Professional filipino featherweight boxer and WBC champion Mark Magsayo with nickname “Magnifico” against american top ranked athlete Rigoberto Hermosillo with nickname “Mr.”. Fight took place in Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA on October 3, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Mark Magsayo (Philippines) vs Rigoberto Hermosillo (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Brooklyn boxing and MGM Resorts your Three judges scoring our main event at Ringside will Beyto Heros Magnific Maxo over here Please Fight Hard fight clean good luck To both here three we replacement for Jose Harro no stranger to changes when he Last fought here in the United States Against Amo Roes nice left hook there by by m he's Got Qui hands doesn't he absolutely but Back comes in cville California his home There's a straight left by under that Rib cage under the right elbow of Max There that's his favorite punch he Boy Adam moil so there's that right hook by Ed M it's going to something with that There's a straight right that backed up Ed M a two isn't he oh he is very fluid And fast but back comes little sharper Crisper see that a little left hook he Trying to drop has been in the past four Years ago big right hand that backed up Ed moil I got to tell you that really Wobbled Ed moil but that that's a quick Hands 35 years old from the Philippines But back comes edal seal really crushed Her right hand right in there nice power Punching from Maxo find that right hand

We see look Mao went to himself off for Mark Mao he's hoping to follow took a Liking to Mao and feels that he can be a Ranks to Rich's story right hand right Past the uh the left hand that Adil Threw in there quick with his counters Ma see there's the bodyw work I was Talking about when you get in close you Got to do some side he just kind of Pointed down to his trucks like that but That comes a 28-year-old from halisco And he the referees oh Good did a very good job SP on the deck Just once against Chris aalos but he Would go back to finish him off it was a Tremendous comeback because look it Looked like he got tired after the Second round Max because he threw so Many wasted punches Termination and Mao's coming off of a 13mon champion on two of the three Scorecards in that fight on August 31st Of last year here's that straight left Boom took it well andto Mo going at it Joe this has been was a dangerous fight For both guys because both guys are Really good I don't know if that's just The nervous thing he does he drops his Hands Ma and hits his belly right there But it enough left down the stretch in The fight with slinsky he felt that he Started you know too late exactly what I Saying ma tried to time that hook just Like that right there good combination M

To a world champion there you see the Seven time trainer of the Year Hall of Fame on the ropes there and like I said He's got to go to the body hard boy was He doing it right there he much jordanz There we see Freddy roach with Mark Ma Jo um he just uh his defense looks Tighter in the fights that we saw Earlier without Fred well he was more Reckless in M because he's he's very accurate like That you know he just hardly ever misses That right hand but M meril's got his Things like that there's a big Right Hook meril was just kind of workman Likee landed a good body shot he worked A couple shots to the head when he gets Him close he's really ripping the body Even though he just missed two shots to The head he he rarely uses the hook uh Adam oil but you know right there you Know he he works where he feels Comfortable oh see there's that left Hook Fromo but comes Ed seal end junor would Defeat jaro she can eat pressure and and You know Max Max doesn't think that well You know at this point it it should be Quality you know what you're doing with Your punches and right now Mao when he Is throwing he's being ACC durable he's Going to make you work and he realizes That this fight means everything you Know he also thought that you know he

Should have won those two fights that he Lost I mean being little uh right hands And short little uppercuts you know they Can do damage they don't seem like they Do was a little mist Right hand but he stepped in with the Jab that was an awkward looking you have To show tough love to your fighter as They come to the corner as Freddy just Did but I felt more disciplined that Freddy was kind of telling telling him Keep your defense tight almost felt like Freddy felt that sometimes Mao can get Lazy and drop his hands in his guard Well he does it all the time you see him He keeps after he works a couple of Punches returned in July to spend a full Three months with Freddy Ro they look a Little bit fatigued right now Exile Which means That grabs his shorts again bent over a Little bit he still might be feeling the Remnant of that liver shot oh I'm Telling you this is uh The big right hook that connected for Mao and a left hook in There okay there's a long kind of sloppy Left hand but you see how that right Hand is down for manil and then Max Comes another quirky thing he does like You know grabbing his belt line but uh Yeah I noticed that or if it might be Damaged let me tell you something the Legendary Joe educating me every single

Time we get together here in the United States for the first time in four years There's a straight left that found its Destination for it and we'll see another Guys these are not weak punchers they May not be one punch knockout punchers In this particular fight but let me tell You they're Landing some D but that was Mostly on the Belt we heard it here in a broadcast Position it was a right hand by Ma that Was counter with a quick Left Hand by Edil so they both Land Ed the seven action and they're just Chewing these up and spit them was that Right hand there moil Slips they are eating punches Heavy Artillery from both Sides left hook to the body by Ma make It clear that you're the winner of these Rounds because you're probably going to Something where it's obvious to the Judges moment Go yeah look Max will hit anything that You give them you win Mexico and the Philippines get together in Boxing from a body punching standpoint It favors the Mexican in Ed Mo yeah and And look I think that was that oh here We go you Got turn around box he could of bumped Him a little bit couple right hands that Sprayed push from the corner from Freddy

Right now he came out blasting as if he Needed to do this and Freddy probably Insisted on it but man he came out of The shoot really sharp sharp punches he Might have play a fire under ma when it Comes to going to D past eight rounds so No stranger to fighting long stretches Of after eight rounds I mean he's Undefeated period but even more so Having the experience of going 10 and 12 Rounds is going in a little boxing with A little pressure he's not getting hit But he's Landing all the damaging Punches this well good left over the Halfway point of the Ninth you can hear Those you know emmer seal but let me Tell you that was a beautiful left hand That he threw in there [Applause] Making his debut with he was away from The ring for 16 months from November of 2017 to March of 2019 this round let me Tell you something not only has he been Doing very well offensively defensively He's really used some good Matrix uh Punches from Ed seal so you know I give Him a lot of credit just like that Underneath punches pulled out Nice great left up uppercut by m Followed by a puts together more Combinations does The Undefeated Filipino featherweight back comes Ed we See him so let's go back and revisit the

Early part of the round whiche yeah You're going to see they bang bodies Here if I'm not mistaken right there's a Good left hook and a body contact made Him go down there and there's a nice Little Hook off the left hand well that Was just a big big Round All right all right come on not come on Let's go to Work all right you can do it for me give Me three minutes all right give me the Best three minutes of your life let's go Right now all very uh agreeable about po Situation um I I don't know if he needs This round to win the fight I think Freddy is push and end it with a big Exclamation point to tell you the truth Stat Victory is what Freddy's St Victory That's right that's right see because I Don't think me really has to get in There and bang it out with him like This he had him hurt uh and that maxile You know do a lot of damage I I really Don't think Freddy thinks he's behind Jo You hear it throwing around and getting To another gear I think Freddy's trying To get Mao to really step moments in That in the ninth well I think Freddy's Done that for the past three four rounds That's why you Know pulled away on this Fight and um is is you know don't be a Underachiever in this fight you know use

All of your skills use all the training And let it all go right now why waste Any of in between the nth and the 10th From Hall of Fame trainer Freddy roach Just over the halfway Point this has been a terrific fight Joe Between two men who are group of guys in That gym the more this is only his first Fight with him let me just tell you Something he be reckon with because he Has got a lot of skills defensively Hands powerful can slip can turn can Pivot B right that momentarily wob at 126 for Ed will seal I would love to see Him again without a Doubt oh yeah vicious body punching Between these Two a little too too little too late you Know we got 10 seconds Here stop stop stop rest [Applause] Was a Oh yeah and and Max Max somebody Be reckon with when another chapter has Been written in the rich history of the Back Mark Maal gold the distance show this one was Entertainment oh look this is there There was a lot of back and Fourth might have been a little busier But he wasn't as accurate and damaging Stuff going on in this fight but this Was Top Shelf uh fighting right here by Both I I just really love this fight I Love watching guys that really and still

Undefeated Mar Magnifico M so Joe from the scorecard perspective It was absolutely correct that Freddy Roach pushed Mao to win that 10th round Yeah Look I Mean

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