that much More like they've got a Midfield now That I think can be very good they've Got guys like cwell and defense like the

Squad is Young so super young I think It's the second or the youngest in the Premier League yeah I mean if you wait By minutes played I can't remember who's Top it's Arsenal second and I think Chelsea Chelsea definitely in the mix But like you know and I think the Average is brought up by guys like Thiago Silva but but you but you look at Chelsea and I think I see what they're Trying to do I like a lot of their Players they've had some good wins Big Month them though I think they'll be all Right big month huge month coming up in Arsenal right I think Theyve Arsenal next uh we Face Manchester United We face man city no Liverpool we've played Liverpool um good We've got uh newcast we've got Brighton I think next month we really be able to See even if they don't win many games The level Chelsea are at because you you Know they haven't beaten a top 10 side Or a top eight side I think it but even If you don't beat them you know January 2022 can you control the ball against a Better side can you shut the back door Against you know though they haven't one In two years I agree but like it's but It's also kind of but sometimes you can Just like not win a game because you're A bit unlucky I thought they were the Better side when they played Liverpool Comfortably the better side and not so

Much better that they deserved a win but They were better if they can do that you Know like impose their Style on some People continue to play their High Pressing game not get absolutely picked Apart getu back cool and yeah I think we All agree thatu is going to be one of The things that makes the team work yeah Exactly few other injes all right let's Get some quick far questions then shall Cuz I put our tweet literally just as We're about to start shooting this uh Swago he's back in the building I heard That name for a while he says best loan Deal this window so far does anybody Have any suggestions off the top of my Head I was immediately drawn to J felex Who I think has started life really well At Barcelona I was slightly concerned For him given how that transfer came About and the sort of beggy nature of it Where he was like oh if one thing I Could dream of doing is playing for Barcelona I wasn't sure how he was going To fit looks like a natural Barcelona Player like technically very good They've got a lot of injuries Barcelona And they're going to be praying for Robert leandi to be B fit for El Classico because you know that hamstring Problem I don't know whether he travel With Poland in the end for the International break uh but evil ways Ro Fix is going to have to step up so I

Think I might say Felix Rya chvy Simmons Chv he's been the he's been their best Attacker so far this season he's been Every bit what he's been build as um and I think then you look at I think you Look at PSG next year and you think Maybe they don't have mbappe anymore but Ramos colani demele Cherry Simmons There's a good attack there there is a Good attack to be had so Les OS too yeah And he's playing in a proper league so This is his opportunity you know to League it's rough on the aisy but but Fundamentally Everybody Eats in the aisy Like defenses in the aisy are optional So in the Bundesliga it's a little bit More of a step up than you know next Year Lega suddenly you're going to start To see what this guy really is um but he Couldn't really be impressing more yeah Uh this one from too says vanen or Gabrielle Gabrielle it's got got to be Gabrielle on like yeah for Now good looks rapid he's allowed Spurs To get about 15 yards higher up the Pitch already and it's almost the Perfect compliment for Romero because Romero is so aggressive in his defending Out the line and vanen so Pacey in Behind it the balance of of like the Defense hasn't been very good though it Hasn't been very good at suppose I don't Def been amazing either it's promising But also I'd Al I'd also point out

Though that I guess Gabrielle has he Does have celba next to him but he also Has zinchenko going forward and has to Cover a wider area whereas I think that UD DOI has been really really good next To fanden as well um but I mean look Gabrielle's been in the league a couple Of years fanden has been in it for five Minutes like you can't really judge this And Van isn't it before Spurs you only Play one season as well you have like a Huge um he only 2 record like that's so young for a Center back we forget that yeah I agree Uh vs games say angelot were taking over The Brazil job in 2024 who in your Opinion should be his replacement at Madrid well it seems like shabby Alonzo's lined up isn't it uh do you Think that's the right don't know Obviously he's been electric at Leverkusen so far and they're the top of The he came at L he came at lcus when They weren't they weren't um that good Like he he he had a tough job uh there And he's managed to build a side that Playing fantastic football their Recruitment's been really good fun um And he's got the BET like the youngsters He's improved really well Bon um uh vers Who's come back from that injury and Managed to nurture him well and that you Look at that Real Madrid side it's a Young side that uh has to kind of

Develop the players at the same time as Also winning leagues and the Champion League it is a big big pressure that oh It's the be it's one of the most Pressure jobs in the world if not if Maybe second to to Manchester United United um But unless they're going to go back for Zenine zadan again or or kind of Convince a Klo or something to come over That be sick I don't think it's going to I think it'd be a really interesting Move that would be a good time to make a Play for club though right would you not Think like a little bit like you're kind Of long contract I know but you'd be Like you're rebuilding again you've been There for ages now like are you Interested in moving on or are you going To basically stay at Liverpool until You're an international manager I think That honestly might be what he does like He just seem very happy to be there well Fair enough but I mean like I I kind of Think zadam would make a lot of sense if Somebody hasn't announced themselves as The obvious candidate because the squad Is really good you just need someone to Get the talent in and been a lot of Talks about Alonzo already there's been A lot of talks about sure but we just Don't we just don't know much about him Though like and I think it's a risk and I don't know like Madrid take risks I

Would love spetti as well I think spetti Would be sick spetti is a good manager Super high press job he's had in the Past like especially especially Obviously Napoli and plays really Attractive football I mean I would I Would love to see a speli Madrid I don't Think it'll happen but I'd like to see It yeah uh this one from Theo he says Who is the best poacher currently Playing and who is the greatest of all Time in terms of poacher now this is Different to Striker I think who's the Best penalty boxer around the Box um Callum Wilson's very good you know I Think I've always been impressed by that Like just a huge presence in the has Like this incredible knack for being in The right spot I mean but probably it is Like the stri har is it not Kane Probably Kane or leowski like the fact That they're not just poachers doesn't Mean that they aren't also great is he's A poacher for me Harland is like scores All his goals in the box like he's Constantly in positions in and around The six but he's not afraid to run with The ball like he's not but most of his Goals come from first touch finishes Around the Box very natural In front of goal for me in terms of Poacher harand fits that realm very well At the moment like I also like if we're Talking about Strikers by the way if if

This question was finishers I might have Son quite high like I think son's Finishing son's the best finisher I Think we've seen other than Messi in the Last 10 years he he it's crazy Statistically he's he's been outrageous For years and a half times XG I think He's got like 105 goals from like 70 XG Over the last like ridiculous many years Think poacher it's Harland and the best Of all time poacher for me the best I've Seen is Vanessa Roy I was say we yeah I Think Raul was very very natural van Story though like there was always this Thing of like Van Story was this Incredible finisher and he was but I Think people have this idea that like Great Strikers never miss chances and I Miss missed all the time but he was just There all the time I mean obviously guys We didn't see like G Müller and liner Are kind of guys you'd want to talk About in this conversation but like [ __ ] What [ __ ] I scored every kind of goal you know Like Ian Wright as well was really good At this but I don't know in football fo In the Box typ in football this going Back to your vanis point in football Normally the like de bruyne misses the Most passes in the Premier League like To to normally by vanoy like he puts Himself in those positions to miss or Put them in the back of the net it's a

Very difficult one it's a har Miss is The most biggest opportunity Mario Gomez Was very good Mario Gomez was very good Mario Gomez was just always in the right Spot just like And also I think guys like Mario Gomez Um where you look at them and you're Like you're not particularly fast you're Not particularly skillful but you score Constantly well what helps you to do That like at least hland you're Like unbelievable athlete unbelievable Athlete and Incredibly like acrobatic he Can do those things where you look at Someone like Mario Gomez I'm like Mario Gomez is just a guy like he was in great Shape he's just a guy scored constantly Uh all right there we go that's another Episode of Sunday Vibes in the can those Are the things we learn if you do want To come and watch your Sport come down To clubhouse 5 by Leicester Square it is Sensational thanks to Pat thanks to Zach And thanks to you guys at home for Watching we'll see you later goodbye

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