Pakistan have suffered three consecutive losses in the World Cup. Can they make it to the semis? Harsha Bhogle & Joy Bhattacharjya analyse their campaign, on Cricbuzz Live

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Every time you come back to the studio The night before there's an upset the Last time you came on the screens there Was an upset and England lost yesterday Pakistan lost so what is with you and Getting upsets I I don't know I was Watching I was watching the game Yesterday I watched almost every ball And I could not believe what I was Watching I'll be honest I've watched Pakistan for a long long time right from The mid 80s I've watched Pakistan the Only time I've seen them as insipid as This was in the first game of the 2017 Champions Trophy I remember I was in Birmingham there were they were in the Same hotel and I was sitting at Breakfast alone the next day and just Listening to all the Pakistan office Bearers and everybody and you would have Thought that all 16 were going to be Sent back home they went back and won The won the Champions Trophy so never Never never never write off Pakistan but Yeah there's an interesting debate going Around the Cricket World can you call it An Upset yeah true I've been reading about It but I think it is whatever said and Done the reactions on The Afghani faces You know it meant so much to them as Well so yeah because there's also There's also political history between Them if you notice Ibrahim zadran said

At the when he got his play of the match That this is dedicated to people who Were sent back from Pakistan to Afghanistan so you're never too far from A political statement between those two They've come close it was 70 it was 70 Before this but to me the definition of An upset is when a team that is expected To win does not win and I thought the Only way Afghanistan could have won was The way they beat England bat first put Runs and apply the squeeze with their Spinners I thought that was a fabulous Toss to win for Pakistan I thought they Scored enough runs but they batted and Bowled and the third arm was Invisible it was comical it was Embarrassing the way they fed it yes Yesterday you said somewhere that Apparent they haven't had a fitness test For some two years I heard Wasim said I Heard Wasim said they haven't had a Fitness test for 2 years I am absolutely Convinced Shah sha AFI is not Fit I'm convinced from the way he's Moving in the field and and generally is Moving around I saw Hassan Ali in the Field as AFI in the Field

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