00:00 – Intro
03:40 – Chelsea vs Arsenal
16:02 – Aston Villa vs West Ham
23:47 – Liverpool vs Everton
30:29 – Manchester City vs Brighton
35:41 – Newcastle vs Crystal Palace
40:45 – Sheffield United vs Manchester United
44:21 – Brentford vs Burnley
47:58 – Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham Preview


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He's made a lot of mistakes like this Isn't the first game possession he's Really shaky at moments no absolutely Not and I think you know we need to take Into account that they're not even at Their full full strength by the summer One of them will be staying and the Other will probably be going exactly Welcome to Monday Vibes ladies and Gentlemen we'll be talking about the Premier League fixtures that have Happened this weekend because they were Huge and some other huge news that Happened this weekend that we revealed On Sunday Vibes that Patrick van Straton Is leaving football daily how did that Make you feel Henry sad I mean Inevitable I mean I think he was always Going to he's been training away for his Career always going to happen eventually Um you know light and joy in the Office I'm Jing he's he's he's such an Intelligent guy and actually thing about Pat is if he wanted to be if he wanted To present anything on any show he could Do like he's that talented I kind of Rate his his approach to it all but yeah I I I wish nothing but the best of him And like I said on his Twitter like some Of my favorite memories on screen have Been with him CU you can always you can Always be sure that he's you know got Something fun the heat yeah you never You never quite know what he's going to

Say very very true uh Dy how was your Weekend mate it was good thank you yeah It was good I was back home in Yorkshire My mom's just got a new puppy oh so he Was playing with her quite a bit and Yeah it was a nice weekend thank you how Was yours very sweet yeah not too bad Thank you and saw Chelsea I did indeed And we'll get on to them in a second but Unfortunately we also got some sad news During this weekend about Sir Bobby Charlton passing away at the age of 86 um on Saturday now he had 106 caps Four England scored 49 International Goals they were both records at the time As well he obviously the big one won the World Cup with England in 1966 um now obviously he played football Long before we were born or even Watching football um but I feel like When you're born in a England and kind Of watching the Premier League and English football um you've heard of him You've heard of him you know the legend Of kind of that he has around Manchester And Manchester United um so yeah sad day For football wasn't it yeah absolutely I Think you say that if you're around Football no football then you know Bobby Charlton but actually Grace my fiance Who doesn't know football at all turned To me and said oh Bobby charlton's died On Saturday and I was you know that just Goes to show that someone that doesn't

Even know about football knows his name And that goes to show you know what he Achieved on the pitch and also the sort Of impact he made off it as well because I think he just carried himself so well So dignified um you know whenever there Was the the annual uh anniversary of the Munich air disaster you know it would Always be him sort of leading from the Front and it must have been incredibly Difficult for you know they lost 23 People that day eight of his teammates And he managed to sort of lead the the Reconstruction of that side and Dennis Laura and George Bon arrived then they Won the European Cup in 1968 two years After winning the World Cup and he Scored two goals in the final as you say His record for a you know it wasn't even A striker his goal scoring record for England and man united simply remarkable And you watch the highlights of him Playing what a clean ball Striker Absolutely unreal um so massive respect To him and yeah Thoughts with his close Family and friends exactly exactly it's Really nice to see as well a lot of the Footballing world come out and um put Messages out there um now on to Obviously this weekend's football Chelsea versus Arsenal I mentioned that I was there at the bridge watching the Game Oh why did you leave with a feeling of

Disappointment exactly that exactly that Which is so weird because before the Game if you'd gone to me Zach you're Going to have a two two draw with Arsenal I would have snapped your hand Off and I said that to a few people Afterwards kind of putting it into um Try and make it feel a little bit better But I think when you put that in the Context of the game and how it happened Um I think Chelsea fans can rightly feel A little bit disappointed I think when You actually think back to the goals That Chelsea scored you know one came From a hand ball decision firstly do we Think that was a a handle that was a Party unfortunately in 2023 exactly Exactly obviously there were a few more We'll get on to as well that happened This weekend too um but it comes from That where it's like a cross into the Box and Madrick heads it right it's not Necessarily the best header in the world And goes on hands we get goal from a Penalty and then we get a goal from kind Of a fluky I I don't think he means it Again I kind assume you guys also think He's trying to cross it um which put two You know goes two them up however I Never felt like we really created a a Chance there was Cole Palmer who kind of Intercepted the ball um and probably Should have put it in the back of the Net from marah um and Jackson had a

Chance on on the second half when he Came on we should probably pull the Trigger a little bit earlier but there Was never like a clear cut chance that We made personally so I can also kind of Feel like yeah maybe we didn't make Enough chances to to flat out win the Game but when you're also giving away The ball like we did in that first uh Goal for Arsenal that's what makes it Kind of leave a sour taste in my mouth Like for the neutrals it must have been A fantastic game to watch Yeah absolutely I mean you were two n up Against the second best team in the League last year like it doesn't matter How many chances you're creating really Like you were in a prime position to win That but I still think this is a huge Positive for Chelsea I mean we've all Been talking about the underlying Numbers the fact that expected points Expected goals they should be a lot Higher yeah than they are the reality is Chelsea look pretty good like Chelsea Are playing really good stuff and they Made Arsenal look very average in this Game like that is that's the bottom line As you say that you know Arsenal's first Goal is a bit of a fluke isn't it uh Yeah well it's weird because I saw a lot Of stick given to Sanchez afterwards and I felt like I was one of the only people Online maybe that was kind of defending

Him because I think his game in general That his distribution has been kind of 50/50 this season sometimes it's been Amazing sometimes it's been quite poor And I actually think against Arsenal it Probably was poor but the chance that They scored from wasn't in my opinion 100% of his fault like the pass isn't Directly given to either player But Enzo kind of turns thinking that I Think the ball's going to gager and Gaga Kind of leaves it thinking that Enzo is Going to take it um when really I think When you're tune up just don't take the Chance like just collect the B Enzo and And keep it moving that is probably his First actual blunder though in a Chelsea Shirt in uh and Sanchez Sanchez Like I mean doie uh sorry not doie uh Sam Sam was trying to have it that he's Been a better goalkeeper signing than Vicario at Spurs which I was like Disagreeing with that's not that's not True but then I was thinking about it And there's even on the BBC saying is he Like the most like intelligent signing That they've made this summer I was Thinking like a lot of what Sanchez has Done has gone under the radar to an Extent like he is a pretty safe Pair of Hands it's just in this occasion like on Another day Chelsea don't um Arsenal Don't score from that chance like Another day they missed that still and

He's let off the hook it's it's tough Because I think defensively I thought we Were really strong like I thought it was Nice to see Co play at left Center back As well today not a left back I don't Know whether that was because um he Wanted again karer as well maybe one of His best games in the Chelsea shirt too He's played this season when he's played It right back and and against Arsenal Now he's been uh solid cple of months Really okay interesting that um but Obviously we saw do sassy kind of have a Possible injury which saw him pull out Of the international Break um so maybe That's why Cole claim into Center back Rather than any other reason but um we Don't fully know silver actually I Thought had a really good game as well And he's been a little bit 50-50 this Season so defensively I thought we were Really strong Gusto just he I think he He does so well as a kind of this backup Right back to Reese James um it feels Harsh actually to call him a backup Right back he is such a solid um Fullback um but yeah it felt like we did Really well defensively I saw po come Out after saying that you know Enzo and Um kaiso were both kind of tired and Very because they played a game on Wednesday or got back on Wednesday from International break and playing Saturday Um and that he wanted to drop them but

If he if he had dropped them he would Have got absolutely murdered online and By the uh fan base and the owners if he Had dropped them um yeah supposedly and I thought they they played pretty well Yeah maybe as I said there's that chance Enzo could collect the ball um but Overall I thought everybody I thought Poch poch's tactics were quite strong to To kind of not play a striker obviously He didn't want to risk Jackson due to This possible uh kind of injury that he He was he possibly has you know we might See him start um on the weekend uh Coming against brenford but might have Been a little bit too soon for the game Against Arsenal um and to play Cole Palmer in this kind of Center forward Position rather than a striker position Where he was allowed to drop in it kind Of left the center back I thought in Gabrielle and S kind of thinking hang on We've not got anyone here to Mark and Left left so much more space um you saw Gallagher just doing what he does Running and getting into these faces I Thought it was really really smart it's Just a shame it felt like we deserved we Deserved three points from it um which Is which is great to say after a game Against Arsenal because we were going Into this period for Chelsea thinking Goodness gracious this could be a a Rough time what did you you guys think

Yeah definitely and your recent record Against Arsenal's also been quite poor As well so that was a little bit Concerning I thought georgino was an Interesting selection in Midfield from Arester I thought he looked really off The pace to be totally honest although It did allow rice to push forward um but I don't know whether Thomas party could Have potentially started but I am just Slightly concerned about Arsenal's Attack I think going defensively they've Been pretty solid this season even Though they have conceded more goals Than than Man City but you know I think They're second for shots against but It's really their attack and I know lots That is down to the lack of cohesion They've had up front The Chopping and Changing you know this was the first Time that Martinelli Gabrielle Zeus and Sacka have started together but I Thought they were pretty ineffective um I mean sacka didn't actually have a shot In this game Martinelli again you know Had one shot I think which was blocked Gabriel Zeus wasn't under his absolute Best either thought Gusto dealt with Martinelli pretty effectively he then Gets subbed for trossard who is making Impact in pretty much every game he Plays now he's such a good bench player And it does feel like Arenal now have Really good depth in forward areas which

Is you know a great issue to have but You do want Martinelli to get somewhere Back to his best I think his expected Goals and assist this year have dropped To 0.23 that's starting from 0.66 last Year so he's at nearly a third of his Output from last year uh and just Doesn't look that full of confidence Right now he's had injury issues of Course as well so we'll see what happens There but yeah I mean for Arsenal to be In the position they are which as we as We record this Tottenham have a chance To go top today but they are you know Level on points with Man City at the top Of the premy is really promising given How badly I think they've played this Year they've been very I think in four Of their games they've created less than 1.2 XG which included the game against Chelsea the weekend that's also against Nati and Forest Man City where which You'd probably expect it and one other Game uh which I can't remember off the Top of my head but it feels like Arsenal Just haven't clicked going forward yet And is that to do with the amount of Changes that have been throughout their Side is it to do with injuries it's Probably a little bit of everything um But I do think artetta has made some Interesting selection calls at points This season I think Gabrielle should Have started the season I think georgino

Starting on Saturday was probably a Mistake easy to say with hindsight um But yeah it their attack is far from it At its best at the moment yeah yeah I Guess obviously Mar's come back from Injury Saka has had I guess a couple of Weeks off of injury so you know Sometimes just losing momentum can Affect you massively definitely um but As you mentioned the the kind of depth They've got coming on is really good I Thought odard actually had a poor game Against Chelsea felt like a Lot of passes Yeah you mentioned geino De rice thought was actually really good Really really good it's kind of I think A lot has been talken about kind of Mistake from Chelsea but the Finish from Rice is not easy either from the angle From behind the goal you can see how Much that ball moves as well it's it's a Yeah real curer he does very well to put In the back of the net um Rya ryer Rya Um how do you think he played in this Game hemry because he was getting a Little bit of stick during during the 90 Minutes and then I think well during the 80 minutes and then by the end kind of All the attention went on to Sanchez not Not for the first time either I just get The I just constantly feel like if Artessa is going to say that he would Sub his Keepers uh he wishes it he's Done it whatever and you know you KN the

Second that R went there you were just Waiting for him to give an excuse to Take ramsdale out of the squad and put Him in I think Ry has not been he's made A lot of mistakes like this isn't the First game possession he's really shaky At moments in the goal I don't I Personally don't believe in the two First team goalkeeper situation I think That's wrong we Rams they already coming Out saying he knows he probably needs to Be playing first footb to be the England Squad so he's probably going to have to Push for a move I don't think that their Goalkeeping situation is better as a Result of David Ry going there no Disrespect to him really like I think He's a good keeper yeah um I just don't Think that that's really helped the Situation at the back for either keeper To the looks of it they both look like They're playing on kind of eggshells at The moment because they know their place Potentially in to but yeah like it's he Luckily for the Arsenal and kind of Touching what doie was saying there like They are showing a lot of resilience They are showing the ability to eek out Points and wins in games where perhaps They don't necessarily deserve it and That is actually consider considering Last season was almost mentality is the Reason that they didn't go on to Actually win the league that is a really

Positive sign that they are grinding out Points um sort of winning ugly as it Were because you have to be able to do That to win the title and whatnot so Ry Is being helped out by the rest of the Team I'm not saying he's been like a Total disaster he's not at all like he's Still a great keeper but yeah if I was Ramsdale I'd be going to Essa come on I well R wasn't on the bench in this Game I think his wife was giving birth That's right um so yeah there would have Been no substitution in this game anyway Um and then obviously yeah the second Goal for Arsenal you know what people Say what they say about sacka um and he Might have you know he's back from Injury fantastic ball into the box to Put into that back post really good Finish by Trad um it was almost like Like the last couple of minutes don't Fall asleep Chelsea at the back and and Chelsea did but um had quite a good Chance from ANA just after that as well Having been sort of sleeping throughout The whole game Arsenal they probably did Finish the stronger side no no Definitely definitely but that's it That's what you need sometimes in in in These kind of long Seasons where you're Going to have games like this and you Need to somehow find your way to back Get back into it and arsal did I'm Actually quite excited for Arsenal's

Maybe not January CU it's hard to do Business but certainly SE uh the next Summer cuz I feel like the squads at the Point now where they know what big big Signings they need to make like is it a Center forwards I also wonder as well Whether that would be the Summer where They go okay we also need to sell to and Get rid of some players too um you Mentioned the goalkeeping situation by The summer one of them will be staying And the other will probably be going Exactly um but that will be interesting And um Finally Madrick do we think he had a good game Cuz I thought actually if I'm being Brutally honest I didn't feel like I Noticed him too much um but then when I Went back and watched the highlights Obviously uh I find sometimes when You're in the stadium compared to when You watch it on TV you notice different Things but then I watch the highlights He was involved in kind of everything Good for Chelsea yeah I think he caught Ben White out of position a few times as Well and you know he he's picking up More Central areas than I think he did Last season as well I think his his form Is is pretty good in the last few weeks As well and you know got his goal Against Fulham then scored his first Goal at Stanford Bridge he's clearly

Trying to cross it I don't know why Chelsea fans are trying to make out that He's trying to go for goal because he Looks twice at whoever is in the middle Of that particular time I can't quite Remember um andal Vision to shoot from That position no no um but I do think David ry's positioning yeah it's not Ideal either um so yeah fair play to Madrick I think he's really turned it Around given the amount of abuse and Sort of criticism he got on Twitter in Particular last year which a lot I think A lot of footballers do take on board But Al obviously probably ignore a lot Of it as well um I've been really Impressed with how it's turned it around And I remember arguing on team talk at The start of this season that he was Going to have a better season than ail Smith row and if I was a Smith row I'd Be slightly concerned like he's just not Getting regular minutes in the side at All And a lot of the forward players aren't Playing particularly well at the moment Well you talk about Emil Smith row some Club that was after him in the summer Was ason Villa then let's move on to Them the Midland side who faced West Ham And going into this game I think Villa Probably favorites considering was at Home however not 41 favorites that's for Sure um I didn't manage to fully see the

Game I've caught it back on Highlights Um and I was when I it got to about I Think it was the 60th minute when I Managed to catch the score and I was a Little bit shocked I won't lie it and it Was the Ole Watkins show as it normally Is at the moment the guy is incredible I Don't know how shocked we can continue To be Villa beating you think West Ham Were West Ham going into this game were In good form they were in good form but They also don't tend to have much of the Ball and like they're quite happy to Sort of that's exactly kind of Suits Them kind of Suits them but vill just Such a good team like they're just top To bottom the balance in that side is Epic they've got players who can come Off the bench now Leon Bailey reformed He came off the bench again Scored T can't even get yeah can't even Get in the team at the moment and as you Say olle Watkins it was so his interview Of deanan Smith afterwards I almost Thought he said too much in terms of Like Pat you what I mean I was thinking Surely when he's going yeah I wait for The Wingers to make their movements and Then I let to go I'm like I I mean I Know that other teams have analysts that Can find the stuff out anyway but I was Like whats you giv Away Guy run in the channels anymore I only

Run straight like all Defenders doing Shov so yeah I was I was wondering what He was on about but no no I mean he see What what a guy what a guy the goal the Finish for the goal is so nice it looks Simple but it's not like you don't see Strikers do that that often anymore you Heard it in the commentator's voice I Think they really respect it out in his Weak fo just to smash it top Corner Nothing the keepers can really do about That he's now got five goals three Assists in his last three games also Scoring for England to getting a tap in Which I'm really pleased about because People the longer he was on the pitch People going oh this is why this is why He doesn't play for England kind of Thing shut up so yeah it's just yeah I I Love oie Watkins I think he's clearly The second best English striker as it Were at the moment even though Callum Wilson got on a score again this weekend But yeah he's just playing in a villa Side that serves him so so well I I just Love the balance of the side and Actually dlish Lise as well I mean we'll Probably touch on him in a second but They've just got quality everywhere They've got one of the best managers Going I was yeah I I thought they going To have a great season this year and and They're living up to the hype like they Are genuinely in a title race at at this

Point in time in my opinion like they're 11 wins at home in a row you can't like Make up that is serious stuff like City Have taken more points since emry took Over really level with Arenal V Park is Like they've turned that place into a Fortress it's they've got great score They got goals running through the side Like I think I'm not saying they title Race might be a bit strong but they're Certainly a problem they're going to be A huge problem with the top four it's Going to be interesting how they deal With uh how they've dealt with Europe Obviously they had um a couple of Results not necessarily go there the way They would have wanted um but there a Serious Force I think you you've done Very well there to bring up how they've Built this squad quite quickly as well Over the last couple of um couple of What season um yeah season the last Season I should say rather than a couple Of um because Em's come in and kind of Been given a few tools here got the best Out of them and been given a few extras Now to had that little bit of depth you Meant tman is there as you said the fact He's not starting he'll be starting for A lot of other teams in the Premier League that's for sure um and they've Managed to start playing football or not They managed to be playing football Really really well they're a team now

Where if they're playing you away or You're playing them at their home it's Not a it's not a fun fixure if you're One of the top boys that's for sure like If in Arsenal or obvious say beat Chelsea if if you're City whatever it Might be that's not a fun fix to be Playing no absolutely not and I think You know we need to take into account That they're not even at their full full Strength I mean Mings is out for what The entire season Moreno I think hasn't Been able to feature so much Matty cash Was in and out of the side last year He's now nailed down that right back Slot with Ashley Young leaving um and They they're going from from strength to Strength really I mean six goals against Brighton four against West Ham it really Bods well these are two sides that have Started the season pretty well um and And Villa were absolutely excellent Douglas Lise is the top scoring Midfielder in the Premier League this Season is he now um I think he's now Scored in six Premier League games at Home in a row do you remember when he Made Worst team of the season yeah I think That got a fair amount of abuse and Probably right so can't remember whose Inclusion that was um think a little Patri maybe maybe maybe I think he just Didn't like the links with Arsenal at

The time but he is apparently being Linked with with big clubs and you can Kind of see why on West Ham though I was Watching the ma majority of this game in And night reception on a train but Lucas Pakata not at the races on this one let Douglas Lise run off the back him for For the first um was sort of going I Mean to be fair he goes for an overhead Kick at one stage with his wrong foot That but he probably could have brought It down just didn't look like he was Fully engaged in this game uh whereas Someone like Zolo who's obviously had a Really difficult week uh with the Betting scandal going on in Italian Football right now was sort of right at It um and musabi and olle Watkins hell Of a partnership no Duo have created More chances than uh those two is Frightening and I think Henry mentioned Him as well it's what they've got such a Good player in is theb for 70 minutes is Just going at you going at you going at You and then if they obviously started Sometimes but then they can bring on Leon Bailey who who seems new confidence Who seems to have this new confidence Now and is more than will to take on a Man um and has similarities like drb and That Wing play and once he comes on with Like 20 minutes to go as well if you're One of the fullbacks and you've just Been marking diby for 70 minutes you

Just must think give me a break somebody Helped me out they could they couldn't Contain him and yeah Edson Alvarez gave Away a sloppy penalty after p gave him The ball in a bad position Zuma got done Quite well I thought it was really good Play from Watkins I think credit to him For that near post finish but maybe Should get a little bit tighter to him Um and agar made an error as well that It just wasn't West Ham's day um and They did create a couple of chances like They had a f I think they had the first Chance of the game after 50 seconds for Jared Bowen um and Antonio was running the channels hard But sometimes is just passing and his General technical ability this is what We've always said years now right is There patches where he looks like the Best striker in the league um but then For the majority of his time it's not Quite working out or or his hard work is Amazing but the rest of his game is Really letting I we were talking a bit About Aesthetics on team talk last week He is not a very aesthetic footb not all Not at I mean the problem with the way West Ham wanted to play is like Villa Constantly stretched the weight they Have Watkins be permanently just stuck Up front and that just means that they Can't ever afford to like bomb players Forward and yeah like so I think they

Got sort of outmaneuvered really in this Game and I'm not surprised like Tactically wise unry is one of the most Flexible and sort of interesting Managers in the division at the moment What I will say for West Ham they're in Ninth but they're only two points off Newcastle in sixth so comp to last year Compared to last year they are doing Great and I think at home they still We've seen them been a problem against All the big sides too I think they'll Just take this one on the chin in all Honesty they came up against a very good At Aston Villa side in a good in a good Moment who on it like it's 41 is Obviously not a great score line but at The same time they they'll move they Have lost 5-1 to to Newcastle and look How they're doing now I mean uh and They'll be very happy at West Ham fans As me and Dy found out that Jared Bowen Signed a seven-year deal whatever it was 2030 just as I linked him to man united Danny D's got in his Ear actually crazy when we found that Out um but anyway okay let's move on to The other Derby that happened this Weekend the mercy side Derby at anfield Liverpool versus Villa West Ham Derby uh Chelsea right right right right I see What you mean sorry the A3 like the clar Derby it can work yeah sure thing why Not um but yes Liverpool versus Everton

Liverpool won 2-n on the day this was The 12:30 kickoff on Saturday and I Thought the score line was a little bit Flattering forame like it wasn't a great Game is ever it's very true but that's What I think Everton especially at the Moment kind of want it to be they don't Want Liverpool to be having um you know The best of time of course um and and Shawn D I think Everton defensively were Pretty Good I I feel for Everton fans because Obviously we saw Ashley Young get given A second yellow card in the 37th minute For what was a second yellow card Offense like it was a yellow card uh The Tackle he makes there probably not There's not me and Henry kind of Watching him back just earlier it's not Really he doesn't need to do it l Diaz Just does him for Pace I think yeah and But and it's so close to the box like it Goes to ground and I think the second You go to ground you're giving referees A something to think about and okay the Referee gave him the yellow card sent Him off um Ali MC think on commentary Was uh was saying you know think about The game all this kind of stuff but it Is a second Yer card it is yeah it is Anyway we fast forward to to later on I Think Liverpool one0 up at this point They've been given a penalty we get on To that um and in the 65th minute canate

Makes kind of like a tactical foul Whilst on a yellow card and isn't Awarded a second yellow card to send him Off outrage everywhere on lying people Couldn't believe it I think it's a Second yellow card I think it's a second Yellow card obviously a second yellow C Yes uh and he so did Young klopp because Literally the next opportunity Immed for for for Joe matip and um and Yet again it feels like we're coming out Of these games because all the other Decisions there were several penalty Claims there was the hand ball that was Given as a penalty I agree with this Well the referee got right but sadly This is what it feels like it's got to Now um especially when you can't use V AR for yellow cards as well is right That yeah for yellow cards you're Allowed to use V even if they a second Yellow card and it results in a red card You're not allowed to use VAR and here We are moaning that we've got the Decision wrong yet a couple weeks ago We're minding that V is bad for the game And and now we're looking where it could Have possibly been used in this case I Know it's not going to sound popular but Like you you must account for like an Element of human error from the referee Like if V is unable to turn it over then As much like this is like an old school Issue that we're arguing about and I'd

Rather be arguing about an old school Issue like this than when V's really P Because yeah like maybe the ref just not Seen it in quite the same way and Liverpool got away with one this is kind Of like an old school thing that we used To kind of moan and enjoy the thing is I Think the issue that the referee gives Himself is because he sent off Ashley Young for a second yellow card Defense he has to send canate off for it Because if he'd have let Ashley Young's Ride and maybe he got second yard later On you could have then been like well Look Ashley Young had given been given Another chance and so canate was given Another chance that's fine but because He went okay young you're on Yellow Card You've made this this tackle it will be Said that Ashley Young also whilst on a Yellow card kicked the ball um uh throw In was given to Liverpool he kicked it Away and he wasn't given a yellow card There that is a fair enough claim um but Canate obviously makes this blatant Tactical foul which is in the rules of The game is normally given as a yellow Uh and got away with it and so then we Saw Liverpool eventually go manag to get A second goal but the game might have Changed if both teams had 10 men people Found it tough against everon with 10 Yeah I mean everything I thought Defended pretty pretty effectively and

You know the Kate's Second Challenge is Not too dissimilar from Ashley Young's First as well um very very similar and It's just frustrating because I also Don't think that call gets made if it's At goodon Park um the anfield factor Like you know big teams it's it's a Carrari does change it and big teams you Know you rarely get decisions go against Big sides um it's just the fact it's It's how football works and it's Unfortunate but it's obviously in the Psyche of the referee the crowd affects The referee's decisions it it's un is an Undoubted fact so really really Frustrating for Everton I did think Their second goal was really nice from From Liverpool us really smooth straight Through nunes's timing of his pass is Excellent uh and I talked about drb and Watkins creating the most chances for Each other in the league Nunes and Salah A second on that chart which is quite Impressive given the fact that Darwin Nunes has been used Off the Bench and Used he hasn't started every game um and I think his all round game is is so much Better this year Darwin Nunes um last Year his timing on that pass would have Been quite different I know it looks Really simple but I was just so Impressed by it gossip Collins linking Uh Osan with Liverpool do you see really Another Striker good another forward

That would be interesting wonder if They'd like offer Nunes as a spot but I Like Nunes I Nunes great he's I I also Enjoy watching NES I think he's a fun Player to watch and sometimes when I Just thinking about football like like That's what I want I just want to enjoy The people that I'm watching kick the Ball around that's for sure um but one Of things I was going to say as well Salah has now assisted all scored at at Tfield for 13 games in a row he's now Third I think in record-wise Behind uh and think also gone past 200 League goals in his Club career I feel Like I he will he ever stop because he Just continues to have an impact time And time and time again and even in Games where you might not have notic Noticed him for 70 odd minutes he then Assist or get a goal or do whatever in The in the 71st he's just continues to Uh to to amaze he really does and he's Mentioned with his link up of Nunes Definitely and I don't know I mean he's Got what a year left on his deal at the End of the year this talk that he'll go To Saudi Arabia I just still think it's Too early I think it's too early Saudi Arabia is not going anywhere Mo I Respect you know as a Muslim player the Attraction playing in Saudi Arabia is of A different level the money is obviously Ridiculous but I I think he could

Honestly carry on at the top level for At least another three years um he just Generally looks in that sort of Condition um and I think his all round Game is improving as well he's becoming Le less s of self-interested I think as Time goes on and is making sort of Better and better decisions in a Slightly different way to how Cristiano Ronaldo developed uh where he became Almost a little bit too self-interested At times at Real Madrid um I think Salah Is becoming just the sort of complete Allround right winger uh and is just Unduly the best right winger of the Premier League has ever seen well let's Head up now to Manchester to Man City Who faced Brighton which to be fair if It weren't for the other huge score Lines and the big games that were going Off it going on this could been one of The biggest games of the weekend with How Brighton have been this season over The last couple of seasons to be fair Man City versus Brighton 2 one to Man City at the EAD it kind of felt like for A long period of the game it was the Jeremy doku show like he I feel for City Fans they must watch him and think oh God it's such a breath of fresh air like The guy wants to take someone on like It's not just get the ball in the wing Pass it back into the Midfield keep it Ticking over he just wants to take

Everybody on the the first goal for Alvarez is created so fantastically by Doku the way he stops that ball and Starts it again so Quickly and sells you with his body it Is really really impressive and to only Be 21 years old and also in a game which Has matoma who's so fantastic at Dribbling and taking on opponents and Still looking at the best really does Show the level that um he's at at the Moment and can continue to achieve under Pep Guardiola 21 years old he completed Five dribbles in this game M completed Four it's really smart signing uh Scouting sorry from sesi because Obviously like if you watch European Football you know what he's about but he He had a difficult time at Ren with his Body and injuries and whatnot so for Them to go I think probably agree when We saw the fee was like whoa okay what 56 60 million whatever it was like think Wow that is a lot of money for a guy That has like sha in moments for has Been great but in moments but yeah he's He's just he looks so powerful with his Running and he I think made James Milner Look very old on the pitch out there in This game and he's he's going to be a Big problem for Jack Gish like if you're Looking at that left side of the attack Dku has a good problem they're different They're different players they're

Different players but daku you know if You're looking for someone to really Bulldoze your OPP position you're going To go for him at this point he's a he's Another player that's just so just so Fun to watch I think we're going to Continue talking about him now for years To come which is quite frankly Frightening I think if you're if you're Not a city fan um but another player who Is also definitely frightening to come Up against Harland putting the ball in The back of the net again and comes from A little bit of a brightle mistake in Midfield but you know what I feel like If it wasn't harand that done this Finish people will be speaking about it A lot more brilliant finish yeah from First um into the bottom right hand Corner like with such power with such Power pace and just accuracy like that's Not a strong that's not an easy finish To do no and he's just uh he's done it Fantastically well kind of made it from Him well been able to capitalize off of The uh the Brighton era however According to XG this game was very very Tight City had actually 0.74 and Brighton had an ex year of .71 Because Brighton did have their chances And if it wasn't for orager and goal it Could have probably been a draw yeah it Really could have Mata had a chance not NE one-onone with him because does does

Come out and close on the opportunity But he should probably put the ball in The back of the net yeah Orga played Pretty well I mean I think Ora is Already solid backup go Doesn't really get the credit he Deserves whenever he steps in there's a Very little very little drop off I think Obviously on the ball he's not probably At Edison's level but think he's a more Solid keeper he makes City fans maybe Slightly less nervous when he's in Possession as well just keeps things a Little bit more simple but yeah the only Blot on City's copy book from this one Was AI getting sent off for a second Yellow means he'll miss the Manchester Derby I mean man city has such a high Quality level of Center back it's Probably fine um and aangi maybe hasn't Been quite as exceptional this season as He was last year either um but I still Think yeah I mean it's a good sign City Aren't as thrilling as they've been in Previous years well they're way off as Thrilling as they were in previous years But they're still so solid defensively Uh and rodri being back in Midfield as Well I think just makes a massive Massive difference reports over the Weekend that Calvin Phillips is almost Certain to leave in January yeah you can Kind of see why you know when they Signed matz Nunes and kovic this summer

It was probably a sign that they didn't See Calvin Phillips being to play able To play any other role than rodri and He's just not getting enough minutes um Not at all always seemed like a strange Move to go to Man City given that he was Competing against the best you know Number six in the world but yeah I I Thought he'd played more I thought he'd Played more yeah yeah like Guardiola Saying that he doesn't trust Phillips Basically to turn in tight spaces and Quick passing like come on this is like An England international well against Ity as well last week he's not I think It's quite clear how much he's sort of Trusted by pep that he's not fil in at Moment for Roger like he as Dy said he Deserves more minutes than what he's Been getting it's like a peace meal at The moment it's been pathetic I mean Yeah I mean look pep during his time Management has had players that he Signed and not enjoyed and you think About the Ibrahimovic time at Barcelona So sometimes it does happen um and we'll See January will be an interesting time For him obviously in the summer he was Linked to Liverpool um and tough to say That you know might have got minutes at That in that DM position for Liverpool Maybe end have happened um but yeah We'll see what happens with Calvin Phillips and his career because he also

I know it kind of feels like G s's Always going to pick him but like Probably does need to get some minutes At least to justify a position in that Euro Squad come the summer um let's head Up to Newcastle then because they beat Crystal Palace 4 nil in this game um Just another comfortable win for Newcastle against Palace now they're Still unbeaten since losing 3-1 to Brighton towards the start of the Campaign they faced Bia Dortmund this Week as well in the Champions League I think because of those first Couple of games where they had it a Little bit rough they had a really tough Fixture as well obviously lost to Liverpool lost to city in a game which I Thought city were really good in as well Um and Brighton they've managed to to Turn it around like I saw a lot of Negative comments about Newcastle Beginning of the season um and now They're they're not doing too bad heners They've run PSG off the park beat City In the League Cup just looking so good Across the side like even in this game Palace had 17 shots never really looked Like scoring in this match Newcastle in So much control and it's kind of there Are shades of what we're talking about With Villa like a lot of the players Players that Eddie how has taken on Other was the great signings that

They've brought in it's a lovely blend Like to elevate some of the players Already at the club I think it's not Been like a massive overhaul on the side Like Jacob Murphy stepping up this was His first start he was incredible Probably the player of the weekend yeah Was outrageous honestly I don't know if I've seen yeah I don't know if there was A better performance this weekend than Jacob Murphy's some of the the assist uh That he plays call Wilson is his as well Is beautiful ridiculous yeah the goal's Fantastic he was that was brilliant he He had a hell of a weekend yeah good Shows to have not started a game really Outside The League Cup and just step in And and play so well like huge smile on His face it was really he's another guy That like probably goes under the radar Just what he can bring to the table from Time to time I want to give out a shout Out to Kieran trippier as well he's now Got six assists which is the joint most In the League this season with Pedro Netto and you know trippier like again How much did he cost them like 12 13 Million unbelievable like that the Impact that guy's made on the squads and Just the bod's in the Box in Newcastle I'm loving it like just to see everyone Just sort of cramming in there making Chances like Gordon should have scored Twice really realistically if we're

Thinking about it like long staff scored As well like that's another guy guy that Should be looking at the England a great Season on stuff yeah like if he he he's Probably not an England squad you think I think it's mental that he's not even Been like selected like in the whole Kind of I don't think at this point it's Worth picking him in some ways I think Like now the players who've been picked Are going to be the ones in Consideration anyway let's not go into That but I certainly think once this Cycle's over long staff should be being Considered regularly for the England Squad if he's keeping up these minutes For a Champions League side like yeah You I mean you know what dges you I Can't remember what the debate was Exactly about like the Champions League Group Castle in yeah Dortmund going to Newcastle I'm fully expecting Newcastle To batter them yeah I mean yeah Dortmund Are unbeaten um but they haven't played Nearly as well as Newcastle no no no but I mean they they T PSG apart easily I can't remember Whether it's her home or the vesten Studium this week um it's at home I Think it's at home okay that makes a big Big difference but I mean they're They're thinking if they win that They've got seven points from their Opening three Champions League games and

Look in great a great position to Qualify I mean Dortmund have been really Poor in the Champions League so far be Much better domestically um getting a Win at the weekend against Verde Breman I think Julian Brandt uh got actually Was a lovely little chip finish um but Yeah Newcastle fair play to them I think Sha longstaff massive respect to him He's probably the player that felt most Replaceable in that Midfield they Brought in Sandro tonali in the summer I Think he played better than Sandro Tanali when Sandro tanali was available We don't know what's going to happen With tali's potential ban coming up um But yeah he's really really taking his Game to a new level um and and massive Respect to Eddie High because the way That you know Newcastle side work it's Clear that him and Jason Tindle is a Combination one of them I don't know who It is maybe both of them are just Excellent motivators like you never see Them putting in less than 100% effort uh And I know Jason tnd gets a lot of stick Online for you know his love of the Cameras and you know all was getting in The middle of the photos Etc but they're Clearly an excellent coaching Duo and Really know what they're doing so Respect to them 11 different goal Scorers in the team that's year that's The most in the league which I quite

Like no but it's a great stat like it Shows that the kind of the it that also I think shows the like tactical Flexibility as well versatility of the Players that they've got there and that As you mentioned like long staff Chipping in with goals Murphy comes in Uh and makes it look fantastic like it's Impressive yeah and uh it's interesting What you're saying about uh Tali According to the the gossip um Calvin Phillips he's been linked with Newcastle For a while I'd be surprised if City Sold to a direct rival really at this Point Danny saos Danny saos you know Apparently that's who they're looking at Million I don't know whether Danny saas Is really a Newcastle star midfielder Now I think iidd go for Calvin Phillips If I was them personally yeah I mean Maybe well they've got the moment I mean Still it still larf Bruno and uh Joe Linton really even even if they kep come Back from injury as well yeah so it'll Be interesting to see what happens there Let's go to Manchester United who played A way to sheffeld United uh And one two1 Like yeah I don't know if United were Really that great I'll be honest like But you know what that you can say you Can say that the entire season but they Just managed to get three points they do Just get to win game they manag to get

It over the line and and there is you do Have to kind of respect it essentially Because that's not an easy feat Sometimes to to just get three points You can look good in loads of games and Never win them and draw or conceding the Last minute one um whereas United might Not look amazing but they do manage to Yeah definitely it feels like that Probably not the time to really Criticize their performance I mean they Only found out about sbobby what four Hours before kickoff I think and I think He had quite a big impact on Squad I Think Maguire or was it Bruno talking Afterwards about how much they all loved Him you know he was the ambassador of That club he was very much involved with The first team he would have known them All quite well um so to deal with that Four hours before and just get the job Done you know we talked a bit about Diego dallot and araman basaka on Sunday V like who should be replaced you know Dallot was clearly watching CU you know He put his put his hand up unbelievable Goal but just his second in 78 Premier League games um but I mean it's he's a Right back that's not really his role But at the same time it was really nice To see him cont Uh mctom with a sort of ugly finish Compared to his ones against brenford But still

That's yeah he's had he's been Absolutely brilliant especially for Scotland um but yeah the they did they Ran through some of the stats of the Attackers on Match of the day and Between rashford hland anony Marshals It's really really poor I should have it To hand it's something like two Premier League goals between them um and you Can't just car carry on relying on Dow Mctom I don't know Christian Ericson or What to pop up with with more and They've got Man City on the weekend so For kind of goes out the window though In those games I feel like I feel like Man united have a surprisingly good Record against Man City true under the Sol like they'd often be playing quite Badly and then somehow get a result Against City I want to give Maguire a Quick shout out yeah man of the match Performance true uh and you Know he is he people think like I want To like defend him all the time like I Don't think he's the world's most Amazing player but the fact is he's Coming he started two games in a row now And he's looked pretty good like tenh Was really positive about him as well um And you know people like joked about his What he said about statistics he has Only like lost one in his last 15 games He started for United I don't know Exactly who those are against or

Whatever but like he's still some that Deeply cares about the club and like Knows what it is to pull on the shirt Sometimes and like they should be Beating Sheffield United I don't care Like what says like credit to him Because I think it's good he's getting Minutes in the side he's shown that he Can almost be trusted again and that's Only a good sign for United and for England really yeah toog was like he's Doing what we want from a center back Controlling the space switching play Etc Um he seems to have upped it this season And he played well for England against Italy I thought as well so yeah respect To him for turning it around after a Really difficult period yes indeed and Quick one sheff United they've only got One point now from the last nine League Games it's the lowest in Europe uh the Next best is mines with two only alir of 29 and Granado of 25 considered more Than their 24 League goals they conceded Eight to Newcastle which would have Bumped that up but um it looks okay in This game I what they had a few shots no H sure yeah I it's rough it is rough and I do I do wonder how long um Bottom's Going to going to last before they they Pull the plug and see what the next best Option is they've got Arsenal this Weekend crazy things have happened lad Crazy things have happened okay our

Final game we quickly mentioned is Brenford versus Burnley because over the Last few we've been we've been a little Bit critical of brenford and rightly so As well they haven't been necessary Amazing but they managed to get three in This game and buo was fantastic I Thought too um yeah really really good And someone told me how oldo is is that Time where loads of people leave the Some meeting whatever an absolute Avalanche or whatever um anyway yeah Someone told me buo is like 24 y yeah He's young it's ridiculous I thought for Some reason in my head he was like 27 he Looks quite old I mean I I shouldn't Really Prem Le For years yeah he's done done very very Well he has yeah no just little his goal Was excellent gods's strike was really Really nice in that game as well uh Visa I think got his first goal since August As well which was really nice um but Yeah they have been quite poor but their Results have been bad this season I Think but this is only their second win Yeah uh and they're now quite clear of Relegation I mean relegation it really Does seem like the the sort of three Promoted sides in Bournemouth feel like They they're about to be cut a drift Unless they're quite careful well you Burnley Burnley at the moment are again I kind of worry a little bit for vinon

Company because at least with hecking Bottom not no not at least sorry hecking Bottom is kind of like didn't have a big Budget not necessarily known for at Least in Premier League not trying to Play expansive football whereas Burnley Spent a decent amount for for side that Came up and obviously compared to the Other two that that came up in Luton as Well um and I've had games where they're Still trying to play do know possession Baseb which is respectable but just Still bit a little bit naive and it's Just not working out and I do wonder Whether they'll think you know what Vincent like thank you for getting us Here but we need to maybe again cut ties I agree I you can't almost have too much Sentiment for what a club does in the Championship like I mean and I I I say That but he did incredibly well with him Last year but he has basically rebuilt This entire team uh spent 100 million And I think it is a problem when you Know that andr town thing coming out They needed more experi in that side They're such a young Squad and that's All well and good but you need to have The foundations on which you can afford To take the risk of building a young Side like that and like Nathan Redmond Being the only senior kind of head they Brought in the door this year is not Good enough really and like I think it

Is difficult that the W the win against Luton was huge and you know brenford had Something to prove in this game too but Problem is every every team looks at Burnley as a game they need to win so Everyone's going to be stepping up for It Burnley in a really difficult Position company got basically given a Whole new Squad to play with and it's Just not not quite working out and I Think as you said they're going to start Looking at the owners and might say you Know back backed them very highly they Might go we need a manager who can a bit More now so you can maybe blend this Team together at the moment I am Slightly worried for the moment if we Look at Luton managing to come back and Pick pick up points against Nottingham Forest at the week like as you say like Luton Squad there's far less Expectations on their shoulders and yet They're finding points here and there And like I just worry for Burnley Because the expectation as we've said is A lot higher for them and they're just Not delivering not getting teller in was I think a big factor like the It's a you know jumping up to a new League into a high leag level of premier League is one thing but then also losing The kind of one of the key assets to Your goal scoring last season I think he Might I mean he ended up going to B

Lusen so maybe he knew the standard of Club that we're looking yeah true true Um but I'm just slightly concerned that Burnley just don't seem to be getting a Lot better um and it's nine games now You know what's that quarter of the Season it needs to start improving Pretty fast yeah sorry I just had some Ke Hills walking F down see CRA me up But yes obviously we is Monday there is One other game we'll quickly touch upon Before we end Monday Vibes Spurs versus Fulham Fulham versus Spurs Craven Cottage no it's it's at the nor was SP Stadium there you go uh how are we Feeling hnis by the way can they name That stadium London gagging for a Sponsor gagging for a sponsor I thought It was going to be like the Apple Arena At one point One feeling confidence Steve JS um I Would say if we can we we need to hold Off Spurs for as long as possible cuz I Think once Spurs I know they scored some Late positive chat we just need to put Up a really strong defensive display I Want to see Harry Wilson fresh off his Great performance for Wales against Croatia I want to see him come in and do Bits in that side I want someone to play Up front and score a goal actually no I Want Bobby de do Reed to start up front And do bits for film solo uh yeah he Played there in the last game and he

Scored a goal he started over I do like Both over Venous of completely average Forwards um yeah I mean look I think Spurs are rightly the only thing I'll Say about Spurs is the longer they're Like top of the league the more people Are going to be almost demanding like They're now demanding this win over for Them you know what I mean like they have To almost they have always demand yeah No know I know home no I agree with that But um it's more just it's more just That every game now they're like there's Be a slightly bit more pressure on their Shoulders to go and do something because They're playing so well and you know What film aren't like terrible so beat Them in the cup earlier beat them in the Exactly yes exactly and honestly losing No bassum is huge massive bassum RAR is Their Midfield basically like it's going To be interesting to see how that goes On maybe he'll play Skip um yes you can Watch that one on Sky Sports uh today uh Make sure you check that out it'll be Intered to see whether big an can stay Top of the Premier League and stay Undefeated uh so check That yeah I don't know whether he's too Worried about that um but you can see That today on Sky Sports guys thank you So much for watching make sure you're Watching the rest of football ladi's

Content this week we got team talk Coming out on Wednesday uh we are Recording the monthly quiz on Friday but That won't be out this week probably be Out next week um and of course Patrick Van stratton's last Sunday Vibe so Please stay tuned for that get your Comments for that and get to us on Socials for your questions subscribe if It like the video and we'll catch you Guys by very soon

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