Semi-final contenders South Africa lock horns with table laggers Bangladesh. Can the Tigers upset the Proteas? Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya preview the game, on Cricbuzz Live

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The World Cup campaign uh will move to Mumbai at the one k Stadium we will see South Africa taking on Bangladesh Remember what South Africa did the other Night scored 399 Henry Clon was in a Very very different mood Russy fadus was Among the runs as well and well even When they had a new opening pair it Didn't bother South Africa at all the Big runs came once again at the van South Africa are proving to be a red hot Team despite that one loss against the Netherlands and this venue is going to Suit them one C pitch you've seen uh Extra bounds for the borers also you You've seen how they defended against England uh the way they uh they batted On that pitch uh Classen is is someone You know who's shown his class again Marco Jansen contributing at the at the At the back end of the Innings and RZA Hendrick starting very well Quinton also Will be looking forward to this game for Sure and look because of the venue and The pitch they're playing on I think uh You can safely say South Africa will Have the upper hand it will be a tough Game for Bangladesh well Bangladesh Coming off a lost to India in Pune uh They've had some selection issues as Well now let's pull up the Bangladesh Squad graffic to see what they can do uh Tuskin Ahmed did not play that last game Uh and it it looks a tricky one because

The bowling seem to have no no teeth the Other night yeah no teeth the other Night but TUS unfortunately is not Playing them tomorrow as well they're Very clear that his shoulder is not Repaired in time they're looking they're Waiting for Shakib to get fit because I Think Shakib coming back to this team is Important see because while nasum is a Decent bowler I mean Shakib gives you so Much more with the bat and even for a Decent bowler to bowl under conditions Like wank is very difficult for a you Know spinner Shakib is very good at that Knowing how to fire the ball wide how to He's a tricky he's a smart bowler under These circumstances so I'm just looking At that card and saying that who does Shakib come in for because I still feel It's a straight swap for nasu mmed Because there's no point playing an Extra spinner out here it's not funed is Not the place that you want to play too Many spins Zack straight swap for you Shakib comes in straight away for nasu Mmed well of course I think that's what They'll opt for for sure uh Shakib they Need him for sure uh and you know his Captaincy is something which which is Going to again give that boost tuskin Would have been a great uh bowler on This kind of a surface he would have Enjoyed bowling on this pitch they'll Have to look at that option for sure

Because uh Wan K you've seen at times is Very tough place for a for a spinner to To operate uh so that uh they will have To find a way if there is option of uh Of that on the bench they might look at That but other than that I'm not seeing Them also uh making any changes it will Be just Shakib coming in maybe bat first Put runs on board yeah for Bangladesh Though sharul and mustafizur aren't Bowling well either so well a tough Really really tough challenge away Bangladesh against red hot batting team South Africa uh RZA Hendricks has given Um their first choice Captain a headache TBA bavuma had fever the other night Couldn't play and he he had a a great View from the dressing room for that Fantastic batting show what do they do Now if he's okay no look if if the Person who calls himself he was known as Suchin in his locality when he played I Mean come on you've got to give suchin a Chance to play the onek day no honestly Saying he's a captain of the team and Like good teams it doesn't matter what You've done in the previous match if the Captain comes back he comes back he Takes his place in the side and they go On his business as usual they'll just Know that Reza there's a very good Capable Reserve sitting out there and What's happened in the last match is the One person who's not in form was Classen

Who was getting starts but not getting You know finishes and he got a century As well so he got a century Marco Jansen Scored runs Marco Jansen got wickets I Mean I don't think there's anything more They need runs for Hendrick runs for Vadon runs for Marco Jansen runs for Class and everybody scored run so if I Had to ask you to to pick one player to Watch out for from South Africa you Could shut your eyes and just pick one And it would be a you want makco yansen To continue with his form yeah with the Bat and the ball yeah as an allrounder Right but what do you do with t Tuma I think he walks in if he's fit for Straight drop re HRI re Hendrick yeah Okay okay that's that's how it is so He's picked why would you change that Tell me well well man in form open well With deok but yeah he's a captain so I I I understand where you're coming from Player to watch out for for you look for Bangladesh it has to be Shak I mean he's The only person who has the experience Of playing under these conditions and Doing well and I would have gone for Tuskin has been there because this kind Of the bounce in this pitch would have Really suited his kind of bowling I mean You're right I I would go for the this Thing for South Africa i' just go for Deok I mean he has played so many Innings out he has won so many games I

Mean he has hit a ball in every part of The W that on Square Le side on both Sides so I would say just let him come Back and have a reunion with Van as they Say Bangladesh for you one player Lonas

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