Professional mexican lightheavyweight boxer Felipe Romero with nickname “El Indio” (The Indian) against russian top ranked athlete and WBA light heavy weight champion Dmitry Bivol. Fight for vacant WBC Silver light heavy belt took place in The Hangar, Costa Mesa, USA on August 22, 2015. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Felipe Romero (Mexico) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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[Music] I [Music] Know that Marz I don't Know Association from laaz Mexico give it up For Felipe Indio Romero up for Demitri [Music] Buo Speee And Romero I know that's [Music] Really Landing is St is Left Hand From out of this situation that he's Slowly Find Choing Aive more Aggressive Will Body Not about job that round not enough as Well as Kristee Jones Wants I don't Think Get

Get To do a little bit More [Music] Fans com more than the boxing back I Don't know Weather a lot of those kind Of and we're not there Yet right now it's Almost Round get Him Ball it's a little Thing they're right above us Now get Get Mak sense to continue going on and If this continues and [Applause] [Music] Continues is ROM you know you got you got to on top To last six rounds hard punching You got Watch punches throw punches I see Guy Now Tomorrow this is [Music] Boxing get him get Him very Good with the Stomach all those little things There keep it up keep it up the R 30

Seconds [Music] Matter your winner by KN out and the new WBC champ Demitri

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