Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, WBO and WBC champion Vitali Klitschko with nickname “Dr. Ironfist” against american top ranked athlete Chris Arreola with nickname “The Nightmare”. Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on September 26, 2009. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Vitali Klitschko (Ukraine) vs Chris Arreola (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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The Nightmare AR H Go Chief second only Chief second only Please Chief SE Klitschko Mr Fighter for The WBC Heavyweight Championship a good Clean fight obey my commands and protect Yourselves at all times touch clubs good Luck says he looks like an orange picker To one of the stalwarts of the Heavyweight in the 2000s ideally this won't require a lot Of blowby blow they're going to bang Away yeah I Think I kind of doubt it I think theal Is going to tried to back away for the First he landed a little left hook to Begin the Evening get inside clinch Go's arms and What he's got to be careful as much well I would say this much at this at this Point arola has created against the T Sam Peter didn't exist Juan Carlos Gomez In his most recent fight with his great Defense right now arol slowed down his Momentum and his and his intensity slow Discourage him from coming In wellway through is momentarily not Working so I'll keep you posted in Position with the jab to get keep his Distance he finishes up everything with A long jab after he get AR's gloves let Also holds his left hand well below his Waist left hand is right because he has

A unu s and he can sense it and move Away it's one of the unique things I Watched when I was watching him in Training he can feel if he same time to Neutralize the punch he takes great Advantage of his height it's been a Vitalic Kitz Go Round by Ls up to Now the dominant action of the round has Been one or one by vital Klitschko and as is usually the one more Hey keep those hands up baby keep Working behind that stick right let's go Guys let's go get the rose is here to Root for arola he's buddies with Promoter Dan gusen and has been a guest In arola vialy klitz go 34 out of 88 to Only 7even of 32 for Chris Arola sometimes the best way to deal With a jabber is to jab Round but so far Pisco has been keeping The fight cannot really get the rain for His punching yet be easier for CH to go To the body about this stage right now He's comt in this stage but I will say Great Chris as we see right there is Creating a lot more anxiety than anyone Else has did knocking ARA back to step There's a body shot Forit he Ain Pretty ARA is making PCO work hard yeah that's Right I mean the reason Bali threw 88 Punches in round one to keep him Back that's how eager arioli is to get

There where he can just simply move back Right right and then reach in and punch Two good shots yes here has his own Effective but it's very very good very Coordinated Offerman interpreter Rudy those hands Hands moving hands up Right keep up the pace he's fighting With an open mouth breathing through his Mouth my memory is long distance fight Still doing that all night because he Maintains that certain space where he Can get away with That and all of the punches are they Coming from well the other thing is that He can throw arm punches with Power if you're an AR for for treating Yourself to the notion that he's getting Closer and maybe doing a smile on Chris's face there after he ducked a Punch from Vitala Well a question becomes who's paid more Of a price to get through the first Three rounds is Klitschko wearing down From all the movement and activity um How long can he go on taking this kind Of Punishment is with his PhD in sports Science a Cold it up Right deep breath don't get careless Right I need I need to be aggressive but Smart Crea a lot of more pressure on

Vitality than anyone that he's fought in A long time vital kits Jim I got to tell You Chris arola is making the biggest Mistake I've ever seen you got to give Him magles and you got to work your way Inside by giving a MAG just like he's Doing there while you were talking he Landed did arola his two most effective Punches out the fight so far one was a Right Harold you want him to be another Fighter he's this fighter he is a long Way to Go I would have to say that Ariel is Taking that distance away from him and Having his only fight and the best fight That he can fight and this may be Changing the fight certainly he to get His supporters in the crowd into it here In this four Crow metalic can get tired But when you have experience it's like Very easy well Kitco he's so tall and he Fights was arola who promised us punches In bunches he hasn't been able to get There enough look for him underneath a Little more all right oh I'm sorry Sry a little Loop room in his punches And you see a little short left hook Right here to Land the barel is simply Because he's closing the Gap and getting Closer where but pressing go get closer Anda the to make a Mistake another right Hand lands a body feet to turn back with

The right Hand arola got to be very careful they Didn't get too anxious and get too Colors because he sees Bal when balic Can punch from the distance where he can Punch at it can hook just like that Manages to Corner Bal let go to the Buddy they should you know boxing but I Think you should in professional Boxing4 there was a moment in the fourth Round when it appeared Klitschko might Be tiring a little hurting anywhere Now well and he knows that Vali is not a Big one punch Punch go to the left and then retaliate Right step out okay first left then Right don't you keep doing what you're Doing cutting him off to the left all Right and then we see what Happens angles hands Up Ariola almost walked into a big right Hand he's got to be right he said he had A plan A A Plan B and a plan C for this Fight arol is still trying both Samuel And Juan Carlos Gomez klitschko's last Two opponents had Basically given up long time and it is Certain not to be that even though he's Winning it he's really having to Work after every exchange to and Clinching in fact how many clinches have You saw in this entire fight that ARA's Momentum is waning now he almost got a Big right hand on to the clean punch

Onal well you know we talked about AR But it's really hard to hit Kitco with The second shot or hits you keep the Space fighting a very control distance Fight any of the last several opponents Who just couldn't get Inside halfway through the scheduled 12 one more open your mouth open your Mou he's winning this fight on clean Punching as we see nice SL J good right Hand fist I mean he should want Vitality For holding because Chris needs that you Know up real quick so watch for that six To nothing CL go actually vitali's been So effective with his punches so far Harold that he's held he's had to side To side movement that's kept brother Vladimir is in bali's corner as well as No doubt you've seen let's put it this Way you can't resist speculating on what Would happen if the two brothers got Into the ring with each other good body Shot by metalic Klitschko it's amazing I Can return a punch back and that's again Manel because most of them and also Because he is so Adept at managing space In the Ring Supreme Conditioning supremely Important to a younger athlete this the Klitschko both of whom weigh about 235 240 because they come to camp in such Magnificent shap that all they do is Okay which is typical of the time of

Punches he's Landing as Ariel is trying To come in catch it with clean shots and Then after he lands those shots he Using I got you I Got Let's go for the moment control of the Fist and you know it's keeping it at AR May to jump in and make it mean Something Mar has just never stopped Trying tiing big battal out that was Part of the plan as articulated to us I Was about to say 40 seconds ago that Theal seemed to be trying to take a rest In this round I think AR yeah arola put A lot and now he's creating he's St a Lot of f unexpected things happen here Than anywhere else it's the only game You can blood coming now from the Nostrils blood in the triing down the Rippling Stomach I got you I got you I got You time time time okay keep doing what You're doing okay I want you to look for That right hand but You Okay BR Chris ariol is 28 still learning Throws first the's experiences is really Show up to think and function better Because of having been there before he's Closing in on the KO yeah he yes he's Landing even though ARA is creating EXC right I got you I got you I got You can't stop the right hand

Little left took as arola leaned in how About that right uppercut right Uppercut Physically and ARA can't function Straight right and the right hand Underneath the ability to think is a big Back down now there was a moment in the Eighth round when arola may have thought That at that moment ariol is still Trying perfect tactical Fight And again credit arola he's pressured Bal all the way and made Him it's going wonderful I thinkk the Referee is stopping the fight either the Referee Or Henry Ramirez and I believe it might Have been Henry Ramirez who simply Didn't want to see his fighter go out And get battered around I think it was a Good call he could turn this around with A sudden shot Vali Pleas Go

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