Virat Kohli’s 48th ODI ton, guiding India to a 7-wicket win vs Bangladesh, makes him the JBL Mute the World Performer of the Day. Joy Bhattacharjya heaps praise, right here

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When verat kohi is in the zone that he Is in it is music to our ears when he Punches that cracking Cover Drive it's Almost like he's caning out all the Noise and telling the world that he is The king and so verat kohley the modern Master the chase Master is the JBL Presents mute the world performer of the Match well verat kohle was in the zone Joyar and I are in the zone as well as We Rock the uh JBL tour 1 M2 Headphones verat kohle 78th International 100 48 ODI 100 Third World Cup 100 first while chasing in a World Cup 27th while chasing in ODI Cricket is There anything this Superstar can not do In this sport Joy nothing and I can tell You what is most special is something Which is a much much smaller numbers It's the two tws that he took after Facing 90 balls over 90 balls playing For 25 overs he ran two tws in that over And that tells you the kind of fitness And dedication a player like him has and That is why verat remains so special and One of the greatest game has ever Produced yes he truly is the modern Master he seems to seems to know where a Chase is going he's almost like he's Driving a Ferrari in in a in a crowded Lane and yet he manages to reach his Destination Joy absolutely I mean Remember those great chases in Australia His ability to be able to gauge a Chase

And go according to that is absolutely Phenomenal and the way he is done that For India throughout the years he's a Textbook case yesterday you saw a Batsman like gbas and he just could not Perform the moment the pressure came Over him and that tells you why vat is Not just a good player he's a modern Great the naysayers the critics the Cynics can say what they want to but Verat kohy has this ability to cancel Out all the noise much like we are while We wear these jbl2 1m2 headphones vat Kohley is the only man who could have Been the JBL presents mute the world Performer of the Match

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