Watch Cricbuzz Live panel play ‘True or False’ and answer some of the most interesting questions around the ongoing World Cup

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Take none [Music] Perfect yes Rich mob scor another Century is looking really good uh it's Just a matter of time before he gets Another one very bright chance uh the Way he's batting in form uh batting with Intent and uh continuing with uh with Good Innings as well so I think there's Uh a very bright chance uh why one you Might see Couple I fear so I I I think Babar the Batter is a far better proposition for Pakistan than Baba the captain but if They do not make the semis there will be A big move for Changea true but uh very very marginal Call India is looking very good as well So between India and South Africa I just Said at this point in time South Africa Retired ahead I'm going with True For This by far I think bura is bowling Really well I think he will end up Becoming a top Wicket taker in this Tournament good I'm not saying will be But could because of form that he's in Because of the pitches they're batting On because uh the number he's batting in The form he's in yes I'm going with two I England will not qualify for semis They think they're still finding their Proper 11 with re stoly bowling really Well now he's injured so it's going to Be up Tas for England from here

On because I expected them to but their Bowling looks a little toothless if they Can get their bowling back on track then Maybe but at the Moment again uh very good team playing Solid Cricket consistency uh good Tactics all around uh staying uh in the Hunt through and through uh so yeah you Can uh say that I'm going to put my neck Out and say no I think they have a good Team but I think there are few other Teams who are really good as well no I Feel that Australia will drop Manus Lausen for Trevis I think that lausen at three is a Very tempting option but I know now that If Travis head is playing they'll have Mitch Marsh at three but Smith needs to Get going because otherwise it's it's Really one of Smith or labush and They're not going to play both so Possible Falls for this uh they have a Chance still and uh they've been playing Good Cricket leading up to the World Cup Uh so you would want to see them uh win Win uh a couple of games or uh create That impact in whatever games which is Left for Them I think both of them will retire After the World Cup I don't think They're going to play much beyond that Shakib has done too much both of them Have achieved everything it's time they Sort of this is the big stage and after

This they'll go Away

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