Professional ghanaian bantamweight boxer and title challenger Duke Micah with nickname “The Baby Faced Terminator” against filipino top ranked athlete, IBF and WBO champion John Riel Casimero with nickname “Quadro Alas”. Fight for WBO bantam weight belt took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on September 26, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Duke Micah (Ghana) vs John Riel Casimero (Philippines) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Well for Duke Micah as we take a look at Our tale of the day for our Opening Match up Miguel between jel casimero and Duke Mike introducing to you first the Challenger on my left he is fighting out Of the Red Corner wearing ground trunks With gold trim and haling from Acra GH He weighed in at a 117 and4 lb he is Undefeated in his campaign in the ring With a record of 24 wins no losses 19 Big wins coming by way of knockout Here is the hard-hitting world rank Undefeated Challenger known as the baby Face Terminator introducing Duke Micah and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing black Trunks with gold trim hailing from orok City late in the Philippines 20 of his Wins coming by way of knockout tonight Making the first offense of his current Title here is the three-weight division World champion and the reigning WBO Bantamweight champion of the world Introducing John real [Music] Cimo BR Your and we're on the clean feed Commands protect yourselves at all time Right now we're going to call another Letters here we're going to call under The circle under here all right T CL Let's go to Work December 7th we are

Underway of our Opening match up love Watching this where Manny Pacquiao isow Country hook on the inside but that Missed by this is the biggest fight he's Ever had in his career K's been these Types of fights Championship FS he time I'm going to get into a rhythm whereas Micah this is a champion like you said In three Divisions there's a nice right to the Body By Dodges in and Out well he has a very you know he likes To Dart good jab by Duke M left hook to the body By johnriel Casimo fighting a guy like M yes he's Undefeated doesn't have Resume getting your mind set and he's Even talked about how frustrating it's Been because of Co he's had several Fights fall through the crack their Fight and then that falls through and Then you fight a guy like Micah you got To be careful not to overlook a Guy a little bit more Angle TKO on November 30th of last He's been a professional for 13 years Right now coming forward is Duke Ming Back though as throws a lot of punches And bunches high volume puncher and uh Michael you know wasn't phased by it his Own and he probably had the best shot of

That round with that overhand right had The jab set it up with the overhand Right that really Knock he's in deep trouble Again I think that was a shot that and Now casimero looking for the Finish can He get it here in the second round Big Shot heavy Onslaught by casimero casimo Looking for his opening M's got to tie Him up he's got just survive and now Casimo showbo a little bit Ser well but He jumps in with the right upper cut but Back comes Micah Micah still hurt yeah Micah is on skates right now and he Needs to tie up cassim Mar and not try To go Toe to Toe with him back comes cim Arrow but Micah literally on pure guts And determination trying to keep himself Up I'm shocked that M has a taste of the Canvas and he does so it is a push and Micah's balance is just so off right now Gave a long look at the G right to the Body and now casimero picking up the Pace again M this one may be close to Being finished m in deep trouble can he Survive by Micah can he head towards the Third what a shot what a turn the second Kimo pounding away on M M sticks his Tongue out and that ends the saus what a Start L Ray is and as soon as you get Hit there in the right perfect spot That's where kie hit him your balance is Thrown off well what happened was right Here you see I don't even think Micah

Saw this knockdown that little left hook Stumbled him a bit as you saw right There and I think that's all we all know Watch when you watch Combat Sports when You hit the side of the head that messes With equilibrium right there that's Where your Balance you know I don't agree with that I think they should have done that in Between rounds Because you can see m is still off Balance right now there's a winging for Casimo casimo trying to gain his legs Underneath him he's back in away Isle what it does is it short circuits You so it takes a little bit of a Reaction for you for your legs to be Ripped underneath you loen up on all of His punches Now that's Simo with the right to the Body a jab by m still I don't think has His legs totally Underneath Him left to The body followed by a right Steve Willis w oneof pushups wants to get more Of a workout look at that Finish and John reel casimo welcome to PBC Casimo has and just that short quick Left H threw off and pretty much Finished the entire fight it was just a Man of motor Shan Gib I mean just Absolut and he got percentage of 60% Miguel here's how the fight ended yeah He hit him with a bit so he decided to

Give him the break to the round but he Knew like you one or two big punches and Going to end left uppercut followed by a Right and Steve ites and then he barely Missed that second uppercut but Fortunately for him Steve Willis was Able to step in all the shots Micah Really did a poor job at not trying to Tie up caso in that year going to go to To Toe with a guy like Cassie marrow Into this fight with an unblemished Record you got to feel for Micah but I'm Sure he's young enough that he can get Back to the Top If You're Cassie Marl Ladies and gentlemen we have the time of 54 seconds of round number three our Referee in charge Steve Willis he stops The contest and the winner by way of Technical knockout and still the WBO Bantamweight champion of the world Johnriel Casimo

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