Watch Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya analyse Rohit Sharma’s 2.0 approach in ODIs, with insights from a specially curated ‘Naukri Career Score’ by, on Cricbuzz Live

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Rohit Sharma versus Bangladesh Rohit Loves playing against Bangladesh and uh Especially in ICC tournaments now for This world cup our friends at India's number one job portal have Worked very closely with the team at Crickbuz and they've come up with Something called the noer career score And we've looked at uh captains Featuring at this world cup and their Performances this year and take a look At where Rohit Sharma finds himself on This list of five Rohit sh up top a Total score of 595 as per that uh very Interesting formula that the noer team Has come up with it's called the kner Career score among captains in 2023 Rohit Sharma at number one no surprise There Joy no surprise there and I I Think if you look at the parameters of What the noer career score is about then You'll realize why he's there you know I Think we have a very interesting chart Which is delting exactly where he is in The various positions in which he's Playing but uh no surprise at all his Performance has been absolutely Spectacular and look he's LED from the Front and as I said if you look at his Career also as a player as a cricketer I Mean he is a kind of person who's given Them that kind of value up front yes his Noer career score is is where all of No's expertise in helping grow careers

Has been applied to Cricket stats and it Gives us a brand new unique way of of Looking at Cricket careers Zack roit Sharma clearly is not just at a Purple Patch it's it's a deep Purple Patch he's Taking on the responsibility he's okay To take that risk he goes for the big Shots he's not looking at his own career Milestones 200 plus runs already as well Rohit Sharma is someone who sort of has Set the tone for India in this world cup So far well he he likes that uh that Role he likes that added responsibility He's uh he's very good with uh with Players he's very good with tactics he Spends a lot of time himself uh looking At all the numbers uh when you're Looking at roh Sharma the cricketer and His career you can go on and on talking About it is uh and and also the way he Started uh there was no stability so I Think you know when you're linking it to Uh the the the data mining and you know How the data analysis goes of uh of also so it's it's it's actually Uh falling in nicely with with their Scope where you know you may not start With uh the ideal scenarios that's what Happened with with Rohit sharma's case Also you know he was not getting the Number eventually he started uh opening He was not getting finding a place in in Playing 11 consistently you know Sometimes he's batting at number five

Six sometimes he's batting at number Four then if the team gets start he P Pushed down you know all those kind of Things are also a great factor in his Early part of career and then you see Rohit Sharma the opener coming into uh The the scene uh making use of the Opportunity and then uh all those double Hundreds and uh the the number which he Just recently broke which is the highest Number of sixes for anyone in Odis is is Special and that's the ability he has uh So it it may not be easy at the start uh But if you have it in you uh you're Going to leave your mark for sure and And uh if you have it in you to keep Pushing yourself uh then uh then sky is The limit you know that's that's Something which you can clearly see with With Rohit also and the way his career Has gone like I said he enjoys the Responsibility added responsibility of Being a captain you're not thinking About yourself so I think what he what He understood very nicely that one area Where uh you looking at 50 hours of Batting that first 10 hours if you see The pattern just uh 3 4 years back it Was take time uh in the first 10 and Then you consolidate or look to uh up up The anti in the middle overs he wanted To change that what different we can do So he's saying okay fine I want to take That being a leader I I need to lead

From front and uh he started doing that So he said okay in the process I might Put my Wicket at risk but it's fine then Other thought process which you're Seeing is is falling in line and as a Leader if you are able to go out there And do it yourself uh you know walk the Talk then that's the best scenario for You and that's what he's doing in this World cup yeah well uh the man they call The king of boriville has been judged on Four parameters on this noer career Score here on this graphic it's evident Longevity situational performance win Contribution and consistency Joy yeah I Mean you look at it and look these Numbers are very high numbers because Remember when you're looking at 7 8 9 7 Uh what is it coming from it's coming From longevity comes from obviously how Long he's been playing just like a Career how consistent he is so the first Part of the noer career score comes from That situational performance that means Big matches small matches how much of a Difference do you make when it really Counts win contribution means that are You there at the end how often are you There at the end how how often you there To finish it and consistency of cost Remember if each team has 11 players so We are talking about this world cup Consistently 110 top players and his Lowest rank in all of those and that too

Because he's an opener is just 17 that Tells you all the rest of the ranks are Top 10 ranks as a quality cricketer that Tells you the kind of thing in a class Of 110 literally actually it's even more Than that if you include you know subs And all about 120 30 to be top 10 in Four three out of four categories and 17 The fourth you can make out what a Performer he's been he's been absolutely Superb for India yes a duck in that First game followed by uh 100 and then 86 against Pakistan 6 sixes as well and All Indian fans will be hoping that Rohit Sharma continues uh in the same Vein of form and keeps scaling newer Heights on what we call the noer career Score

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