Sri Lanka off to a good start, can Australia get a breakthrough? Joy Bhattacharjya & Gaurav Kapur discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Sri Lanka versus Australia at lakau a Very important game for both these teams Because they need to get a win both of Them need to get a win haven't got one In this campaign so far Sri Lanka won The toss and chose to bat and is going Well for them this is cribs combox I'm God of Kapoor with me joy bachara uh There it is 84 for no loss at the end of 15 they could have not asked ask for a Better start their opening partnership That has not been very effective so far Has done well today nanka is 42 not out Kosal Perera is 36 not out lucky to be There Pereira cuz Hey Maxwell got him Joy he got him yeah he got him twice I Mean he got him once and then again There was another one where the sweep Just went over the top edge of the sweep Just escaped I thought Maxwell was a Pick of the bowlers he did really well Today but they've written their luck and Six and over in the first 15 against Australia they re can they fancy their Chances you know they'll be they'll be Very happy I think uh more I mean Australia of course have not been Penetrative uh in the first 10 they've Not been able to break that opening Partnership but I think the other Problem was because they took that Review first ball of the Innings when Maxwell's chance came to get that that

Was a wicket against kosal Pera when you Saw the the replay you saw that was Clipping like stum but they were just Not confident enough to take the because They had lost one and this things are Just not going right for Australia yeah Just nothing going right there was an Alex carry catch also you know Jo it is I keep say still there I don't Blame you I don't blame you cuz they Dropped carry after one game but yeah The Wicket keeper dropped or let that Chance go it wasn't an easy one but the Days that you know Australia is on top Of the game these chances tend to stick They aren't sticking today and it tells You a little bit e over Maxwell comes on That's very early considering you have Three Topline seamers for the eighth Over for a spinner to come on means the Captain is looking around wondering who Should I throw the ball to H there is a Term in Hindi we use called Habra Duri right that's exactly what it is Where just a little bit of confused Thinking perhaps or just when things are Not going your way I guess this can Happen things are really going Sri Lanka's way because you look at that Batting lineup it's a good batting Lineup there's plenty of Firepower to Follow uh and uh they've not had this Start before so how happy are they at This point with the start two starts are

One and four suddenly these two get Going it's a big match for them because Their Captain's just out you know one of Their top Bowlers is out but they reckon If they get 300 350 this is an Australian time which is not the Australian side we know this is not the Confident Australians that people are Used to they get 300 plus this Australian team will be under a lot of Pressure let's talk about this pitch for Just a second because in lakau this is What happens it starts off kind of Easier to score as the day goes on as The pitch gets more and more used Batting gets slightly tougher is not as Easy that makes this start even more Important even more important but I'll Have to tell you one thing if you look At it that way other than Maxwell these Sri Lankan batsmen are actually used are More used to playing under conditions Where the pitch slows down than the Australian batsman so if they can sort Of they use they play the risk well they You know they very Supple risk they will Manipulate it better so if Australia Doesn't get a good start and these Sri Lankans keep going the way they are this Could be very difficult for the Australians yeah because uh they've got The inform newly appointed Captain Kushal Mendes uh he's to follow uh then They're batting they've got Samar via

Char salanka danan Silva Cham chamika Karuna ratne who's coming for das Shanaka he can Tonk the ball as well and We saw dunit vag he wasn't too bad Against he wasn't too bad against Everyone in the Asia cup so they have Batting to go at this point in time I Know it's still still away but I mean They're looking good at at 275 plus Maybe close to a 300 score not only that These is not the way Sri Lanka normally Plays yeah they're normally very wham Bam hit every ball out of the ground so Theyve played a very controlled Innings By their standards and it's paid off for Them because they knew that if they Blunt this attack they can really Plunder the Australians later and I Think they've set up a really good base For themselves it's for them to throw Away the start now but they have the Start yeah well Australia desperately Desperately need a wicket if not two at This point in time but uh if you're a Sri Lanka fan well things are looking Very good can they defeat the five-time Winners and make Australia go zero from Three games anyways very early days just 15% of the game done we're going to see You for another combox another update at The 35 over Mark we know it's a Monday You're probably busy all around the World you know working getting ready for School college don't know where you are

Maybe you're back maybe it's late Whatever it is we got you covered so do Your work for the next 20 overs put your Notifications on on crickbuzz we'll be Back with the combox at the end of the 35th over from G of enjoy it's bye for [Music] Now

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