Professional brazilian lightweight MMA fighter Tom Santos against american high skilled athlete and Bellator veteran Daron Cruickshank with nickname “The Detroit Superstar”. Fight took place in Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan on July 28, 2018. Full MMA fight video with knockout in HD.


Tom Santos (Brazil) vs Daron Cruickshank (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

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Thank you Tommy [Music] [Applause] Okay Thank you [Applause] Here we go This could be ugly Expect some violence with these two guys Here or it could be beautiful yeah Insurance Sanchez in the black and white Wolf gentlemen center of the Ring Combination thrown there by Darren Krupchak answered by Santos Santa's keeping his head low Frank Okay both guys are in a very low stance I think Santos is low because he's so Much taller than quick shank but Krushank also realizes too if he gets a Little bit lower it's gonna be harder For Santos to hit him Looks like it's Santos that is stalking Here in Crooks and keeping him on the Outside buying his time waiting to see When he can just daring with a nice kick Santos says no nice try So Santos got run by that a little bit He's not showing any worse for where Though right now he knows he's going to Come here those impression is going to Spin what adjustments is he gonna make People can't do a good job of stepping Away from that kick so the impacting is

Hard just past the 90 second Mark here Swing rounds It's not those still stockings a little Shop will work there Darren's having None of it just getting on the outside I Think he senses the minute and you know Santos is inviting him in Darren's been Around I can't see him just going in There and throwing toe just yet Oh caught him on the side he's got he's Got to stay patient keep coming after Him now Soccer Kicks are just right up during Crookshank's alley he loves them Nice clean knockdown early in the fight Definitely gives you a lot of confidence He's gonna make Santos now tackle a bit More hopefully he gets Reckless if I'm The Crookshanks corner I'm gonna try and Keep him stay in the pocket but it stays Just outside of reach just so he doesn't He has to attack a little bit more so It's not as over steps and over commits Then you've got a shot to count him Again which is what happened the first Time It's fantastic Reaction Time by Darren Crookshank as soon as that fight hit the Ground he was already launching that Soccer game the inside of his left thigh Right now from one of those kicks is Already beginning to Redden and bruises Rip too So he's getting caught a couple times

[Music] Try to fix it The uh uh for glove glove comps you can Actually call time as a fighter Um to have your glove fixed If he throws that right hand though Darren senses that he's pick up the case Keeping just outside a distance Gets in distance gets good hard striking Gets out of this Mixing up his kicks High with the right inside with the left Just under two minutes to go here Opening round schedule for three Okay Santos has a real hard time This is a really hard time fighting as He's backpacking that's what Gary Thomas Right there right hand there beautiful More Soccer Kicks for during Crookshank Around [Music] Are you able to survive that Referee waste no time getting them back Up there 80 Seconds to go here opening Round Frank Good position change by Darren Sanders Did a great job he's been dropped quite Solidly now the second time he got foot Swept as he got punched so it looked Like a drop down but it's actually Darren actually uh foot swept him on his Way down so as a result Santa didn't Really get hurt that bad but there's a Lot of changing your Rhythm now

Obviously my pattern's been screwed up Again Darren's not to him twice Remember to go down here What does Santos need to do here Frank He's definitely losing the first four Minutes of this round well he was in the Very beginning he was keeping dirt on His toes because he was being very very Aggressive and Santos now as you see him He's either standing his ground or Backing up he needs to get back into That conference space where he's pushing Forward pushing forward and that pushes During the back way the only problem is You have to watch his spinning kicks but A guy that spins like Darren does if you Know it's coming you're able to stop it Very very quickly block it and encounter Immediately after and as a result he's Gonna be putting him down so Brandon's Gonna be cautious example starts Attacking again don't just haphazly Throw spinning definitely needs to start Getting on his horses The whole time I talked he didn't take One step forward all he did is hold his Ground Background Oh and it drops him again Derek Crookshank smells Victory here he Smells the blood he's going in there for The finish another left landed there On a jumpy knee I kept there Darren still has to protect

Himself goes got to be careful in those Exchanges as long as Santos is awake He's still going to throw in a friendly Reminder to our International audience Frank these rounds are not scored under The 10-point bud system it's not a 10-9 Round the fight will be scored as a Whole Yeah and it's it's uh uh altitude Throughout the night some of the fights Are going to be we'll do the best job That we can to remind you as we get into The fights some fights are three five Minute rounds some fights are are two Rounds well one is ten minutes and one Is five minutes and in the middle here We also have a kickboxing fight which is Absolutely there's that beautiful right Hand landed by James Crookshank dropped Santos he went in there With late kicks look at this tried to Get her on the side there but you know Good job and then he was able to step on It Frank a nice heel kick right to the End there it's it really dares did a Good job of mixing up his attack system So it's making it very difficult for Santos to get an idea of what's Happening he changing his position every Single time he's going high he's going Low his leg kicks the only thing is You're doing a lot of as far as Darren Has been doing is he's going a lot of Head kicks spinning and footsticks as a

Result it's going to be very easy when Sometimes to start timing those now as You get into the into the second round By the looks of it during Crookshank did Not pack any submissions in a suitcase For this fight here clearly he is going For some knockout or TKO victory Oh call time to fix his gloves yep Well So underneath uh just for those Folks at Home underneath the unified MMA World Insurance That if he points to his finger says his Fingers are the fight's over yeah here It's different yes when the doctors take A look at it the referee has a chance to Take a peek at it but they'll stop it if He can't make a fist they'll win the Fight He's on so he's done looks like he's Done Darren has already got his hands up During has his hands up [Applause] No we're gonna go all right Here we go round two so one of those one Of those kicks that Darren three he must Have got blocked by his hand Inject up his finger And that's what it looked like instantly When he made the first request he looked Down and it didn't look like it was a You know quote-unquote glove or wardrobe Malfunction he was trying to pull the

Finger out like I said he jammed it And now he's calling on crucial okay it Was Crookshank that was far more Aggressive in the opening round Yeah Oh my goodness One two combination steps to the right And throws a reverse right kick Unbelievable Two or three inches closer he would have Caught himself From our Vantage Point here ringside Darren fights on that mouthpiece you Know there's something really hard Yeah that's that's only real towel [Music] Now you can see Santos beginning to Close the distance a little bit he's Becoming a little bit more aggressive Here trying to time his his combinations Using that left kick though okay that's More or less to judge distance though He's definitely stepping forward he's Definitely trying to participation like I said in the end of the first round he Saw me to hold his ground and back up He's got his confidence back Now he's coming hard in heaven Darren's Doing a great job though casual kick on The opposite side and throw him but he Is dropping that hand if Sandro's Decides to go high to his right kick you Know throw a couple low leg kicks and High then it's gonna be wide open

The deer throws the right hand to the Body he's throwing it with a lot of Force he's not following you with the Left hook it could just be something to Bait and bring their hands down there's A job there Caught on that one as he stepped in Yeah Do some dirty boxing mix it up a little Bit because Santos is just basically a Strike Christian's got good wrestling And he's got some good grappling skills On the ground I I don't see why he Wouldn't try to make a little dirty Boxing against against the ropes Asbestos into so much energy to get him There why not keep them there and the Back of his left leg now is beginning to Show himself and the right side of his Face so you know Darren's bruising or The shots as they land On Darren right now but Darren could Care less he's not going to sell fog Here but he now on that mouthpiece Throwing those combinations when he can Use you and Darren I shouldn't say Usually but when Darren goes to softball Stands that left leg's coming Docks I mean Santos here with a minute 44 left To go here in the second round here I Believe he needs to pick up the pace Right yeah he absolutely does you know In my mind that personal opinion if you

Have to go look at the fight as a whole Right now Pushing the pace into the opponents Sometimes you can start pushing their Pace and try to if not steal the ground Of course there is more round to go one More round to go that has to be judged But still you want to take a look at it Oh nice he checked that kick and came Around with the left swing there's that Right oh my goodness So quick He doesn't get his head turned around Quick enough though to see where he's Landing The old-fashioned George Foreman Haymakers yeah as hard as you can and if You catch it in the elbow he still Breaks your arm S Something sidekick's coming kind of Moves his hips over there it is oh he Went for the knee Falls over the left cross down the Middle stays in Orthodox stance though 35 seconds to go here round two Scheduled for three He's so fast with his legs so fast when He spins And it comes to really unorthodox I like That when it comes from really Unorthodox He sets you up early around with oh this Position I throw one two okay now I

Really throw a 1-3 now all of a sudden I'm not even throwing anything I'm using The exact same leg motion so you're Waiting for the one two and it's a Spinning Back Spin exactly you're like Now what do I do Two rounds in the book opening boat here Ryzen fighting Federation 11. Darren Kirkshire taking on Tom Santos Here we look at some of the action here There's Darren with the Run Throws a little late kick And there's a combination boom and he Throws the left there just a little Early Santos did try to answer back with the Right though Frank and it was a little Bit low so it catches him on his Shoulder bounces up and then hits him in The head if there was no status of it Hitting in the head he would have caught Him flushing hard and that would have Been the one that would have finished Them What are you telling Tom Santos if You're in his corner right now You gotta start moving forward you got To cut him off you got to put him in a Corner and trap Christian so the only Thing only options he has is the spin But he'll actually has to do some kind Of desperation you have to make Darren Get desperate on you to try to finish The fight and you'll be able to catch

Him because the better accurate Striker Is Santa he's a better more well-rounded Season Striker but he's not seen in here Because Darren is hitting with so many Different angles Thank you Third and final round here drink Darren Crookshank Tom Santos quick prediction For Frank trick here do you think we're Gonna see a takedown attemptor I'm Saying no If these boys just gonna stand and trade The whole rest of these five minutes Well let me throw the caveat in there if Christian and he feels a little in the Back of his knees or his ankles start to Go a little numb he'll take a shot Sounds like a crested sidekick to the Knee Is that the same as an uppercut hook His voice She let him out see he put him in the Corner he throws a punch he stepped to His left side out of performance as Opposed to pinning him in that little Horn right there now he's got a position Where he's gotta he's got to continue to Fight and he had him caught in his own Corner where his uh Corners could have Given great advice right there right Outside the uh outside the apron Foreign Here three minutes 40 seconds to go here Round number three Darren Crookshank

Ahead on our unofficial scorecard here He's winning this fight It is mixed martial arts we never know What could happen a nice combination Answered there by Santos he's beginning To pick up the pace now Crookshank Throws a spinning kick or sidekick Excuse me Center of the Ring Every time Darren gets close enough when These two guys are in a full moon he's About to pick up there it is right there Three punches thrilled by Crookshank one Did land though by Santos And we're close enough to the ring right Now when you hear a different sound when The kick lands especially when it's the Low sound about the slapping sound it's More of a thud for a knocking sound That's not good And he's able to pass the legs from Marvin yep he's got side control here Squeezing down made a way through here We passed the Midway point of round Number three Yeah Crookshank looking to use those Knees there Blocked right now by the left arm of Santos Thomas has got to cut him on the Bottom of his shin too so at some point He got cut oh with the mount right to The mound here look for the stabilizer's Position and begin throwing those bombs Agreement

[Music] Brought up his legs up under the armpits It's the push The corner saying elbow elbow Elbows Very Mitchell says up on Twitter asking Us how many folks are in here uh The Arena tonight except for 30 000 fans and It's it's full it's full that's what Every seat that can be taken is taken There are a few seats that are blocked Out because the camera is in this Section but uh we were totally except For 30 000 and that's cool Elbows there by Darren Crookshank One minute 15 seconds to go here opening Butter Rising fighting Federation 11 Darren Crookshank Tom Santos Yours Truly Joe far alongside Frank Trigg calling the action here from the Saitama super arena in Japan Darren Crookshank now looking for it wasn't Americana Elbows there now he's throwing some Punches Hammer Fists No look at his legs Stop the fight there done [Applause] Wide open With gas Good job by Darren taking his time you Saw him when he got in the mouth and he Took his time he sat down he sat his Hips back he put his heels up Santos

Really was no threat at getting out of There at any time he wasn't really Fighting he really wasn't losing his Legs we're trying to push the hips away He was just basically doing a lot of a Lot of juvenile defenses in there so Once Darren realized that's what was Happening he sat down he slowed down and Took his time and he took the space he Finally found the elbow was able to Slide that elbow through and split them Wide open this time he's got a referee Good stoppage by by uh daring to get There and find the finale and hopefully Santos doesn't get too bad is it too bad He's gonna be out for too long well They're wrapping up right now to stop The bleeding Here we see in the replay Exceptional job there by Darren Crookshank a spinning I guess ax kick to Pass the guard here and then he's moving The elbow That was it there was a tackle Frankie With an actual top out there by Tom Santos Darren opens up the arms boom Lands a beautiful technical elbow that Splits his opponent open his opponent Had enough Taps out would you see Santos Right now walking on his own past us Here past the broadcast table daring Crookshank doing uh just adds their Emerging Victorious they're waiting for The microphone he's got a few things to

Say to the crowd here at the saitama Super read in Japan clearly about 30 000 Plus here this evening are you gonna Translate Joe Thank you for all the I also want to say Japan stay strong guys Thank you to all my fans here thank you All my friends in the U.S all my fight Family at Michigan talking all the Trainers [Applause] I think my wife I'll see you in a little bit and I want To thank all my sponsors Phoenix ammo Alpha Outpost uh ATI uh Half pack Target S [Applause] [Laughter] It's a fantastic job getting the Takedown uh I kind of figured out for That second round there was someone was Gonna have to take that fight down on The ground to make a difference yeah I Mean even though Darren in my personal Opinion was winning that fight uh all The way through the first two rounds but I'm really uh understanding I'm truly Trying to figure out like did he want to Wait to take down the labels he finally See something that we didn't see Senior Case that he saw inside the ring that Was like okay the tape down is available

Because he didn't even attempt a shot Until the third round and he based in a Knee tap and it's not those fell almost All the way down but not quite and then When he readjusted that was sudden the Spinning outstick comes out yeah I mean

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