Professional filipino bantamweight boxer and WBC interim champion Reymart Gaballo with nickname “Assassin” against top ranked athlete and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash”. Fight for WBC bantam weight belt took place in Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, USA on December 11, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Reymart Gaballo (Philippines) vs Nonito Donaire (Philippines) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING figh

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The tape and you know a lot of these Numbers are similar but the one that Jumps out 39 years of age the Assassin [Applause] Cabali Noo Don Ray Corona it's going to be low anything Below that is low listen my commands you Want to touch gloves do it Now God bless Ray Corona 21 years is a professional Referee working as 600 surgence of Nonito Don Jr 39 facing his third Consecutive undefeated opponent fourth Dealo knowing his life will Change if he the Bell round one Scheduled for 12 tied with Canelo for the most Champions fought among active he's Fought an amazing uh stretch of champ Like the guy you know politics you know Promotion against pun also fly yeah big Right uppercut by gabayo Don gabayo Landed a tremendous punch and Donaire Walked through it that was a big shot by Him very important for him in this Really really tight guard he's doing Good job by that because you know most Of the time right hand down but oh sharp Right hand a lead right by Donaire and with the retirement of man Pacquiao no to Don my J I just got

Counter punched right now so cabalo does Throw below the bantamweight average as We come up on the finals of the opening Round but cabalo putting together a Combination very economical with their Punches here in round one and I think Kabalo really doesn't want it there's That left hook by Don there's a counter right by Don Splitting the guard [Applause] Of allow me to last round we think of Donaire as a left-handed puncher left Hook but here's the right hand getting In uh after a shot by gabo it is a Chilly December night of the Great Outdoors strategy but he is essentially Self-trained and he said that's kind of Liberating really really smart from him There in the way that he thinks I mean Because at the end of day you go to the Trainer and he teaches you a certain Style and there's nothing like he knows It All cabalo the son of a truck driver Between these two probably won't be There between the ropes but fall for any Of that he wants to keep his guard high And then look for the power right hand Onito being really smart there because He sees that gab's being a little Hesitant right there about donaire's Legendary career one of just nine men to Hold a wide I believe when Don turn that

Staggering too the second and there Donaire overhead right countered by Gabal off the ropes landed that Right double jab and then Galo gets Countered by like Al pointed out he he Goes in with straight with that right Hand he's in a good position to kabalo Has never been down in a fight but Certainly he's facing the biggest Puncher that he's faced get off get [Applause] Off Go 39y old no to [Applause] Far this was toward the end of the round Both men throwing big Power punches the Right hand by daire the left hook Getting most of the fights with da Wondering when that big left hook is Going to be Dead he's smart about that left hook he Doesn't just let it go he waits for the Right9 last Month he felt after the inway fight that He still had a purpose in the sport came And at his best weight 118 lbs but he Best wait until he gets past rayar Calo Here in third round big right excellent That's an example of his power with the Right hand that it pushed St air back And you know how that you be first and Now and now we're in the Fight counter left hook upstairs by Donaire there's the jab Galo in terms of

The Styling he talked about that against Emanuel Rodriguez a fight that Bo I know Thought he Won yeah rodrigue he fought with a lot Of movement Don coming for right hand by Donaire nice change here in the Third those are the big punches he's Landing and of course cabalo has landed Some good rights we knew that was his Major weapon yeah we talk about Don this Fight this fight has turned into a Timing type of fight start bouncing Waiting for right right time to counter He wasn't able To there's the left hook right by gabal Lead right uppercut Galo utilizing some Foot work Donaire trying to cut off the Ring there's a white hand over hasn't Been there yet for him and the Youth of Galo being served until the final Seconds of the third as cabalo fighting Back good stuff in round Three to revisit what happened at last Round left H Landing by gabay gabayo and Then that was that right hand Donaire However was able to come back with his Own right hand and even though galo's Still countering him there oh look at There's CAU opponents from 18 different Countries he's the United Nations of Boxing he's fought them All and another interesting thing to to Point out about age it doesn't Showed right hand OPP he look at he look

At his leg the bounce he feels he's a Better fighter now at 39 than he was in His early 20s Good Start in this round To be Sure but in many ways you know with that Statement he's facing a guy here in 25 Has 20 Knockouts so has some pop but is Again never face of the caliber of the Pedigree of a Donaire and there was a Good mination there by Galo yeah he Landed the right hand kind of snuck in There GMO RI out and na in wow and Don Then one Upstairs and it's just the fourth round Too we want to see how Don keeps Progresses he's beginning to sit down on His punches in this round a little More Edge but a significant Edge gabo gabio has landed the jab Galo's Vision doing a good job of Staying trying to work his own jab Double pumps lands the second one There's another jab by gabo staying out Of range from that hook even the right Hand even even even though Don lands Here a jab upstairs so Donaire coming Back and then gabal fire back gabal goes Down [Applause] For the Rena Continues Nonito doir BL and at 39 the power is still there talking About how Gaya was staying out of range You know from

Been able to land a perfect left hook to The head oh family a family Photo and and we will go back and look At that punch and what it did And gabo is actually having some good Moments and there it Goes he went right back down you have no Hurt the delayed reaction but here it is Again out by Donaire and just when he Hits you with that left hook whether It's in the body or the head he has a Good chance in to the first loss in the Career of rayar Cabalo ladies and gentlemen we have the Time of 2 minutes 59 seconds in round Number four he is the winner by way of Knockout and still the WBC bantamweight Champion of the world the Filipino flash Nonito Don One of 21 Fighters all time to win a World title

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