On this week’s FD10, we’re looking at 10 players exploding this season. Some are established stars given new life after a change of coach, like Achraf Hakimi, while others have excelled after landing at a new club, like Tottenham’s James Maddison, or Bayer Leverkusen’s Granit Xhaka. There are also those rebuilding stuttering careers, like Chelsea flop Joao Felix or Julian Brandt at Dortmund, and we’ve also got space for youngsters you need to know, lighting up Atalanta and Atletico Madrid so far.

But who did we miss out? Let us know in the comments


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Hello and welcome to football daily Where today we're looking at 10 players Who have found a new level in the early Weeks of 2023 24 let's get into it 10 Ashraf Hakimi their 4-1 druming at the Hands of Newcastle aside it's just Possible that Paris sjain might be Turning into a serious club the Departure of lonel Messi makes the squad Less topheavy than before and the Additions of hardworking forwards like Gonsalo Ramos and Rand kumani will help The balance as well a genuine Destroyer IM Manuel Ugarte solid possession Defenders like milania and Lucas Hernandez Usman dembele has also been Sensational in the early weeks for lisis Enrique but it's Ashraf hakeim who's Really blossomed under the Spanish coach As well as five goals and assists in Eight games behind only mbappe in the Squad he's somehow filling the whole Left by verati creating two chances a Match as well as equaling rodri and Tony Cruz for passes into the final third and Hitting nearly 12 Progressive passes the Latter leading in Europe also in the top 2% in his position for Outlet Bulls Received shots and Carries into the box The Moroccan is arguably the best Attacking fullback in the game and he Even helps out defensively recovering The ball enough to place in the top Quarter of wide Defenders with a coach

Capable of getting the dressing room in Check PSG just need to build patiently And they could have something exciting On their hands hakeim can be part of That Foundation nine Julian brand Julian Brand's time at Bia Dortmund has been up And down dumped into Midfield the Germans midlink output almost saw him Leave for Arsenal or Liverpool but he's Now restored not just to the starting Lineup but to the attack playing on both Sides and in the hole so far this season And producing six goals and seven Appearances as a consequence with xgp 90 Of 0.7 an alltime high putting him on Track to beat his already impressive Record of 17 goals and assists in each Of his last two campaigns highly touted As a wide man in his youth by lusen Brandt has crept over two shots a game For the first time since 2019 while 3.3 Chances created a match is by far his Best ever and roughly the same as Kevin De bruyne and with a higher position Brandt is getting licensed to take risks Again with exciting consequences yes a Decrease in pass and dribble completion But more touches in the box and shots Coming from 16 yards out instead of 18 He's averaged across his career still Unbeaten but down in fourth Dortmund Need a solid year to fend off Rivals new And old in Leverkusen lipic and stutgart Lucky for them veterans like Roy and

Brandt are setting an example eight Camera right now Monaco's place at the Top of Lian looks fortunate given their Numbers are fourth best in France but There are real positives as well as Youngsters like Aku and matazo coming Through F and balagan has bolstered a Front line already boasting benetta and The in minamino and in Midfield Yousef Fana has experienced support in Zakaria And golovan but also a potential Long-term partner muhamad CA it's his Second year at Monaco after a 15 million Euro switch from salsburg and the Maran Has clearly settled in distribution is Improving from five final third passes To over seven a game and he's creating More chances while increasing his pass Accuracy from 87% to 94% a very good Sign he also wins possession far more Than fana and while he hasn't found his Dribbling Groove only beating his man a Quarter of the time he is driving into The danger zone more than anyone else in The squad and getting fouled more than He fouls too now we don't expect a Trophy for the monagas n's Squad is far More exciting PSG stacked the rafters But a return to Champions League Football would be a welcome Boon for a Side which hasn't been there in 4 years And with a great coaching adih hooa and Plenty of prepeak talent another special Team could be taking place on the south

Coast seven Edison no not that Edison We're talking about the Brazilian Midfielder at Atlanta in his second Season under gasparini after moving from Caana in 2022 24 years old he's become a Nail run starter alongside theun and CPE Miners after to just 25 starts last Campaign and he's a key part of the Burgo outfits change from an attacking Whirlwind to a defensive Powerhouse the Club allowing just 5.6 XG through eight Games second lowest in Italy and fourth In Europe's top five leagues that's Because Edison is making an Extraordinary 5.3 tackles and Interceptions per 90 up from 4.2 in 2022 23 and he's also stepped up his passing Since the departure of rusam malinowski Doubling his Progressive passes that's Impressive given he's playing a more Reserve game with his tackles and Touches coming deeper on the field and He clearly gets the responsibility Mopping up loose balls more often Carrying the ball up the center and both Contesting and winning more headers it Appears that in Edison gasparini has Polished another Gem and bigger sides Will be watching six James Madison Everyone agrees that James Madison was a Great signing for Spurs a peak age Homegrown attacker proven in the league And in a position of need he ticked Every box and for just £46 million it

Was exactly the kind of feel-good Purchase the Lily whites needed sugaring The pill of record goal scorer Harry Kane's relocation to Munich but we're Not sure anyone saw the new number 10 Performing at this level so quickly with Seven goals and assists Madison has Forced himself into the odard Fernandez Tier of Playmakers and at his present Rate he'd break his own record for Premier League goal involvements of 20 By matchweek 24 he's either taken or Created a third of all of spurs' shots In the Premier League this campaign and On top of that he's doubled his Progressive passes and put up career High dribble stats as well as winning Three free kicks a game for his side With Madison running things Spurs are Leading the league for open Play XG and Shots after 8 weeks and somehow sit top Of the table talk about exceeding Expectations five Samuel loo Brazilian Youngster Samuel loo returned to Atletico Madrid this summer after a Decent loan at Valencia but frankly it Was surprising that he stayed let alone That he's now excelling the 23-year-old Played most ly in attack for Los CH but Has been dragoned into the left wing Back slot by Simeone where he's Acquitted himself well putting up three Goals and assists in three starts and Somehow doubling his XG to 0.6p 90

Despite his deepest spot that puts him Almost halfway to last season's total of Seven goal contributions but not only Has Samuel shown n product he's been Busy out of possession too 4.6 tackles And interceptions per 0 is second in Atleti Squad while his staggering 85% Tackle success rate leads it and while Both might be too good to last his Progressive carry stats are building on Last year's promise with a whopping five A game placing him in the top 1% of Fullbacks it would even make the top 10% Of attackers with numbers just as good As roals and a more rounded roster than Ever and lesie might be due another Title challenge this season for them to Get close Squad players like Samuel will Have to continue showing their class Four xia Felix after four goals in 20 For Chelsea it seem xia Felix had blown His last shot at a top career but the Portuguese somehow wriggled out of Madrid and into the camp new over the Summer though only on a one-year loan it Seemed like the switch was only a Product of Felix's public maneuvering Rather than a real self-belief he could Become good but the 23-year-old is only Just outside the most used Bara XI so Far playing more minutes than Rafia or Fan Torres in that time he's been Sensational with 0.8 XG per 90 the best Of his time in Spain and only behind

Levandowski what's more his two goal Involvements short changes his Performances underlying stats suggesting He should be closer to four in five Starts let off the leash in a ball Dominant team he's hitting career best Numbers for passing defending ball Carrying and receiving and it's clear That he's finally got the role he wanted Only getting around 12 touches more a Game than he did at Atletico but twice As many in the final third it may feel Like he's been around forever but Felix Is younger than eichi e Eddie Anda and Randall kwani if he can turn this Temporary move into a permanent one Start could yet be possible three Alexander isach With Champions League Football back at St james' park for the First time since Alan Shir was leading The line it's appropriate that the team Has a great Striker lighting up their Season Alexander isak has six goals Already this season trailing only Harland in the Prem and he's registered A staggering 0.9 XG per 90 topping his Previous best in a top five League of 0.7 achieved with sidat in 2020 21 when He eventually backed 19 goal Involvements at 23 it's not surprising To see Isaac Leap Forward and Promisingly he's up to 3.3 shots a game Good for the top third of Strikers and His best tally outside the Netherlands

But he's also managing a career best Past accuracy at nearly 80% and he's in The top 12% in his position for dribbles And passes into the box and in the top 4% for dribbles into the penalty area Driving his team Into the Danger Zone Again and again with the result that Newcastle are putting up 2.2 XG per game Compared to 1.9 last term with with Underlying numbers every bit as good as Arsenal and City so far and a tougher Schedule than either the magp can afford To dream big and Isa going Supernova Would go a long way to ending a 69-year Wait for major silverware the young swed Looks to be keeping his end of the Bargain two Granite Jaa coming off seven Goals and seven assists in 33 games last Season it seemed Granite Jaa at the age Of 30 was UN likely to hit a new gear The Swiss spent much more time in the Final third as Arsenal romped into the Title race with a third of his touches There compared to 1th in the two Previous campaigns so when he completed A 21 million EUR switch to by lusin it Was unclear what boss shabi Alonzo had In mind for the veteran firmly installed Back in Midfield Jaca has been a Revelation so far he's completing 93 Passes a game more than twice the number He did under artetta while he leads Europe for passes into the final third And ranks six for Progressive passes as

Well as playing the ball into the Penalty area as often as sacka or Salah He's also winning more tackles and Carrying the ball forward more while Losing it less helping lusin to 23 goals In seven games matching B for the best Record in the top five leagues to date Famously without a title in their History lusen could end that Jinx on Their 120th birthday next summer and as Someone who's rebuilt his career from Miserable depths at Arsenal Jaca could Be the perfect man to lead them one Julian Alvarez with de bruy a sidelined And mahz gone to Saudi Manchester City Needed someone to step up along side Earling Harland in this campaign as Julan Alvarez has arguably been the League's informed player through the Opening two months the Argentinian won The treble and the World Cup in 2022 23 But on a personal level he still had Something to prove playing Just 67% of Argentina's minutes as they won a third International crown and just 43% of City's League game time it's only taken Eight weeks for him to make his points Already the 23-year-old has six goal Involvements for one every 110 minutes While his 3.3 shots per game and 2.6 key Passes sit second and third in the squad Respectively but he's also good at Breaking up play committing more Tactical fouls than any other City

Forwards and he's got more efficient on The ball too losing possession less Often than players like gardio and Berardo Silva a great way to endear Himself to Pep Guardiola already Requiring just three more goal Involvements to beat last year's tally Alvarez is coming at age at the perfect Time for the citizens and alongside Harland and doku he could help carry the Club into a post Squad Ola future so That was our look at 10 players who have Started the season on fire but who do we Miss let us know in the comments down Below as always if you enjoyed this Video smash the like button and Subscribe to football daily if you Haven't already with notification switch On so you never miss a video we'll see You next time bye-bye

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