Pacers put New Zealand on top as Afghanistan lose three wickets, chasing 289. Joy Bhattacharjya & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] New Zealand rarely ever disappointed It's all gone to plan for them defending 288 they've got three scalps already in The first 15 Afghanistan at 48 for3 Still 241 runs away that's where it Stands and they the required run rate at This stage in the next 35 overs is 6.89 Joy this match is new zealands to Lose uh it's New Zealand's to lose and The bowling is looking really good just To see even Santa came in took an Absolutely spectacular catch but I mean The amount of turn he's getting it's not Really good news for the Afghan batsman This is not going to be easy at all I Think it's 6.88 with just seven wickets In hand is going to be very very Difficult ran gbas was the man that had The responsibility of getting things Going for them he hung around hit that One big six showed his intent but just Couldn't last 11 of 21 it was a slightly Uneasy time out there there for him he Should have stayed there but clearly It's a different world batting first and Batting second absolutely I mean the Pressure of that 288 is always sitting On their head so he hit one lovely shot Absolutely lovely shot but Henry's been So consistent and what Henry's done Really well is Bowl in the areas where If you hit if you miss I hit and Henry Got a wicket again again a bold the

Other important thing for them is Trent Bold getting a wicket the other end uh Interesting as you said you know you Were while you watching we're talking About it bowling with a scrambled seam At times and you're used to an out and Swing Bowers they don't normally don't Use the scrambled seam so much but today He got that ball to come back got the Leading Edge and important for New Zealand for their campaign that Bol gets Going and I think he's got going locky Ferguson and that shot ball is is a love Story in itself and it took him very Little time to bring out that weapon and He gets a wicket straight away Absolutely and he he does it so well and Of course again just look at the same Situation the Fielding difference Between the two teams this was a Difficult catch which was made to look Easy by the way sna took it and on the Other hand regulation catches went down And I think that's one Edge that New Zealand always has over their opponents It'll take a giant effort from rahmad Sha who's not been in great Nick Azmatullah has scored a few runs Remember in that game against India Where Asmat and hashmat S together 121 Run partnership to take them to 272 they Need something similar perhaps take a q From leam and Phillips on how they bed Yeah they need to now sort of at least

Till the 35th over Just shut shop score the only problem is At this point the Run rate is almost 7 6.88 if they allow the Run rate to go Above 89 then even at 35 you know for Them they'll need a magnificent effort From there so it's very very difficult At this stage well we shall be back at The 35 over mark on criek bus combox Where do you see this going in the next 20 I think they're going to try and Establish a base but uh the Run rate is Going to be an issue they need to keep Hitting a few boundaries to keep there Keep in touch with the Run rate not Allow it to go out of hand well it is It's an opportunity for Afghanistan to Repeat their feet from that uh from that Last game where they stunned the world Champions can they do it again this time It seems like a like a tall ask well They do it'll be a match worth Remembering we'll see you again in 20 Hours from [Music] Now

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