Here it is, Pat takes his final bow on Sunday Vibes. To see off this FD legend, Zac and Pat pitch some of the best wonder kids in the world to join the Joe Tomlinson agency. And Pat answers some of your questions about his career at Football Daily!

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Scalvini vs Baidoo
14:17 – Fermin Lopez vs Zaire-Emery
25:00 – Paez vs Fattawu Issahaku
35:15 – Patrick’s Personal Q’s


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Welcome back to Sunday VI 1 and oh we Are back in clubhouse 5 just off of Leicester Square in Chinatown London the Best place to watch your sports right Here in the capital uh look who's joined Me for his final ever Sunday Vibes it's Patrick van stron how are you mate Emotional times I'm good I'm good it's Been a momentous day you know my last Sunday Vibes you've had your first Cappuccino it's it's we're all growing Up we're all moving on uh how are you Mate yeah not bad thank you mate not too Bad sad day a real sad day it is a bit Of a sad day obviously you can see from The title we are going to be discussing Football but we're also going to do a Little special segment Pat our tweet I Think during the week we're going to go Through some of the questions you guys Have for Pat as he looks back over his8 Years at the club/ foot daily you know Very simple football daily icon indeed But we're going to start by talking Wonder kids because there have been some Amazing performances over this Champions League week and at the start of this Season from youngsters around Europe What we're going to do is I am going to Act as a super agent effectively these Guys are going to pitch position by Position so Defender midfielder forward A player for me to sign I must choose Who I'm going to sign now we've kind of

Missed out and deliberately so you know The likes of Jude Bellingham in Here about they're almost too Established at this stage you know Bellingham is no longer a Wonder kid he He is just an established Superstar of World football so we won't be talking About the likes of Bellingham pedri some Of the more high-profile names across Europe we're looking for some gems Although I've seen the list and there Are you know one of Pat's players is Quite established in terms of playing For a super Club right now uh should we Start with Defenders though gentlemen Who's pitching me the first Defender for Me to sign for my agency the Joe Tomlinson agency what an original name Uh Pat it's your last why don't you go First mate uh all right um well I've Gone for scalvini okay out of Atlanta Um he's got 50 Sera starts already so You could argue that he's pushing the Wonder thing but I still don't think He's a household name and he's a 19-year-old Center back and while this Is slowly changing center backs of that Age getting regular minutes outside of Maybe Lian are pretty rare yeah um so I Do think that it's kind of reasonable And I think it's also worth pointing out That atalan over the last however many Years basically my entire time at FD Have been like an attacking Powerhouse

But this season they've kind of Reinvented themselves as much more of a Defensive side um what's been powering Them this season is how good their Defense has been so there are seven Sides in Syria that have created more XG But only uve and Inter have allowed less Than Atlanta and then only fractionally I think they've allowed something like 6 And a half XG in nine games so they are An elite defensive side right now and Scalvini is a big part of that you know Like he he is 19 but he's 6'4 so there May even be some more height in there um But I also think when you look at him Play when you look at his statistical Profile it's very similar to what we saw From someone like celba when he was in France not that down Arsenal fans P just Says scalvini is better than civa well You know he when you're playing in one Of those B three systems then you often Do get the chance to kind of be a bit More expansive but it also tends to mean That you're expected to defend in wide Areas and I think that's now really Really good training for a super Club Where often fullbacks are stepping into Midfield or pushing up and suddenly as a Center back you don't just have to come Like this small area you have to cover From kind of the center of the pitch to Halfway line which is the kind of thing That fullbacks used to do so these guys

Are so athletic now um but he's winning The ball five times a game so he's super Super active his tackle success rate has Gone up every year it's now over 70% Which is Elite is that a good thing for A center back to be that active in play Not for the side maybe but it's it's Good for like showing how good he is I'd Say that yeah exactly if you're if You're having to defend all the time and You're a center back you're going to get Beaten sometimes you're going to give up Probably red cards or at least get like Some pretty bad fouls at times that's Going to happen so I would argue that It's maybe not the most sustainable Strategy for Atlanta but if you're Scouting scalvini then it's great Because you get to see him do loads of Defending every game and loads of Passing he's at six Progressive passes a Game which again is very very good for a Center back uh he's wins 2/3 of his Aerial jewels as you'd expect for a guy Of this size but again that's quite rare Even among to teenagers because Teenagers just aren't that developed and They also haven't usually um you know Gained the ability to a high level to Like judge when they should be jumping You know to judge how to use their Bodies to judge what they can get away With you know the little pulls and Shifts can do experience soam sh and and

Also you know there are just these signs That he's improving not only the tackle Success but he's hared his number of Fouls for last year since last year While winning the ball more he mops up Tons and tons of loose balls which again Means that you know when the ball is Breaking loose he's covering a load of Ground I just think that He's right now is there is there a Better teenage Center back in the world Like it's hard to think of a Teenage Center back who's playing for a good Side as consistently to such a high Level there are guys we like lamond or Whatever but like he isn't really Playing yet and he's only just in Portugal and that league is nowhere near As good so I don't know I'm very very Bullish on scalvini how old's L he's not Is he's not a teenager any longer is he He's 22 I think he's 20 yeah I think he's a very realistic Shout I also do like the fact you know As the agent in this situation he's Playing for Atlanta because we know that They have a proven track record of being Open to do business at the right price And that price tends to be quite lofty Especially dealing with Premier League Clubs you look at Rasmus holand leaving The club in the summer for 64 Rising 70 Million we've seen AB Dio go to

Manchester United in the past as well And I kind of agree 6'4 19-year-old Center backs do not grow on trees um and Especially doing it right now in Syria Is very impressive you know I I have Openly derided Syria at times you know Much to Henry Hills Amusement but you Know it is an extremely competitive League especially at the top end it's The second best league in Europe yeah Comfortably some of the attacks in that League you look at the likes of Napoles Last season AC Milan this season juvent Inter like they're very very difficult To play against and also in the old days We used to be like wow you know Italian Center backs and they were great Italian Center backs but they also had a more Straightforward job because in those Days teams played more defensively so in A defensive side it's actually sometimes Quite hard to gauge how good a center Back is it's like buy a center back from You know like Shawn D's Burnley it was Always hard to know how they'd scale Into a more aggressive side whereas when You when you've got Syria as it Currently is with loads of pressing with Up and down attacks with often like kind Of I don't know barely their Midfields you end up with center backs Who are quite easy to judge because You're seeing them having to defend in Space you're seeing kind of the worst of

Them so if you can protect them a bit More you can get more so I don't know I Look at someone like scalvini and I Think I don't know if you're looking if You're looking for a center Back and You're I don't know maybe Spurs how does He transfer to a four though Would that be a worry maybe but I'd say That normally in a four you do get a Little bit more protection I'd say I'd Say it normally depends these days in a Four what tends to happen is that you're Still functioning in a three it's just That instead of it being three center Backs it's a midfielder dropping between The two center backs yeah I know what You mean there aren many top top clubs Playing the three at the moment outside Of Italy no but I'd say the Arsenal Often defending a three man city Defending a three um PSG often defending A three like by Munich defend there are Many many examples of center backs who Can do equally as well in a four as as They do in a three yeah I think I think It's this classic thing of like in Possession versus out of possession Formation and I think now most big sides Play either kind of a 235 or a 325 out Of POS uh in possession yeah and he's so Young he can adapt like he's got exactly Learn he's got so many physical gifts That I'm not worried about you finding a Use for him but don't buy him if you

Don't ever used to him I guess is what I'd say true okay scalvini up first You're going to have to go some to be Yeah I mean probably maybe not the notor Hasn't got the notoriety of uh Pat's Suggestion but I've gone for a player RB Salberg a team which is normally riddled With Wonder Kids Riddled yes it's a guy called Samson B Who is 19 he turns 20 in March um but This year he's kind of made his way into That first team we saw elements of it Last year but he's now kind of one of The bigger names he didn't play on Tuesday night in the Champions League Against Inter Milan L um for reasons That I'm not so sure of maybe it is just A kind of big big occasion they didn't Want to risk him just for that however He did play in The Friendly that they Played earlier this this year and he Scored in a 4-3 loss I think as well uh But a little bit different in a friendly Now he's 6' two right footed um and Again smaller smaller but can still but Can still be growing still be growing at 19 years old he could definitely still Be growing he's already Captain the side As well at 19 years old um which just Showed I think doing that at that age Like Jesus the leadership you've already Got there is ridiculous now he carries The ball fantastically well especially

Into Midfield I think when you watch his Highlights one of his key assets is kind Of picking up that ball at the back and Just taking it in and maybe even joining Midfield um at times he also may be Smaller than Pats guy but he scored two Goals already in eight games in the Austrian Bundesliga the guy is fantastic What's his nationality so he is of Garnan descent but he's playing for Austria he's just got called up the AUST Just got called up for the a Austrian National team in October he's played of He's played every Youth Level for Austria as well he's born in Austria but He's got gar descent I think a lot of I Saw online could help us from a Visa Point of view yeah but I think right now As well he's I think because he played Again no seriously it's a factor he Played against Belgium in their latest Um International game so I think he now Can't he now can't um yeah although I Think represent I think represent your Nation competitively three or four Okay so it's slightly changed well Interesting either way I if he feels Austrian he's going to play for Austria I mean like he's every every Youth Level He's born in Austria there's a lot of Appeal to playing for the garan national Team the garan national team and I'm Going to come on to this later it's in a Really good moment just just a point by

The way just a slight tangent on Ralph Rangnick time in charge of Austria uh Obviously done a pretty fantastic job There and I believe he's only picking Players that play in Austria I don't Know that's true that's but I Sur alab DAV I'm not I think DAV Is read a tweet I've read a tweet I Can't clarify or confirm anything can we Check their last game and see if Al was Alber in the squad Al was in the was he Play yeah Al was play and what about Like all the other good a don't ask me Mate I saw a tweet and I believe Gartner And in Midfield Complete WAFF oh dear anyway okay let Get the most informed Channel on YouTube We making CL let's go back to B then um Who not only is really good in the Box In attacking sense with his head but Also great defensively winning I think About 64 65% of his aerial Jewels which Again at this age yeah not too bad not Too bad can improve for sure as well um Where everyone's also a teenager he's Also rapid he is so quick ridiculously Quick he's got a great like I think We've seen it slightly with Spurs and Mickey vanen so far that kind of well I Mean you see it with Kyle Walker all the Time where he allows the Defenders kind Of have maybe a little bit more space to Knock that ball further forward because

He knows he's got the pace to try and Get them he's also physically huge as Well he's just that kind of perfectly Built Center that has all of those Elements of strong great in the air but Also rapid as well I felt like back in The day you couldn't have all three of Those elements um so yeah he's he's not Maybe got the experience so far I'd say Of Pat suggestion but I do think he's Somebody that we're going to be hearing A lot more of it wouldn't surprise me if He got a move this summer to or to leig Or to a Bundesliga side we've obviously Seen Dortmund we've seen Dortmund make That transfer as well life themselves Have some fantastic center backs who Probably get picked up and looked at as Well um and it wouldn't surprise me if He comes in as that rotation to to be That next guy he did sign a brand new Contract or really his first Professional contract um to 2027 I think Me nothing in the Red Bull group does it Very true transfer of a phone contract In there yeah very very true I mean his Passing is also pretty decent I think he Averages about 86% uh pass accuracy a Game like they're all normally going Forward happy to play the long ball he's Somebody that I think we've got to keep An eye on and we'll be hearing a lot More of him over the next couple of Years he is the kind of player who if

You're like a mid-table premier league Side you basically could go for him now Or you'll probably never get him as in Like he'll go to leig and then he'll go To a big Club if he's good whereas if You're like who's a good example I mean Someone like Everton even who I think Are playing like a mid-table side and Need I mean they've got great Center Back in their own right actually sure But I mean I I guess maybe brenford or Something then like you need a center Back this is this is a good time to take A gamble on someone like this because Worst case you can probably sell him to Like the Bundesliga or something for About what you'd pay yeah best case he's Amazing I think from my agency's Perspective though I really they're both On the market we're saying here I I'm Struggling to look past galvini like bro I think he's got to be I think your guy Looks like an amazing Prospect but Atlanta I've seen them sell big I've Seen the agency fees being commanded for Certain players here and not that this Is a money grab I mean it's partially a Money grab Italian football it's Italian Football and I'm I'm taking scalvini Let's go on to midfielders then Um Z you want to go first I'll kick Things off I'll kick things off because I think Pats is quite a well-known one That it would be tough to try and get

Him a transfer anyway if you're think About money we'll get on to him we get On to him yeah cuz my one is a little Bit older he is 20 so that's fine Ancient really in today's in theid World Exactly but he is a guy called Fermin Lopez uh who had a fantastic game last Night we're recording this obvious on a Thursday actually he played in the Champions League against shakar the nesk Uh scored a goal should probably scored Another goal that was ruled offside and Then hit the woodwork as well he won man Of the match for Barcelona in that game And in his story is super interesting Because last year for Barcelona he was Loaned out to a third division side he Was playing left wing um sometimes left Center mid but actually was more of of The front three U did pretty well but Was in the third division of Spain um Came back and I think it felt at least At the time that his his career at Barcelona may not be going to where he Would hoped the likes of Gabby and pedri But then shavey in a training session Saw something and said and said that we Want to take him to the US preseason Tour and I want to give him a chance he Then played against Real Madrid in the AL Classico and was amazing theas tour In the preseason tour he impressed shaby And shaby said we're not selling him We're not getting rid of him I want him

In the team he's since been in the team And he's been fantastic he's been able To play he because of his experience in That forward line he is able to go left Wing if he's needed he's normally more Of a a 10 but can play right center mid That's how shaby use him as well in this Barcelona side and while sa pedri and Gavy are More guys who are fantastic kind of in Possession maybe a little a little bit Deeper as well this guy is kind of Occupying just behind the the front line He's a bit more of an attacking uh Midfielder he's more than happy to have A shot outside the box he's more than Happy to um kind of dribble past players He's not necessarily somebody that wants To kind of keep ticking playover I think He leaves that to Frankie dong to Gaby To pedri to kind of do that side of Things um and so yeah he's he was really Good I mean him playing yesterday in the Chap on N foot in the champions league To win man of the match 82 minutes um he Got his goal created three chances Actually hit the woodwork twice as I Said that goal that was ruled out three Duls completed won 100% of his tackles Um and he made eight Rec recoveries as Well now as I said in terms of his Future at Barcelona especially at the moment with Lamazia it just seems like they've got

Another regen coming out and can play Wherever they need lamazia Remada it is Has been crazy it's been fantastic yeah Though it still kind of remains to be Seen how good these guys are well yeah To a level but like gavy at Least are we not are we going to let Sure but two years ago we were like an Su fatti is going to be a world beater And maybe he still will be he's still Very young but we also don't know I mean Balade is playing very regularly gab's Playing pedre's been injured for a long Time pedri isn't really there an academy Graduate but like they are bringing Through youngsters but at the same time It's difficult to Know the difference basically between Youngsters who are good enough to help You like batter Spanish sides and Youngsters who are good enough to help You be one of the dominant sides on the Continent which is the level that we're Talking about when we're talking about Lcia I agree but look at yal for Instance we haven't disced proba spend a Bit of time about we Haven picked him Just on the international stage like He's a freak clearly you know the next Sort of star especially like Commercially barel and obviously he's a Fantastic player as well but neither of You have picked it no I just felt like Again he was is somebody that I thought

Has been spoken about a lot recently and Is again he is 100% a Wonder kid without A doubt wonder I would describe your as A Wonder kid but like it was just it's Just almost I felt like he was almost Too known some people have been talked About on on on the channel like we hav Come on to forwards yet that was a Taping open goal man well I've also gone For would you be able to sell him would You be able to sell him for for much Like in terms of would he be leaving no But would he be leaving Barcelona is he Going to be he going to be getting you That M great C for you you're going to Have to get all your money from like oh Can we get the cover FIFA yeah exactly Not necessarily I think Barcelona you Know stranger things have happened to Them selling some of their best players I don't know they haven't sold on Anu Like they can sell assets they'll sell Before they they the other kid that was Also coming that's like 17 Ed uh edu or Something like that not Ed um yes I do The guy that scored in the weekend with His first his name um anyway back to Lopez really quickly like their Midfield At Barcelona right now has a lot of Midfielders who are in that like first And second phase of football they don't Necessarily I think have a lot of guys That can help he is but as we mentioned Injury issues like it's b a bit of like

No wonder he's played so much football He's now getting injured whereas Lopez Like his best asset is that final third That that you know third phase of Football to either take the shot or to Play in that like last minute ball to to Levandowski yeah sorry for the noise um And so yeah I I do Wonder a little bit On what's going to happen for his future So there might be money there to be made If he's sold um but yeah he's somebody That kind of went from no future at all Of Barcelona to now being the guy that's Winning the man of the matches in the Champions League okay for me I mean I've Seen yours written d p is this cheating He's 17 how can it be cheating you're Like oh well obviously he's an L on Superstar he's 17 I know but he's just Playing consistently for PSG sure but I Mean I think that even if you'd brought This guy up like three Z Em by the way Even if you brought up Warren Z Emory Like 3 weeks ago then people would have Been like oh yeah like we're starting to Hear about him but it feels like every Week his reputation is growing I mean Last night got two assists in the Champions League well there are people Who will have heard his name for the First time but I still don't think that People Necessarily understand what he's doing As in like there were young players like

For example like Rico Lewis at Man City People like talk about him really highly He's obviously super talented but I but I mean like one of the reasons arsenal Were able to beat Man City in that game Was because Rico Lewis was playing That's not a knock on him it's just to Say that he's he's not like obviously if They had rodri and kovic in the Midfield Instead of like kovic Rico Lewis yeah Like they would have been better whereas Warren Z Emery is the key man in psg's Midfield right now and I think this is The most functional I've said it already PSG side that we've seen for a while I Don't we had our misgivings about ugat Last season and ugat kind of looks like What we expected which is like a Perfectly reasonable Destroyer but maybe A little bit cumbersome in possession But Z Emory has allowed them to they've Lost Marco veratti who has been one of The outstanding all around midfielders In the world over the last 10 Years without missing a beat and it's Because Z Emory he's winning the ball back about Three times a game and his tackle Success has jumped up from like 30% to 60% so he looks like someone who's Gaining that game reading ability that Physical ability um his passing is Absolutely unbeliev he's at like 92% Pass accuracy this season while passing

The ball into the final third eight Times a game numbers do get Juiced heavy At PSG because they are just well sure But his pass numbers are still pretty Close to veratti and his pass numbers Are still way better than someone I Think he's a fantastic player I I I I Know what you're saying but like these Numbers are still better than other People at the same Club who are more Experienced and he's 17 like so even if Even if you are getting your numbers Juiced by playing for a dominant side to Be passing forward and passing forward Effectively that much while maintaining A 92% pass accuracy is super rare yeah Normally if you're passing forward a lot You misplace a lot of passes because That's just how it works um but he's Also carrying the ball forward as well He's incredibly strong on the ball like He's really hard to knock off it his his Assist for mppe last okay it's one of Those assists where you pass the ball to Mbappe outside the box and he goes and Scores but the thing that's impressive About it is that somebody basically Bumps into him and tries to take like TI Tian re is trying to take him down and He just shrugs him off keeps going plays A perfectly weighted pass got two Assists last night also would have had Another one I think he maybe played the Pass for dembele's dis three though last

Night with vtina in there as well then When they went to St James's Park and Played that ridiculous 424 where he was Up against long staff and just getting Run all over yeah though again I do Think that game like slightly faster Than Newcastle but I but yeah they got Overrun in Midfield that's how it goes But that's okay everyone like Newcastle Are playing amazingly well this season And their Midfield is horrible for even The the best sides who've been playing Together for years to come up against I I think almost everyone's better in a Three right now like almost every major Side again it's kind of like the center Back thing almost every major side one Way or another has three people in Midfield even if they're not like Designated Central midfielders either a Center back steps up or a fullback steps Up or a number 10 drops deep or whoever It is I I think Z Emory is just he just Looks like a number eight like a a Readymade made number eight he plays Like he's kind of Yeah which in a 17year old is pretty Scary stuff and PSG have been producing Talent for ages it hasn't gotten their First team this could be a guy who Becomes like the sort of franchise Player for them and reconnects them to The city yeah the fans crying out for That as well so I think Z Emory matters

Even more than his production on the Pitch I think Z Emory matters in that He's an example of Enrique Luis Enrique Building a functional side and an Example of PSG finally saying we are Going to make a commitment to bring Through French talent and if he ends up Being the poster boy for that then it Will be more meaningful to them than Just you know like another league on Title yeah and they're certainly trying To do that it's like clearly happening Isn't it with the return you know or not The return but return to France anyway Ofman demele Rand kwani coming back like Clearly they are trying to build a much More French based spine um and I mean When you add chavy Simmons obviously Dutch but back to this side like some Young talent in that PSG pretty scary um No doubt here I'm going for Z Emer You're going two down um I'm afraid he Just is the guy how's he making you the Money then what you mean he's like Neither of these guys are going to make Me no cash but at least Z em is going to Get paid Z z will get a contract renegotiation in The season 100% when you're 17 years old And you're you'll be earning like 5K a Week they'll put them on like 100k this Season that's a bigay Barcelona can't Afford 10K a week man like we they'll They'll sell they'll you know who you

Want to be in with if you're an Agent PS because they're going to be Like oh do you want to just like own a Bit of like guitar and you're like yeah Sure the West Side forwards okay now I Can kind of accept the other two going That's fine this guy I think you have to Be taking on Joe it's ridiculous a Chelsea player it is technically a Chelsea player he's 16 years old he's Already playing for his national team 16 16 your mom still buys his trousers um Yeah no as you mentioned so L lamin yal is somebody we obviously Another guy that's 16 I just thought Personally he was too big of a profile Already but whatever but this guy Kendry Pz is some another of the Brazilian Regens you found he's Ecuadorian um so Not quite Brazilian uh but he's 16 less Well that also makes it less impressive That he's playing for his national team Not too bad he's 16 years old Ecuador But it's not quite the same thing as Playing for Brazil at is he playing Brazil he's playing in Ecuador he's Playing and also because I think Chelsea Like picked up about Gabrielle some that We got in he's playing in league but yes Anyway now he's playing for independente Um who are currently top of the league He's an attacking midfielder but can Play on either flank he's left footed Good on set pieces and he is a

Ridiculous dribbler but he's doing this For national team himself in the c u in The libertadores in the World Cup Qualifying he's just played in the World Cup qualifying for Ecuador against teams Like colia um against come on come on Come On that is pretty pretty impr how much Chelse for got almost no caps Chelsea Have paid 17.5 million pounds for him That is Hefty which is a lot they sign They've signed 15 Brazilian 17 Ridiculous he why have you paid like a Ship prize for a kid out of Ecuador he Must be lethal he he can't yeah if you Look at his highlights they're act They're ridiculous they at they remind Me a little bit of when you remember When Neymar was in uh Santos Careful no no but you know you know when He start playing against like Farmers You know playing against Farmers he's Just like dribbling past about four Different players four players and then Like banging it in from 30 he reminds me Of Neymar anyway if you look at his Highlights they are they are very very Fun to watch that's for sure um but yeah No in the World Cup qualifying so far For Ecuador he's got two goal Involvements in three games in the under 20 World Cup this summer he had four Goal involvements he's got good passing Range he's now the second youngest South

American to ever play international Football which the one of him is Diego Maradon um and he's Also that is a great he also he's also The youngest ever goal scorer in comn Bowl World Cup qualifiers as well now Just 16 16 years old um now yeah it's Brilliant to see that he's already Playing senior football consistently now He won't join up with Chelsea until he's 18 years old which is 20 25 the summer Of 2025 so not this summer sum however This summer I think he is going to be uh Playing he might be coming to Chelsea to Train for them in the preseason so I've Already lost out my cash then because He's gone to Chelsea he's on a 15-year Contract I don't know what his contract Length is to be now we we'll see um However he is somebody that we'll be Hearing a lot of and I think we're just Keep going to keep seeing things on Twitter of him scoring from 40 yards out 30 yards out of his left foot he is Really really Yeah a bit of endri exactly that I mean Before chelse he's an attacking M he's a 10 he's a 10 can play right wing can Play left wing um and he can uh before Chelsea got him United were after him Bayern Munich were after him a lot of These clubs there also there also might Be um you'd imagine that they'll give Him a loan to like a a more competive

League which might be where you get a Little pay out there I wonder if next Year they somehow figure out a way to to Move him to maybe I don't know how Because obviously he can't come to Europe but I wonder if he can moved to a South American Club so I wonder if maybe They try you'll be able to loan him to Spain that's what you think yeah okay Normally it's okay I think I think Normally visas are workable let's say uh In Spain okay so I wonder if maybe yeah Maybe that will happen next year where You see him playing a little bit of of a Higher level um or even yeah that Or Brazil say Brazil exactly yeah so Maybe there's something there okay ivly Young that he could have like I'm not Going to lie I have seen a few Twitter Highl And the goals are yeah ridiculous but Equally okay he's creative as well man Like he's super creative have you got Anybody who's not playing in Ecuador yes I've got Abdul Fatu isaku I'm don't know I pronoun his name correctly but he's Like garan teenager and he was hyped as Like the next great player out of Ghana Went to uh sporting CP yeah last summer Not the one just gone the one before and Now he's on loan at Leicester in the Championship right now oh really 19 Years old old but already has 14 caps For gner which I think is highly

Impressive especially because gner like Gner are a really solid side and Historically have managed to play like Quite attractive football as well and I'd say quite Winger based football as Well um but yeah on loan at Lester he's Played six games so far this season he's Got a couple of goal involvements but I Think that more are going to come pretty Quickly Because he just looks a match for Championship Defenders andester going to Win the league with 144 points sure and Their Wingers are not like light out Wingers like Stephie midi has been good But Stephie mid is like 25 years old and Is not like going to become a superstar Um it's probably just not going to Happen uh so I do think that there are Kind of like minutes to be had for him And if you look at his underlying Numbers two shots a game 1.8 key passes In a proper League like the championship The championship's ability to produce Proper players has got better and better And better over the last years it's Really really and he's also passing into The boxes two into the box two and a Half times a game now if you pass that's Elite if you pass into the box that much Eventually you're going to be creating More chances getting more assists it's Just how it works there's nobody who Passes into the box that much who

Doesn't get assist players who pass into That the box that much are like Trent And Ard and people like that um he's Also hardworking wins the ball back a Couple of times a game you know kind of Like sadio Mane level like ball winning Uh and his dribbling this season is Really exciting he's completing three And a half dribbles a game but with over 50% uh success which is something that We don't tend to see in young players Like if you if you complete that many Dribbles normally it's because you're Constantly constantly constantly trying And to be doing it as a teenager in a Tough league in a league that's new to You is pretty impressive he's also Carrying the ball into the box two and a Half times a game which again is a leite So if you're constantly dribbling into The box and constantly constantly Passing into the box and getting off a Couple of shots this is a recipe for you To turn into a serious player and when You're already at kind of point4 XG After the first six games you would hope That over the course of the season if That ticks up if he can add half a shot A game suddenly you're talking about a Player with Incredible potential are are We talking about juice numbers here Though cu no Minutes he's got reasonable minutes he's Got reason he played six games like

That's that's it's not how many of them Are sub appearances coming on it's tired Defenses sure but I mean not not mean he Take anything away from him here but Sure but it's it's a long season so I I Would say that you know we've got quite A bit of the season to get a real sense Of him and he's still somebody who you'd Want to sign up I think you know like He's coming from he's got obviously Great International pedigree already he Was signed up by a club which has like An extremely robust youth scouting Policy and sporting CP he's now at a Club where he's clearly going to get Chances and he's going to also train in A style which matches that of big teams Like he's playing for a team now that Has 60% possession uh where he's Constantly tasked with going up against Defenses that are going to sit deep yeah So you can say his numbers are Juiced as In he's going to get a lot of the ball But on the other hand you can also say He's not running into space in the way That you might if you're say a mid-level Premier league side he's constantly Coming up against teams who expect to Lose to Leicester yeah well that that's Not a bad not a bad kind of training for Coming up against Premier League Defenses I would say um I think it's Very interesting and also sporting have Had crazy success obviously with the Sig

Joarez who has been like a revelation They're one of the best players in the Entire league out of the championship so Like maybe they're thinking now you know Championship is place to send players to Buy players from that can come in and Immediately complete at compete at the Top end of the league of Notch Championship is like a really Interesting Proving Ground now I think There's a lot of there are a lot of Times where you want To you may prefer to send your say You're a team at the top of the Premier League and you want to loan out one of Your players you may now be better off Loaning that player out to a top Championship side than a low Premier League side yes becausee because they'll Actually get training in the style that You expect rather than you know Low Blocks Low Blocks and also managers who Maybe are like I might lose my job if we Lose this game so I can't play the 18yar Old in the championship Leicester it's Such a long season You know it's such a long season and They're so dominant that he will get a Ton of minutes so by the end of the year Unless he gets injured he'll almost Certainly have 2,000 minutes which is Suddenly a really good way to gauge that Player rather than oh well he got 900 Minutes in the Premier League but 900

Minutes playing for a low block side Yeah it does feel like I could make a Lot of money off him as well sporting Sales out Portugal yeah he's clearly not Going to stay at sporting forever it's Just not going to happen is there even Agent fees to be had out of a 10-year Contract already been signed Like I think it's a good player pick Come on here Jesus Christ this kid is Ridiculous yeah but you wanted to Recommend him before he went to Chelsea He's 16 okay uh all right look you Haven't had a point yet I'm going I'm I'm going to throw you a bone um so I'm Going with Zach I've forgotten the full This always comes is it Kendry pz this Always comes down from us just finding Wonderin so then we do it on the show Like oh yeah these actually one the kids I'm get trying to sell on for it's never That when we're doing the research it's Always suddenly on the day it's like's Almost one the all questions for Patrick Van Str you've been sending him they Just all for me well most of them yeah Man like I don't really give a [ __ ] what Zach's thinking right now no offense I Love you jalab but this one's about you Oh my God okay Chris the Butters Chris the butters yeah what are You g to miss most about working with Football Daily um it is a really relaxed place to

Work you know I would say that there I Mean this has not always been the case But I've heard jobs where like on a Sunday I was like oh my God like I can't Face it tomorrow because the office is Like really an oppressive place to be You know like when you're in an office Where it's really silent and um Everybody thinks that their work is like The most important thing that's ever Happened when clearly it isn't like I Feel like at football daily generally Speaking people are pretty chill um you Could just get into convers the reason That in the early days I think we all Became super knowledgeable is because We'd have arguments about football in The office and we would have ridiculous Parties which looking back on it were Probably quite a bad idea but but they Were fun and I don't know like I I don't Really have any like beef with my Colleagues I don't really have an Unpleasant time at work it's always Pretty chill so so that probably is what I'll miss having a nice time with the People I work with yeah okay uh this one From Wanty sorry again uh says given that you Are a self- declared bad-tempered Individual what grinds your gears the Most ETS especially in the Office we're not really in the office Together enough to be to get annoy

Anymore I would say there were a lot of There are a lot of trundlers in the Office like yesterday there were people Just there are always people just Standing around having pointless Conversations in your way so you can't Get off the lift you can't walk down the Corridor because they're standing around Like waving their lanyards at each other About back in the day you used to hate Joe's uh house music being played at Like 8:30 in the morning no no actually I didn't mind it at least CU at least it Had no lyrics when you're writing oh Yeah lyrics are like are the absolute Devil that's when people would put on Their crap like Grime and I'd have to Sit there listening to like this Terrible music while trying to finish a Paragraph while people are shouting like Having an argument about football across The room then I would just be like can Everyone shut up over stim and also what I didn't like is when I go to the gym For two hours and everyone would be like You've been at the gym for two hours and I'd be like leave me alone like so what Is my is my script done yes it is so let Me go next time I'll go to the gym for Three hours don't don't be such a don't Be such a little Randall yeah knock on Me for going to the gym do some work you Know well I did do some work I've Written thousands of words how many have

You written how many players as well do You think you've written about a lot um You think thousands you're in thousands I write somewhere surely yeah probably I Mean we've done like three today alone Yeah true yeah yeah no definitely her Thinks he's written a million words oh Words yeah i' say I write I write about 1500 a day like at least three days a Week and in the early days it was more Than that so so then you're looking at Do you remember the early days right You're looking at 7 to 10,000 words a Week and probably like 45 weeks of the Year like yeah considering now as well And for eight years yeah probably like Several million words wow yeah no def Considering as well if you think serone Of themth one of them worth like Nowadays if you to do a script like how Long do you get on it you like two days Now is it roughly do you remember like Back in the day Honestly script edit the same day and Sometimes youd have to do you'd have to Do you'd have to do one whole script and A half in one day yes yeah it was I Remember that vividly Ralph has the next One he says now that you're leaving is Football more exciting just as a fan or As a writer content creator oh as a fan Definitely definitely no doubt Absolutely 100% it's it becomes content Like when you when you do it as a job

And also you're forced to engage with Stories that you wouldn't nor So during like so we all hated we were All so relieved when Paul Pogba left man United CU we would literally have to Talk about him 10 times a year and we'd Have to cover it every time people are Like oh you know apparently he's not Training very well or like someone's Criticized his haircut or whatever like You'd have to talk about this stuff Whereas normally as a like rational Human being you'd be like why would I Ever get engaged in that conversation Well we actually have to do that we have To go and learn learn about um I don't Know like the the Shady dealings of all The disgusting people who own football Club like whereas as a fan you can know Enough but you don't have to like really Investigate it so after a while like I I Don't know how people do it this is not A dig at you but I don't know how people Do it where like they are presenters for Example who Focus exclusively on one Club you don't suppos to think I've Always tried to make sure I'm not solely Just Chelsea but there are people you Work with who like it's only ever Chelsea and I think if you channels if You just cover one Club I don't know how You st saying I agree I think it's no Surprise that some of those people Like that's not name any names but um

Like I think and everyone who ever Writes about arsal I think it's no Surprise that these people lose their Minds because they talk about one Club All the time and little by little one of The things that I've always thought as Well with football daily like people Have always said before like would you Like to just do Chelsea or whatever and I've always thought like no because it's So much more interesting being able to Talk about you know other clubs not even Just the Premier League clubs when you Look at the Lea when you look at Lega And but it is just much better watching As a fan than yeah like at some stage do You think you'd watch as much football If you weren't working in football no Well I I my the amount of football I Watch now is determined by like family Commitment but in the early days like no But then you also discover new stuff Like sometimes there are new players who You see and you're just like oh this is Sick or like you are just more invested Like when you watch if you if you only Watch your Club then when it comes to Say a champions league night if your Club isn't playing or if there isn't Like a huge matchup you know like Between like Bayern and Barcelona or Something you're kind of like oh what What game am I going to watch whereas if You're interested in lots of clubs and

Lots of players then suddenly a match Like RB leig versus young inter or Something might be more interesting to You because you actually know about Those players you know how those teams Play you know what's going on in their Respective leagues it becomes like more Exciting but yeah definitely I Think Hobbies are always more fun than Jobs so when football's a hobby it's More fun than a job agreed uh party boy Uh says have you ever had any takes Where the rest of the FD crew has said That this can't make the video and if so How many takes literally yesterday like Literally probably in this video there Will have been one in this video Yesterday I completely derailed Continental Club by uh talking about all The players that should be in prison and Um it was a lot it was double figures And I was right about everyone um so Believe it or not we aren't actually Allow to say this player should be in Prison that player should be in prison But rest assured they should all be in Prison yeah I would I would say probably Two or three a week no I'm not on that Many many things in a day maybe though Oh yeah well when I would say like so And so is like a useless or like uh you Know I wouldn't like as this player as Someone's cousin that he's like allowed To play football yeah um I had to write

This weekend about this week about Lester and I had to say nice things About Harry winks and I Thought oh boy I've had some opinions on This guy over the years which we're all Correct he's now at a level that suits Him the championship uh okay probably Going to cut that out who knows I think That's fine right that's fine what's he Gonna do next up we've got a baddy who Says Where can we expect to see Pat in The future nowhere bro like I'm I'm Going plug the podcast okay yeah yeah I Do do a podcast called unseen incidents Uh with Xfd icon Pete Dorman um so yeah you can Subscribe to that you we do two episodes A month that are free and then we do Another two episodes that are paid so You subscribe our Patrick vs And you get access to those um and you Can submit questions and stuff so that's Where if you want to see my football Takes like that's probably going to be The only place unless you know may maybe I'll maybe I'll work with you guys a bit Down the road who knows something else Might happen but um the plan is broadly To leave football behind there you go uh Ammed says what's been your proudest Footballing prediction at football fo Daily I literally don't know no ah what Player was itame could be Aang cont Trory I think aubame Arsenal contract

Pat was one of the only people saying Don't give him the 300K a week do not Give him the cont and you got stick for It mass and then I don't comments I Didn't know yeah you came up and looked Like an absolute Dawn yeah um but again I I feel like the people I follow on Twitter were sort of agreeing with that Like like I guess you follow the people Who tend to have similar kind of ideas To you so like it wasn't like I didn't Really feel like I was sticking my neck Out on that but um I don't know man like It's really hard to say like inevitably Because you cover so many players you Make so Many you I I I B I think I've learned Not really to make predictions anymore But to say this is something you might Want to watch okay rather than you know Say like this player cannot step up to That level you say well there we we're Yet to see evidence he can do it and I Also think that's the way you should Look at it cuz sometimes a player just Like takes the leap yeah you know like And Goa Conte for example when he was at Leicester and there was a rumor he was Going to go to a big Club at the time it Was like well what we don't know is Whether he's a good enough passer for a Big club now if you look back on that Now then you would say that's a stupid Opinion but at the time I don't think it

Was a stupid opinion I don't think it Was a stupid opinion at all you were Saying we don't know like that those Comments tend to get interpreted by fans As like us saying he definitely can't as Opposed to we'll see um so I think over The years I've got more careful about How I predictions well do you not think As well over the last few years like Football content creation has become Such a like this is that and like people People engage with it in a way of like You are wrong and I am right or some or The other way around whatever it might Be and because of that it like then Comes on to other content where you're Not saying that but people will take it That way every single time yeah it's Kind of nice when like you know I say Something about like Aton Villa's Recruitment when they came up a couple Of years ago so they were crap and Villa Fans went mental and then I was right or Uh when I said something about wolves Recruitment like not this summer just Comeone but the one before and wolves Fans went mental and I was right like That those things are quite gratifying When people are giving you stick and Then you're like ha your club might get Relegated like shut the up like that's Always quite gratifying but like Honestly it's Like who cares man you know what the one

Thing I will say is that none of my Opinions that were controversial were Ever said for clicks whereas do find That there are a lot of people on Twitter who are just like oh you know He's going to score three goals this Season and they're doing it so that People engage them and they can get like Elon's dirty money but like at least I Don't think people on our channel do That I'd like to think of football daily We've never done that no I don't think We've never gone like oh we're going to Do the we got to say this because it's Got to be the the title we're going to Try and say that this play is bad Because it's this title like I think hot Takes maybe got a little bit close to to That sure sure sure um but it was never It was never like us going into a video And we're going to say this that we Don't believe but was going to get Controversy yeah I don't feel like we Have wish you know might say what half Far takes mean but um yeah uh next one What was the most iconic Night Out Invest it' be absolutely unrepeatable um I don't know because a lot of the Parties have kind of melded into one in My mind I know mean but like I mean the The Halloween party the James Wayne Halloween party was pretty manic um yes That a good shot we've honestly had so Like the parties we used to have at our

Old office Were diabolical I think we should yeah And also just probably shouldn't be said On like a lot of things went onit Definitely okay next one uh best perform This is a football we one at your time At football daily what's the best Performance you've ever seen by a Player what just like time oh live I Don't watch a lot of live football what About the messy hatrick be the messy Hatrick but I feel like I've talked About this a hundred times like but yeah It would what about from an FD member From an FD member we've played that I've Seen live Uh George right in the cage Wednesday oh Yeah Ash Ash used to be lethal in the Cage I don't know man like I wasn't There live but I always think of your Little step over that the Irish when you Invented a skill like that's that's Pretty amazing uh final question then For Pat in Sunday Vibes History who's the one player you want to Succeed as a guilty pleasure one player I want to succeed as a guilty pleasure Not Arsenal somebody maybe that you want To see in the Premier League do really Well who do I want to see do really Really well who would I love to see Succeed there are those players you just Love you know Um I really I actually really hope that

Jeremy Doku from a while well even last Night he was given the ball on the wing And allowed to take on a Defender and I Was like when was the last time I saw a Man city Winger where they were like Here's the ball run at the defender it Never happens it's always a lot more in My opinion boring um and I think I there Is a part of me and I think it's Probably a part of all of us who grew up In a particular generation of football Um who are most excited by seeing like Somebody take on a Winger like take on a Defender with a bit of like trickery and Pace that is so exciting and so I would Really if Jeremy doku ends up being like A kind of nailed on starter for Man City Playing that way that would be really Really cool I think okay Jeremy Dau what A way to end it for Patrick van str's Time on Sunday Vibes if you haven't Already make sure you go and subscribe On his patreon to his podcast pay me Money pay him cash uh Zach jalab you Okay wrapping it up there yeah not bad Okay there we go we're going to wrap it Up there uh thanks very much for Watching Everybody send your goodbyes to Pau in the comments below we'll see you Later Goodbye thanks guys let's do that slow Like walk Away

Can you I want to be on the thumb but Like in front of the Pearly Gates like I'm Dead

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