Professional american lightweight boxer, IBF and WBC champion Joseph Diaz with nickname “Jo Jo” against american top ranked athlete and undisputed light weight champion Devin Haney with nickname “The Dream”. Fight for WBC light weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on December 4, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Joseph Diaz (USA) vs Devin Haney (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] [Music] Introducing first the Challenger he Fights out of the Red Corner and wears The white with snakeskin silver trim he Scaled 134.4 wins coming by way of knock Fighting out of South El Monte California here's the 2012 Southpaw Olympian the former ibf super Featherweight champion of the world and The current WBC interim lightweight Champion Joseph Joe Joe Diaz and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue corner he is The defending world champion he wears Black with green trim he scaled at the Right weight living of 135 lb bang on Way of knockout tonight we makes his Fourth defense in this world title Living training and fighting out of Las Vegas Nevada USA here is one of boxing's Youngest and brightest stars the Reigning defending WBC lightweight Champion of the world Devin the Dream Haney gentl trunks here are good Anything protect yourself at all times Obey my commands got the For the WBC lightweight [Applause] Title there's a right of time to get That down 7 in reach Advantage for the

Dream the way Diaz fought against Javier Fortuna Javier Fortuna decent sized guy Himself notice how Deon Haney keeps Stepping over the Right you're on the coach saying keep The probing because you don't want him To time don't change it don't keep Chang Solid career as a lightweight thunder so He's got Some JoJo still looking for some success Here to Haney now and Haney is Comfortable punching at the glove of Jojo Diaz nothing really breaking the Guard right up but go around with hooks Left and right hooks with your hand JoJo Diaz is only loss came against Gary Russell Jr at featherweight and he got The better of it with the left hook Little jab Lely but surely JoJo starting To close the distance a little bit Experience he's not getting hit with Nothing Cleanly there's a right hand that grazes Haney good body shot again from Haney I got him I got him I got him Success in that round backing up Haney Haney was chopping him in half with that Right hand the TFO Lopez fight his Father kept saying you're winning these Rounds and Diaz J he landed a pretty Good left hand towards the end of it But just like that nice uppercut for Such a young fighter he has got great Punch placement he's going to have to

Find success in this third and fourth Round the speed hurt Either JoJo Diaz is IND fatigable in There he has got a great motor they Don't want forcing de a little Physical 10 seconds to Go that was off Balance more ex pressure he landed it a Handful of times this time but he's not Staying in there long enough for DS to Land anything back so he punches George Cambos is with us what did you think Through three rounds yeah it's starting To get but Haney he boxing L right now So uh let's see if they can stand a Little bit more and try it we all do This is a good spell here for the Challeng I like what JoJo's doing here He's G the straight for the body getting Rough had a point taken away early in Good run for Diaz oh big left hand for Diaz best punch of the fight power Fighting Deon Haney that's exactly what I would do just get the temple get the Rhythm applying the pressure CAU him Again look at Diaz being the boss here In the fourth Las Vegas and we get the Home oh home of boxing Here getting him close to the ropes and Going straight to the body on both sides Right and left side hay felt those I Want to see more of That and look that's what you want to do Whenever you have a

Fight in the 10th round we started Hurting in favor of Deon Haney thought He might have done as you see JoJo Flurrying in the Corner that straight left hand bent Haney and then he came around the guard Love the body shot Diaz py be content hitting Gloves these are points being piled up By Devon Haney he said if he tries to Pressure me all night I'll use that Aggression against JoJo Diaz control of The of the Ring the center of the Ring Good advice from the corner of Joo [Music] Diaz stop Let Diaz says I carry no emot Landing Cleanly like I said earlier but still Those are points even though they're not Landing cleanly you're Still the counter punching [Applause] Too he doesn't have nothing for it right Round because Devon Haney is controlling Just shots like that an uppercut but Then JoJo comes back but four five6 shot Let's bring back in George Campos is Worth the halfway point George thanks B counter right hand we willing to stand And trade now and here's another gear Every say JoJo's fading he's Fading I don't think he's F I think p is Getting more com comfortable in [Applause]

There left hook caught him got a smile Out of Devon Haney but he sure felt that One He another left hand from Jojo and right Now this is the very Pro Joe Joe Crow yeah but you got to you put that Pressure put that pressure challeng Beautiful time shot Haney at that hand Up but he left that chin exposed chin Check for It head snaps back I got to give it a Haney throwing a fast ball with that Release he's going to have to win most Of if not all the remaining rounds to Get a decision to get desate just Continue what he's been doing over these Last couple shot to the body straight Right hand from Haney he's going to take something Special he needs to throw more [Applause] Punches and now he's looking for right Hooks that's where he launched it didn't Hit it clean oh you doing good but Listen JoJo has got to let his hands go Here here's where Diaz wants him he's Got him in the corner is's he going to Need to be mindful of that right Uppercut but still he needs to thr Con In the win that's what he needs to do Shot there from Haney a lot of punishment continues to March Forward oh big

Uppercut and then finally JoJo fires Back and he caught Haney look these are The shots that you see of course the Ones that rock you that was a good shot To the body JoJo Diaz working there but Over three minutes Han was in control Landing most of the most of the round And then JoJo Landing mentioned how many Body shots this is where they want him To unload he's got Haney back in the Corner and that's what he's doing still Looking around on social media Chris a Lot of 423 thrown it just seems like Haney is throwing so many oh big shot by Haney right on the [Music] Body see that come back with that hook Okay listen keeping them keeping JoJo at The end of that jab but not forgetting To stab him down to the body there and He comes back he's doing what he's got To Do you see them backed up in the corner It's Deon throwing and Landing the Bigger Shots that one right on the belt line For Diaz Jr good body shot great body shot only One more round to go Diaz trying to find Something special something dramatic Here oh a big big punch there big moment Here for Diaz what those big punches and Haney better watch out for Those boyyy he's never been on this

Fight he's never been on this stage with Champions like this and just go he's Fighting fire fire with fire with JoJo Oh Haney might be in a championship Fight oh and it's how about Haney Closing strong [Applause] Now and that's going to do it As Haney climbs the ropes To good fight and still the WBC lightweight champion of the world Devin the Dream Hany

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