Pakistan look to bounce back after their loss to India, as they take on Australia in Bengaluru. Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya preview the game, on Cricbuzz Live

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Match number 18 of this 2023 World Cup We'll see Australia taking on Pakistan At the Chinas Swami stadium in bangaluru Australia won their last game against Sri Lanka while Pakistan are coming off A deflating loss against India now both Teams have had completely contrasting Journey so far in the World Cup after One win all of Australia's problems Don't get solved and after one loss to India Pakistan overnight don't become Bad team right it's going to be a good Game you know so that's how you should Look at it yeah uh South Africa losing To Netherlands and uh and the the other Game England losing to Afghanistan England losing to Afghanistan is Actually has again opened up the table To a a degree where every team will feel Uh that uh they have a chance and from That point of view this game is is going To be a very interesting one it's going To be played in bangaluru so you know That the Wicket is going to be on the Flatter side there're going to be lot of Boundaries and sixes so so that makes it A high-scoring encounter and now when You're looking at those two teams what Stands out is that Pakistan have not Been playing that kind of CR but Australia on the other hand can play Like that they have more power hitters More six hitters and in bangaluru you've Seen a six hitter uh six hitting ability

In any team can be that differentiating Factor uh so that way I'm looking at it Maybe slight advant AG to Australia and Uh and the way Pakistan's dependence on On babber with the with the bat maybe uh Shafik not not being available for Tomorrow's game with fever so all those Kind of concerns are also there so They'll have to uh tackle those uh but Looking at the venue I think it might be Just a touch advantage to Australia Getting in the match I'm sure Pakistan Will not want to remember what happened In 1996 uh in bangaluru I had to slip That in uh but on Sixth ining Mohammad Riswan and ANF Chacha might want to make A wave they they love hitting those big Shots now in this lineup uh do you do You see the possibility of uh say amair Coming in for shadab Khan who hasn't had A great world cup so far Zack well there Will be changes for sure is what we are Expecting right now looking at whatever News coming out of their Camp uh they Have some injury concerns some uh some Illness which uh which few players are Are dealing with so we'll have to wait And see who is available who is not Available and on those grounds I'm Expecting some changes uh but for uh Maybe Usama is is someone who will Who Will coming uh who will be coming in the Playing yeah the other thing is to get a Muhammad Wasim Jor in for Muhammad Nas

Because spinner you know tend to go in This kind small pitch small ground Spinners tend to go so get another fast Bowler perhaps see these are all Tactical changes that they'll need to Look at and uh uh they this is an I feel It's a more important match for Australia than for Pakistan I feel that If austral yeah if they lose this They're going to look at them this Campaign and be a bit worried about it Now the middle order really uh got Choked by jadeja and Kul in that game Against India at in aabad uh the quality Of spin in this match is not the same I Mean I know zampa took four wickets in That last game but I suppose from a spin Bowling Challenge point of view this Should be a relatively easier uh Challenge for for for Pakistan Absolutely because this this pitch is Not known for helping Spinners that much They uh they're very cruel to Spinners In fact even the fast Bowers also at Times find it very difficult so we'll Have to wait and see how how it goes if The pitch is how we've seen typically in At Chinas Swami then it's it's going to Be uh it's Australia will be breathing Easily let's just put it this way Because they can they have a lot more Things going uh and they will be uh Breathing easy because they are spinner Light you know so their plans will be

They will be more equipped to take Advantage of a of a flat pitch uh which They've not gotten so far in the Tournament if you if you see lnno game Also was not an easy one for them uh Chennai game was was not an easy one for Them so for them to turn this campaign Around for that team uh this is the most Ideal scenario I would say and uh for That their their openers need to fire The Batters need to come to party you Have uh you have enough bowling Resources and experience in that uh Team So I think uh they will have a good game Tomorrow Pakistan has the second worst Spin bowling performance in this world Cup so far an average of 61.80 Jos engas Among the runs in that last game Maxwell Knows this chenes Swami Stadium really Well should be licking their lips Joy Yeah yeah Maxwell knows it Stark has Played here so then they know this pitch They know what it requires to do a well Out here I I think they this is this is The kind of pitch and this is the kind Of plays they'd like to play uh Interesting I don't think they'll make Too many team changes I think the only Change will happen when Travis side Finally arrives I'm not sure if he's Arrived or not if traid head is here and He's not injured I think he probably Going to play the next match probably Not this match otherwise I don't see any

Changes because I think if you see it It's always going to be stus versus Green both of them can't play yeah and I Think at this point in time they're Going to go with st how about how about Sha Abbott for zampa despite zampa Having taken wickets a tactical change Possible well zire had a had a good run And I think one spinner they will uh They will want in the side the another Spinner they have is Maxwell who's been Doing a a decent job for them so so they Have enough bowling options I think the One change if at all they want to think About is maybe uh bringing in Cameron Green for lausin is is that the Direction they they're going in that's The question uh for his big getting Abilities as well and and giving you More cushion on a on a chinami flat Pitch yeah you know so that's something Which they might debate other than that I I don't see uh them tinkering too much I think it's just about uh getting the Confidence going I think that that group Is looking low on confidence uh and uh They need that one solid win to get Things started yes uh Australia will Want to win this uh this one so that They can give Travis had enough time to Recover and maybe play a game uh next Week we haven't uh really heard anything Official on that yet but before we wrap Up gentlemen a who starts favorites and

Your players to watch out for one each Favorites I'll have to say it's Australia at this point in time players To watch out for I think I I think for Me on a pitch like this if Mitch Marsh Will lick his lips to you know open the Batting on a pitch like this this is Just his kind of pitch ball coming on Whack it it goes out of the ground so he He'll relish batting on a pitch like This I think Mitch Mar is important for The kind of starty GI because if he Starts well then you know Warner can Play himself in Warner doesn't need to Take risk and that's how Warner like Likes to play his Cricket if you Remember bestto and Warner were very Good because bestto would take the risks Early and Warner could play himself and Similarly I'd say from the Pakistan side I'd Say uh difficult to call but I think if Shah sha AFI does not give them wickets Up front they'll be in trouble so I Think they really need him to come to The party Zach for you one Each well I think uh Warner Warner is Someone who who I'll say for Australia He needs to get runs he needs to start And uh in absence of Travis head the Responsibility goes on to him even more Uh so so that that one player uh I would Say from Australia from uh Pakistan I Think


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