Professional american cruiserweight boxer and IBF champion Steve Cunningham with nickname “USS” against polish top ranked athlete and WBO champion Krzysztof Glowacki with nickname “Glowka”. Fight for WBO cruiser weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on April 16, 2016. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Steve Cunningham (USA) vs Krzysztof Glowacki (Poland) | BOXING fight, HD

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Let's go to the corona tail the tape Glavatsky will turn 30 years old this July that is the same month that Cunningham will turn the Challenger Steve USA Cunningham [Applause] Kristoff [Applause] We went over the rules early in the Night I expect an ice cream good luck to The both of you Away champ [Applause] Smith have something in common the only Two men to defeat Mark all the way from His Crips last August Trying to go inside that's what he said And running shots to lower the guard to See Cunningham Cunningham could be effective with the Championship Something to look at Nice right hand lead by Steve that's Going to be a key punch and a nice left Like lavasa counter and back Again And get to know you first round between Globachi and Cunningham Yeah I brought him into Camp Kenny Because he's got so much experience he's Fought the best of the very good Heavyweights and he brings a lot of that Experience

And he knocks Cunningham down Cunningham Is down Steve getting a little too careless and Again with the left and again [Applause] [Music] There's one time where he's the forget That he's from the city of Philadelphia And give himself a second get his head Back together there is interpreter that He thought he could keep it in South the Area train many of the greats talking About how Cunningham has been a fighter Told us he sweats all the time because That work ethic keep him up he really Likes to pose himself but I would like To see him keep his distance use that Left jab here in the second round It's not there you see Steve coming in With his overhand right plevoski making A veteran move kind of leaning back on His left foot and shooting that O'conningham somehow rallied to knock Mansour down and go on to win the fight Amazing performance bust in the Heavyweight division he's got a Different challenge in front of the Facial he scored by Eric Raskin as you Would imagine with two knockdowns into The left hand of glovoski Steve needs to Move to his left Bernard Steve can tell you now and as Marco hook can tell you also let's take That one tool and one weapon away from

Him and make him figure something else Out they've never been locked down Before there's a good left again he said Cunningham down twice he doesn't want to Give him a chance I don't think Frustrated you hear the cheers in the Background levonsky is Cunningham puts Him against the ropes in New York Avid Fight fans waving the red with like Scarves and coming out to support this In the last round you know this isn't a Video game where you get knocked down You just come right back up and start Fighting game Several troubles are connected we saw The Consciousness around Champ Kristoff govotsky nice right hand By Steve he got glavasca I agree with Derek scorecard that this Camp was just like everybody taking Nothing for granted and this is first It's a different look at different time Than speed nice body shot Michael that's What and he comes up top with a good Left Cunningham Swipes at the pushes a hit Ducking under those Nice right Coming back strong after being knocked Down early he is the Challenger against Making his first title defense nice left Took this off kind of lean back wait for Glovos can you shoot it and catch him

Oh you see Steve trying to set up that Right hand lead I would like for him Let's check in with Todd Harris all Right thank you Kenny here with Detroit County Hamilton the heavyweight division Fury of course going on a couple of Years later nobody's been having easy Night with Steve Cunningham you see him He's doing what he told us he's Maintaining distance he's touching Kristoff He's got to be careful not to be too Handcuffed in this fight he's blocking a Lot of punches and kind of waiting for Steve to initial and Cunningham In his first title defense And Steve Cunningham giving it all he Wants right now he's coming up after This if you look at the stance at Glavoski it's obvious what he wants to Do necessarily determine when exactly The right hand is coming in Nations Overextending once again when you only Come with one punch it makes it easier Than 60 miles outside of Warsaw said He's big brother Andrew pulata Steve Cunningham certainly no team guy In the ring in America Let's bring in Eric Raskin our Unofficial score how do you see it so Far had to be impressed by the Recuperative powers of Cunningham turn Things around in the middle round for a

Short night Kenny you know most guys Can't recover this Sunday and he showed Up in my house in Arizona on a Wednesday Wolvonchi's Camp let's go to Todd thank You Kenny with the help of Peter gungar Check the translator you've got to put Him away all right thanks Tom asking That six-year cruiserweight Reign Lavonsky looking solid All right and you see the corner of Steve Cunningham working on that huge Well and in the sixth in the sixth round We see how it happened you know Christoph kowaski Giving that last round to Cunningham Another close round and starts you with A good body shots weigh in trying to Trade with the bigger put some of the Boston Intelligent gameplay [Music] From the followers that he has here as The round is a little confident now Richardson Giving instructions to Steve coming nine Of this Cruiserweight Championship Scheduled for 12. of the demeanor Steve Cunningham you see glovassi come out Firing double Jabs left hands and Steve Cunningham said another look Nice [Applause] And if I'm in the corner now second win Late in the fight we've seen it on

Several occasions nice left-handed Nice left hook from Stephen nice left Uppercut from clavoski right after good Exchange for 12 minutes [Applause] [Music] Celebrate her birthday yesterday he was Hoping to ice the cake tonight by Pulling the victory we're trying to bake Lebowski there Lebowski obliged his head This is the ninth tie he has turned on And uh trying to take control of the Fight [Applause] In the 11th round on August 15th and Going back and for the third time in This fight Cunningham knocked down the Shot [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Heavyweight champion Tyson jury with Another good resume as well and uh Levoski showing that Championship That's Steve let's take another look at That knock down that was the bossy Coming in at the same time Could have caught him with a shot and Then kind of an end Steve coming later In the past Another Head position is key on the inside of Fighting otherwise I'm saying he's got To hit him underneath he's got to go to

The body come with those up into the 11th round or later in his career Steve You know we've never seen anything Different from him in his career You're the head of the scorecard so Steve's got to do something to do Something drastic in these last two Rounds nice Exchange Yeah When you see fatigue starting to set in On the champion down [Applause] One eye on the phone and one eye on Steve getting ready for his fight Yesterday [Applause] How do we score it so far I Ahead 105 102 in the 10th around the Cunningham one otherwise went to Glavatsby at the Prudential Center in 2008. he was controlling most of them Which is going to change the outcome What does Steve need to do to win this Fight seems to be urgency there do you Think they're telling him obviously to Go out there Slowed his offense down Cunningham trying to work the body Smart strategic and picked his spots in The right hand by Steve cutting in Cunningham Both guys unloading heavy leather Virginia both guys tired robotsky is Going to try to take it away goes to the

Body In this fight Next gets in this Championship Round And The Champ rising to the occasion the Hardest Steve Cunningham getting the Better of his first title defense and That is the end What a performance to get us started and Still the Cruiserweight Champion Kristoff whoa Whoa vatsky

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