Professional finnish heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius with nickname “The Nordic Nightmare” against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on August 12, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights

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Robert Helenius (Finland) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD,

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Ringside Olivia is with a superstar has A big fight himself coming up in October Olivia's ringside with Ki introducing First fighting out the Red Corner he Wears the white trunks with the blue Lettering he tipped the scale 17 Stone 11 lb 4 oz he fights out of Maria ham Finland his professional record 32 Victories four defeats with 21 wins Coming by way of knockout he is the Former WBC silver and IB InterContinental heavyweight champion And the reigning WBA gold heavyweight Titlist known as the Nordic Nightmare Robert Helenus Helenus and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue Corner he wears the white Trunks and Scale 17 Stone 12 lbs bang on his Professional record 25 victories three Defeats with 22 of his 25 wins coming by Way of knockout proudly fighting out of And representing his home of Watford England here is the 2012 Olympic gold Medalist and the former two time Heavyweight champion of the world AJ Anthony [Music] Joshua ourselves at all time God bless Touch Clubs Joshua immediately criticized last

Time around for starting too tensively And hel will not freeze he will put Pressure on as if he had taken that Family holiday to L you see that Good jab from Joshua a Snappy jab worked well in the Fight against Germaine Franklin in this Ring back in April 100% helenius will Telegraph Slightly with the right hand as we just But when he moves back he always kind of Shoots that right hand too when he to TI And fury that blistering landed a couple Of decent body shot to lus in this first Round Surpris Tactic joshh needs to set a trap he Needs to hit the body with the jab and Then bring the right hand over the top Robert hel needs to drop his hands that Is a a [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Counter he so on the end of heavy Criticism and he knows that'll come his Way again here tonight you want to zap Him of any confidence the more round This goes the more with the top just put Pressure on it's clearly the quicker of The two said before he cannot let Robbert elen get any confidence if That's the case and he does we've got

To tonight after a second camp with Derek James over in the United States as Helenus it's a really good right hand There just caught the whiskers just just A little bit Little bit more he's on right hand not With any meaning one to the body there At the top with the right hand Jer J James is instruc in between Rounds you can see he's trying it there He's stepping trying to throw helenus a [Music] Dummy he's leaning back yeah he leaning Back so got Step you barely Miss that's what he's Doing here with Robert Helenus That jab to the body has worked well Follow that with the right Hand maybe a little bit more R in his Feet Josh Little but just fainting like he's going To punch with it ATT is trying to he's Trying to set traps like I say he's Fainting with the head and the shoulders He's trying to draw something from Robert toen that he can count that Attack from Joshua followed some Boo and Whistles in the crowd here it go to the Body good right hand that's a shot Helenus that one drive elenius back on To the ropes how now and the [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] Intensity Joshua's left eye seem to have Been marked off the jab from Robert [Music] Joshua stepping in that was the right Hand he's always leaning back so some Way takes the thing out of it like I Said the JB be busy with the job it's Working anyway so keep keep no you know Lateral bounc on movement I mean t you Know doing that they're losing that Ruggedness the aggression you know They're just and when you got the size Of the that's a very right Hand the we that he is I think they're Think that can be part of the reason What it's happening as you and I once Again both know it's it doesn't Happ Taylor saying in the buildup to his Fight against Jermaine Franklin between Styles is that the case with Joshua and Anthony Joshua in the corner The conversations between them are quite Healthy but you can tell he's listening He's obedient takes time it takes time [Applause] To make room for that right hand with Those Jabs to the Body but helenus he needs to realize He's got a a goal and opportunity is [Music] It straight on him tied him up this Lan

Is Jaob mat from these rounds Elenius he does not Josh doesn't want he Is with a new coach he's trying to try Out new things and no better place and To these fights if sometimes it is Deontay Wilder Because immediately sometimes and I just I just want to see him get close Tony You know oh good right hand hook to the Body right hand the longer he punch Catch you with one you're not expecting Get him out of there as soon as you can At 6'9 and 17 Stoneway from Joshua round Five scheduled to go [Applause] 12 confidence levels rise and the corner Getting very animated alongside us as Well look at this this is where aj did Not want to be I think he needs to get a Reaction out of Robert alenius that was A good let up and this fight with one Punch at any moment he just needs Helenius to commit he's being cute and He's using Experence former unified heavweight Champion of the world and the Olympic Gold medalist is still a work in Progress but he is because he just Doesn't have the amount of experience That other [Music] People Robert Helen being encouraged to Put pressure on Anthony Joshua there in

The corner the pace Now I'm not sure end of that round But after just three rounds against a Lowly ranked finish opponent is there in The the legs and the veins of Helenius joshu now through the [Applause] Middle ni check off millenni nice Movement from Joshua good job to the body keep it Going I think he wants rounds here guys I'm not going to lie Because I think I to agree with you Tony But quicker he's new star coming after Those I'm sure those usack glasses still Hanging in his head but here he comes he Should let your hands go Now I think he's also look at Anthony Joshua's left eye I think I think we Have to give penus some credit here he Hasn't come out wild he hasn't come out Gko he's thought I'll see a few rounds Out here I'll see what he's got he's Also not but he is feeling the pace he's Definitely feeling the pace I [Music] Wonder don't up with Him keep jab is landing Tak the JB yeah You just got to come in straight away Have the confidence to struggling to Land the right hand because he's Struggling to Commit to get the right hand you've got To take that extra couple of inches step

In as I say slowing down though had a Sprite in his in his Footwork that will give Joshua that's what I think caused the Swelling on the Eye good count as I said he's a sneak Not a [Applause] Oh just as he said he was struggling to Find he lands the conclusive right hand It's all Over I said he was capable of this [Applause] So much to Lose in terms of that Deontay Wilder Fight right hand right hand ja ja F here Comes over the top look at the feet the Fe right on top of Robert elan's feet Get close he lets that right hand go Bang it's good night against anybody and He landed that earlier in the fight than You said Itous it wasn't like he walked into the Shot right spot on And with the feet you can see it it's a Motion again here as well from Anthony Joshua at the end it's like take that He's on a Still hopefully he's Okay and that in a sense got the immense Value of the stop yeah and he he made an Adjustment to keep throwing it even Though you're not Landing it you're Having trouble finding it or

Landing fan is up on his feet now the Embrace it's good to see right hand Right hand jab jab F here he comes over The top look at the feet the feet are Right on top of Robert elan's feet get Close he lets that right hand go bang It's good night against anybody and he Landed that earlier in the fight than You said Itous it wasn't like he walked into the Shot right spot on Andy Clos the Distance with the feet we can see it It's aemotion again as well from Anthony Josh at the end it's like take that he's On a Ste hopefully he's Okay and that inters first inside the Distance win for two and a half years And that will be [Music] Monu right hand right hand ja ja F here Comes over the top look at the feet the Fe are right on top of Robert elen's Feet get close he lets that right hand Go bang it's good night against anybody And he landed that earlier in the fight Than you said it [Music] Landed ladies and gentlemen Victor laan Calls a halt to this contest the Official time of the stoppage 1 minute And 27 seconds of round number seven Your winner by Knockout

Anthony Josua well maybe tonight we saw a bit of

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