Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”) against mexican top ranked athlete Rogelio Medina Luna with nickname “Porky”. Fight took place in Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo, USA on May 20, 2017. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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David Benavidez (USA) vs Rogelio Medina (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Event time an opportunity to fight for The WBC super Py Medina David El Bandera Roa Benav at all Times it's Main Event time an Opportunity to fight for the WBC super Opportunity and now we are underway David benovitz just can he get the most Emphatic Victory on his is trying to Once again fight for a world champion The gold where in the blue and the black Is Medina and don't blankz to finish Their fights early yeah they do both These guys start off really aggressively Right here you see Medina Penning The Undefeated Ben the first four rounds so He doesn't like to make it a long night Immediately goes for that hook and that Left hook is put away many people Including J he put a lot of people away He hates going to the distance this is His first schedule don't like to Necessarily extend their Evenings don't get paid by the minute or Hour you can take out your opponent take Them out go home with a some upper Echelon world class and world champions R right Hand with Peter quillin a just name of For his world title against Daniel Jacobs not only that but he sparred Kelly P and Latif coyote fighting and

Spawning a lot of guys ever since he Moved and started training at the Wild Card gym and under F roach Toage at the age of five and a big right Hand that backs up roio Medina 28th in Los we got a barn burner Eliminator Between David benitz and roio medino Round number two comes your way this is The PBC here in L Texas Helio Medina David vanz there you see in the corner To be a chubby kid and kids called him That and it's sort of but a big reason Why he decided to turn pro was because Of Fitness in Jordan Hardy has both Trying to establish themselves they're Both pressure Fighters and it's like it Looks like they're fighting but right Now he's backing up because he respects Medina he respects the power he's Respecting something in there discovered Manny Pacquiao and then Sergio Martinez They were eight years apart benas now Is back comes an uppercut there by Medina answers back with an overhand Right right there I like what I said What I see by Benitas he exploded with Those shots right There momentarily hals the Action bad ombres like they say but uh We're slowly as soon as this fight Starts progress like that they know no Other way a nice left hook by the 20-year-old out Of David benovitz turned pro at the age

Of 16 now you're probably asking how is That possible because you To Mexico to start the first years of His pro career he said look I had my Amate career but I was ready to Transition into being a the first time We've ever seen Benitas actually back up And be against the ropes fighting Against the ropes and he's fighting to Tell you the truth I like what I'm Saying Ro minina trying to suffocate Bidz Butz has a tight guard and of his Own final moments of this second round The action is intense of Texas David Benas had a left hook there two left Hooks it has been left hook City in the Final moments of the second round Between David benitz and roel Medina This is each other David benitz and roio Medina let's take a look at the keys to Victory in terms of what David Ben Double hook to the body because he has That vicious left hook to the body but Med rounds especially having gone 12 Against James deil last April the better resume is on Medina's Part and a left hook there and roio Medina He realizes he is in there with a young Man who has Comes The Man known as Porky And David Benz at the moment hereo to Counter Punch Yeah he should because He's timing benz's power see that's the Thing you got to you got to throw

Different type of Jabs you got to throw The throwaway jab the the the F Ben Benas was just throwing one Medina being The veteran caught on to that and now David Benitas is picking apart Ro Med And in the third round both guys are Going at it here in the r much to the Appreciation hel Medina has his chin or He had his head on the chest but the Youth the size the strength and even the Speed cuz the faster fighter here is Ben AAS Medina relying on toughness and Timing which is what a lot of these Tough plotting Fighters do good shot There to the body by Benz and David Benz and roio Medina Fighting for an opportunity for the World championship and Medina is picking It off and swarming David Benitas and That is the end of the first has to say Okay I'm enjoying this and now standing By with for 12 now the winner of this Fight will fight the winner of Durell Sha decided to vacate the super Championship after his draw with James Deil and move up to 175 there there is a Nice right Hand I mean with 60 Knockouts and 17 Fights Benitas is not used to guys Taking this kind hash on social media PBC on FS1 and join usal media nice job By David Benz but Ro Medina see right there right here I Would like to see Medina use an angle

But that's not in take two three punches Right there Heur hook and David bavitz may have roio Medina in some trouble and upper is he Still standing he is taking a ton of Abuse forward wow he took an uppercut That almost took his head off and John Shley is watching roio Medina Ro Helio Medina has an iron chin because that Uppercut in the he's going down to the Body not getting eager good shot there By Medina a SL veteran trying to catch The J but he did not he was not erratic And now uppercut followed by by David VZ With his back on the ropes oh my Goodness a seven punch combin this is Why they believe so much in this 20-year-old slit h of a right hand Oh my goodness this is special this is Brutal [Applause] And here I have to regain my breath Ladies and gentlemen watching even Though it's only a one-sided fight One-sided round the toughness just Admire the toughness of pory Medina he Took some vicious this man this is Incredible to watch he really is David Benitas and David benas is looking at The likes of dvon David who is a young Eng over Li has to say look I can be a Young 20-year-old and become a world spe That he has the power that he has he's Going to gain a popularity easily and is

Sanchez who's the trainer of Gennady Golovkin gushes over David Benz he you Don't see po in a 20-year-old usually You see recklessness you see a little Abandonment but not what think he's Really really impressing a lot of people Tonight and you know what credit to Medina too because Medina in his corner And C are you telling him look quot deep Waters and drown him absolutely because This is going to be getting winded too He landed some big shots and Combinations this is the most thres that I've seen them ever seen them throw Maybe maybe that's exactly where Medina's corner should be concentrating Taking winner will go ahead and for the Right two for the world championship it Will be the and the winner of this match Up will fight that Winner and a big right hand on the side Of the head Al hel the body sneaky Little body shot but even better right Hook three Sledgehammer straight right Down the middle that have found their For David Ben mono here this is the epitome of two Tough Ombr and we are going to see a six round Two left hooks by David benas and we're Going into the corner there you see Jose Benitas senior well the last time that That particular David Bening theed and The I'll tell you what in it as far as

Will and heart and guts because this I Mean roio Medina and his girlfriend he Says that you know he is fighting for Seven months pregnant so Ro his newor That is on the way in just two months And there's a fighting for money and a Fighter that's fighting for Pride Medina Doesn't look like an opponent he doesn't Look like a guy that just if he Continues and those left Hooks and where Of that a big right hand backing up Medina but Medina seems to be wearing Down Just sh he's everything but the Kitchen sink and you know when you're Throwing those punches not only that but It didn't he has done all in his Arsenal To try to do that but it would serve him Well Sergio don't you right now you know What it Ser him well just catches his Energy get the keep the momentum away Medina is still coming and plotting Forward TR and only takes one shot from A puncher like Medina both these guys Are punchers it just takes one shot to Turn things trains his younger son but Also as he titlist he is the older Brother by 4 and2 years of closing Stages to right hands and now Medina With his back against the ropes he is Throwing this is heavy Onslaught by David Benitas as he is pouring it on Heading right hand John TR in it David Benas is trying to make a And finish off will the Medina right

Back and now is going a knock down Medina not happy to take this Onslaught It's for his own benefit the corner Really needs to look into Medina's into Medina's eyes on FS1 in the corner Jose Cavo the blood streaming from the him Off that shot straight a little low but He was still on the belt line but he's Just Landing I mean benitz is a puncher And he's Landing 90% of his punches His knock out OPP th far in Roo Medina and this should be a good round Because they they were really figh one To relax the other one are you sure you Still want to continue Ben hand he's using it at will is as we Saw in that sixth Round good shot there by B Spot he sparred really good good Opposition former champ Champions gened Four minute rounds with gened Golovkin I Mean most people can't Spar a couple of Minutes he has the experience in and out Of the ring and not only that the young Has Qui 100 seconds left in the seventh Round big Power shots out of the 20 Y and Benz above the right eye of Roo Medina two straight right hands that Bounced off the side of the this round It seemed like Benitas wanted to take This round off I mean he if anyone in Just in his face putting on the pressure And just force the punch lands those

Right hands the sweat is smacking off And just evaporating off the head of Medina that is round in my book and the Only thing right now is the will to win And something he has to win around at Least he has to land something Big of this seventh run and Medina now Has a tight guard but he for his own Good and what a stinging left up Rio Medina and no body shot there as Medina But he comes upstairs has a pous chance And that is that body sh S I've seen in person Seven for all the head shot he took it Was going back to the corner visibly he Has his hands over his and it took even More for him to rise up to his feet it Was a sneaky uppercut type shot yes it Was right there those are the shots that Actually hurt you body shot down there Anywhere near that area to put down Again to go ahead and okay the another Body shot and left H to the body and now David is trying to bring it the oh par Med what a punch and down Goes M and now who will challenge for The world title in the near future was Going to stop the fight nobody but the Referee or the doctor would have stopped Yes David benitz has stopped Ro M we Come back this is the PBC Undefeated David eletta [Applause] R

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