Professional american bantamweight boxer and WBC Interim champion Brandon Figueroa with nickname “The Heartbreaker” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Damien Vazquez with nickname “Sugar”. Fight for WBA Super bantam weight belt took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on September 26, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Brandon Figueroa (USA) vs Damien Vazquez (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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122 lb title tilt as uh Vasquez said he Wants to go Toe to Toe introducing to You first the Challenger on my left he Is fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing black trunks with white red and Green trim fighting out of Las Vegas Nevada he weighed in at 121 and 1 12 lb His record stands at 15 wins one loss And one draw with eight wins coming by Way of knockout tonight he is making his First attempt at a world Title Here is The Challenger and world rank Southpaw Contender introducing Damien Sugar Vasquez and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing white Trunks with blue trim hailing from and Representing his home of weso Tex ring With a record of 20 wins no losses one Draw with 15 wins coming by way of Knockout tonight making his Showtime Debut here is the young talented and Undefeated super bantamweight champion Of the world introducing Brandon the Heartbreaker fig HOA once again we have Gary Rosato take I’m only going to tell you two things Protect yourself at all times obey my Commands at all times touch gloves back At the ball God Bless No Nonsense Gary so in the uh Introductions Jimmy and I teaming up to

Confuse you a little bit on who we are All in this together and Figaroa who is The titlist white and blue Vasquez 100 Punches per round in Figaro’s last fight It should come as no surprise that he Threw more punches at 122 Damen Vasquez to come in I’m seeing a figuro You know a guy that’s changing a little Bit trying to Box the interesting thing about Vasquez Is on one hand he says I want to get on The inside he’s executing it yeah Figaroa already switching stances and a Fullon Mexican war all of the tech the Window he wants to make it a foam boot Fight and steal the show and they may be Well on their way to doing so defensive Issues he said you know I work out good Left Hand by him I work time but I’m an Aggressive fighter I’m going to get hit And he does back and Daman is you know Setting up the Jab having fig in the Outside he’s got an excellent jab and Again he’s giving some lateral movement To as well which Is in this 122 lb title til Vasquez is The underdog but every Underdog can have The bell and round two and I know it’s a Small sample size just around but Vasquez the last Lefty that Figaroa Faced was nine fights ago so um he’s Kind of you think Vasquez is using his Jab enough yeah Vasquez facing a sou now

Ines STS is Figaroa coming forward from Sou now switching right to left Figaroa With a decided reach Advantage but it is It’s kind of ironic that Basquez would Beat but with the lateral movement in His hand speed he is himself incredibly Well power jab right hand around the Champion and you the punches last round They they indicate that yeah And and the key Lefty he he will switch Instinctively and switch because of of Strategy Figaroa beginning to put Together Vasquez maybe trying to collect Vasquez and Figaroa on the jack Figaroa And that exchange mid exchange caught Vasquez with that straight left and the N tags the J of Vasquez fight out this is amazing start That right hand up a little more good Combination three punch combo by Figaro Different area Out exchange no punch it after the [Music] Bell the straight left hand he uses the Jab very effectively and then comes with That left hand behind uh how that was Accomplished the jab and then the left Hand and uh and we’re just leading off With uh getting hit with that counter Left a chin um you know he’s staying in The pocket like I said Enough movement not just stand in front Of fig as a lefty than he has been in Theast to make that investment to the

Body hold shopping left cross there rips A couple of shots to the body and an Uppercut on the inside momentarily that Body work Figaroa is body work but now Figaroa going over the top and there’s Some footwork on display about Vasquez Is so good in the inside too he’s got Body work talk about being motivated for A title Unity Vasquez losing a one side On the pay-per-view when he was 21 he Said it was too soon and he’s tried to Put his mechanics together and fighting Like people didn’t think he deserve the Title shot he’s Answering and I believe Vasquez Beginning to gain confidence when he’s Able to utilize the real estate Action gets a little Chippy at times Left took over the top by Vasquez now Vasquez getting caught in a Place he doesn’t want to be against the Ropes and that’s figuroa doing some Great body work and also he’s just a Superb body Puncher and uh he was able to keep him There enough to get a little work done So keep your Distance and Soting to prove that you know it’s not Surprising to see Vasquez show some Skills because his trainer now in the Corner of D Vasquez and Figaroa exchanging Jabs Figaroa utilizing his jab going C well a

Subtle change in this fight because Figaro is pushing him to the ropes more Often and figuro is using his jaction Going on anything you’re picking up on Fig being able to get the body the body Work that he that he starts early in the Fight Always puncher and uh Vasquez pleading His case thought that was a rabid punch Referee head to the final 60 seconds of The for Vasquez be by Figo along the Roop vas Figaro is already thrown 74 Fourth round and both of them showing The effects his the his defense not Always where it needs to be but with That many punches you’re not surprised Yeah he he says you’re going to get hit When you’re this aggressive forward to Seeing you in the future Mo back to you All right thanks BC this 100 and 22 lb Title tilt figuro a very game Damen Vasquez one them remains to be Seen but uh the last round was a Dominant round for Figaroa Figo Continuing to attack the body along the Ropes backing fig Vasquez back Mor the Offensive Onslaught trying to stop time Champion Adner MZ joined by Brian kusters Vasquez With a good jab that punch has not been Getting home in the last round or so and He also L You know Vasquez was a bantamweight for

Shocking decision to give Vasquez a a Title opportunity the 50 still trying to To win this fight stay in this B back to Sala lands the left Hand title tilt between the champ Brandon Figaroa and again D Vasquez all right let’s get those ug Okay keep your hands They would bang heads luckily uh as you See him kind of pull Vasquez inside Figo And the everybody Out maybe alluding to the fact that uh He gave Vasquez that Round you know that’s another question But they didn’t like the fact that Vasquez has never been 12 this was Schedule for 12 um and C was his last Fight right hook he doesn’t throw that Punch very Often and BAS getting back into this Fight we seen that jab again triple jab The pace you like the action you really Appreciate the Technique about how figuro loves go to The body boy has he ever you see him Body I’m surprised by that because I Thought Basquez maybe to the body yeah It seemed like early he was certainly Trying [Music] To W Figaroa tagging Vasquez can Vasquez Hur Figaroa punching but it’s Figaroa Who’s punching Carry more

Impact but I think the reason is he’s Been fairly Effective not a lot of Defense but boy It is an battle that is delivering the Action we’re at the Midway point of this Title fight and coming up to Del not Only Zario but there we begin the second half Of this red and green and you know we’re Watching uh one of the 120 to compare All these 122lb Fighters it’s been a Pitched battle let’s bring in the mat it Was expected that Figaroa would have the Power Advantage but Vasquez remaining in The pocket Vasquez committing to what he said Whether or not it’s the most straight Left hand By well it’s The Fall season leaves the Of Brandon Figo and yet having said that Throws a furious combination is is Demonstrating he’s a good fighter at This weight class and and I think Letting people know that he can 23y old Here and there figa diing The from a fighting family his father And of course we talked about he again Good round for Challenger just had some some good Moments right eye throwing this nice Straight left hand that kind of clipped The chin of of Fig Vasquez face were not egregious and

Remember only the referee can stop the Fight although Fig Figo went all the way to six here on This one he his back you know he waits And that’s when Vasquez gets in you know The punches being right now he’s a Dangerous fighter love you know he’s Just very good at this style and really The only issue he figa though continues To Hur hurt Vasquez along the ropes Vasquez got hurt by a left hand just a Moment ago stopping it but instead he’s Admonishing Figo I didn’t see anything Bad there no I I don’t know what that Was for back of the head I guess yeah it Could have been but he St in this round That’s extraordinary and he’s thrown Almost 90 punches already so it’s been Really remaining in the you wonder if in 20 seconds if Vasquez are losted by a Lot Last year he was 15 and0 I mean he’s a Great fighter but at the end of the day Fights like this are Fights outing but he’s now just Continuing to Vision compromised and a Buffet of jabz opposition after that was Expected now he’s just taking his Punches and That Title Fight Continues final 10 Seconds diving another round surviving Being operative [Music] Word yeah taking a lot

Of he get trouble you know I think that The the issue is that he showed that Quickness he showed it in those first Six or seven rounds been enough to keep The hard charging figuro off him and the Body work by Figo of course is a big 10 Scheduled for 12 for Brandon figuroa 122 Lb strap I think the corner might know Something that we don’t know that he Might he might still have taking a Punishment in that last round he’s Trying I Mean even if he if he wants to come he’s Going to take a Lot eventually in this rounding it on Vasquez now Vasquez trying to fire back Going to the body and that’s enough Tremendous for as expected Brandon Figaroa was expected and still the WBA Super bantamweight champion of the world Brandon the Heartbreaker Figeroa

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