Bottom-placed Netherlands face high-flying South Africa in search of their first win in the 2023 ODI World Cup. Joy Bhattacharjya & Simon Doull preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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South Africa and Netherlands are playing Tomorrow South Africa's played two uh Netherlands have played two as well so They're going to be playing tomorrow uh That game is going to be happening in Tshala dly were you up in damala I was Yeah for was that was that Outfield as Horrible as it has has been reported it It was awful it really was bad um and Look it's not their fault I know the Change of seasons makes it very very Difficult they had to relay it all uh And it just hasn't bedded in it it just Hasn't the grass hasn't grown through And because of the cold temperatures They haven't been able to grow the grass And it hasn't bedded in so what you Didn't see from England in that first Game you don't see any sliding good so You won't see any sort of what David Warner did today I mean he dug a hole du A trench in that Outfield today didn't He um after taking that catch and his Knee got a bit caught you won't see any Of that yeah um if you're going to dive It's the old traditional dive way back In my day day where you just dive full Length um but you didn't you don't do That slide on your knee and try and pick It up it's just it is a non-negotiable Cuz you will do yourself an injury but The surface the pitch itself has been a Cracker been a really good good pitch so Um yeah look it's a lovely ground I just

I feel for them with the Outfield Hopefully um it's improving by the by The day yeah South Africa of course has Been in rip roaring form all their Batters have been in form let's have a Look at their team and see if they'd Make uh any changes is I I really doubt They'd make any changes they look Settled Joy what would you do right I Mean you I don't know maybe it's dhamala So maybe they instead of shami play Gerard Codi what they did in the first Game saying we want one more quick Option and maybe just one spinner that's The only thing I would do I definitely Not a play a second spinner out here I'd Go with it's a relatively small ground Altitude ball flies just get another Good fast Bower in yeah you think you do That because shami you know you're Playing Netherlands right not play too Much Top Flight wrist spin right in Their lead up so shami could do well Irrespective of the surface who's your Best bowler is Shamy better than Kia I Would say yes uh I just pick my best Bowlers and I'm in favor of that I know It's a small ground I know the ball Flies um but it flies just as much off The seamers as it does off the Spinners To be honest so I would I would stick With what they did what worked for them Um Shamy is the sort of player that the More he plays the more he gets into the

Tournament the better F be he needs Overs under his belt and if they think That he's going to be a factor come the Back end of the tournament I think he's Got to continue to play I think there's Also a relevant point out there which he Just made that associate sides the sides Who don't play Top Class Cricket are not Going to be used to seeing a bowler of His type yeah true said there's not they Haven't played too much of that would You but one more thing I mean I know you Know in T20 cricket yes you know Netherlands you know can shock South Africa This Is 50 over Cricket you know You're backing South Africa as I said Six days a week and twice on Sundays Would you then give some of the people On your bench you've got only two people In your bench I think F luo and Reza Hendrick are two who haven't got a game Sorry he's also Lizard Williams lzard Williams how you say his name would you Perhaps uh rest one of your Quicks and Say okay F luo you can get a game in uh Maybe one of the Batters maybe rasie Vanderen can say Reza Hendricks can play Would you do that or would you just not It's no point the Batters will want to Play there's no doubt to me that the Batters will want to play if there was An any little niggle any little injury Concern a great time to rest a bowler if If but only then uh you know it's

There's enough space between these games Uh so the only time I would rest anyone At the moment would be for a little Injury concern and South Africa can't Afford to fall off the the radar you Know they they they're on the rise they Are playing great Cricket they can't Afford to slip up or to make any Mistakes for the sake of making a Mistake I don't think so unless there's A niggle of any sort or a little injury I wouldn't be replacing any of those Bowlers okay let's have a look at the Netherlands team and see if they'd make Uh any changes there uh who have you got Of course uh Joy will tell us about this Because Joy you presented a show the Other yeah no I I would say fan will Come in I think he was uh he was I think The last match he he was injured yeah so They thought he might be out for two or Three games so if he's fit he he would Definitely walking yeah but there's Nobody on the bench who's just as good As anyone out here because sh and I Would say are quite far from making the First and I mean wesle but a great story Spent a lot of time played under 19 Cricket for South Africa but I mean for Him it'll be a great thing playing back Against some of his buddies perhaps I Think he's going to go and meet them in The dressing room but I think the odds Of him playing the game unless they want

To give him a game the I don't see I Mean Ryan Klein would be the guy that Would miss out uh if fun bake came back In um and he you know Logan Fun's the Guy that basically along with bus de got Them to this tournament when in that um Super over against the West Indies so They would desperately love to have him Back he's a big part of the team with Bat and with ball and in the field he's A he's an absolute jet um he's a gun You'll know the the sort of the do you Know the Lagan van B sort of story Family history he is well he is the Grandson of a guy called um Sam Gillan Who played for the West Indies and Toured New Zealand in 1956 that's and Never left yeah Sam Gillan and Bruce Parido I think it was Bruce parido also Toured New Zealand with the West Indies Side in 1956 and they both stayed and And didn't leave and so Logan Van's um I Yeah Samson's daughter Sam's um Sam's Daughter is married to um Logan van be's Dad um great basketball family as well He's a could have been a national Basketballer genuine athlete but he's Got a real cricketing pedigree in the Family as well yeah oh love it the Professor I'm nering out with the to you Man no I've just I've just taken my cap Off giving it to the giving it to the I'm the the Sham man the real man's Here

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